Life Goes On

In these first few days since Anneliese’s passing, we decided to leave her bed out so that Arnie and Lili would not be too confused. Well, that only worked a little. They would sniff it and then look around for our girl. Arnie spent part of yesterday quietly crying for his beloved sister.

Today we decided that the bed needed to be picked up washed and put away for later. Jack took the dogs out, I scooped up the bed and vacuumed and sprayed the area with Fabreeze Fabric spray.

However, although Lili came in and did not seem concerned, Arnie came right in and went to the spot where the bed had been, then climbed under the table the bed was next to and cried. I got him out from under the table and now he is lying in his bed.

I wish I could talk to Arnie and let him know that he is loved and that Anneliese is in a better place. All he knows is the sister he spent his entire life with is gone.

Jan. 20 Anneliese and ArnieAnneliese and Arnie at about 12 weeks old. Best friends and siblings. Together always. So this is very difficult for our little boy.

2018-07-30_05-31-17Arnie cuddling his sister. He did this very often. Sometimes they would fall asleep like this. Devotion.

We will keep an eye on our boy. And try to keep him from getting lost in his grief.

8 thoughts on “Life Goes On”

  1. poor Arnie so sorry for your loss she was a sweet, loving ,and charismatic girl may she R I P

  2. It is quite a while I haven’t been here ! To my horror I read that Anneliese passed away ! I am so sorry for you you must have felt like me when Arthur passed away ! It will be nearly a year ! Fortunately we moved into a beautiful apaprtment and so I don’t see him in each corner. I just have Rosie now who got used immediately being an inside cat ! She even does not go on the big balcony. So your house has also lost a family member. When I think when we met in Blogworld you had all the little puppies with pink and blue collars. And no so many things have changed ! From my 5 cat family only one is left. Arthur made it to nearly 20 years ! That’s a long time. But Anneliese for a dog lived long too and she had a wonderful life ! We are still in lockdown and I am so fed up !

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