Monday, Monday

Monday started quite early. Not in a bad way. I heard Lili at the bedroom door and once she woke me up, other parts of me also woke and I knew it was time to get up!

I jumped into the shower and that just felt so good, my recommended way to start a Monday morning, and then I was off to the kitchen to turn on the coffee and then walk the dogs.

I fed the hounds and then did my least favorite job. I went down to the basement to check the Mouse-Taps. Of the four I lay down, one was sprung. To date, I have gotten 5 mice! Yay!


I am doing this in an environmentally way. I bait the trap with peanut butter and the bodies are returned to the field where our Eagles, Hawks, and other predators come for a snack.


And since the only thing these little “meeces” have eaten is peanut butter, they are safe for all wildlife.

I am happy!

It is terribly hot here today, and from what they say, it will be like this all week. My plan is to have a low key this week and enjoy the air conditioning!

I did venture out to the Post Office to get our mail, as I had an Amazon delivery which included a new dish rack to dry my hand-washed dishes in the sink. My old one (over 35 years old!) finally disintegrated and I was in need. It was not easy to find one that fit inside my twin sinks, but eventually, I did, and it is now installed.

Ah yes. It’s the little things in life that make us happy, isn’t it?

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