Life Goes On

I wasn’t very sure I was going to get all my errands done on Saturday before the bank and the Post Office closed, but somehow leaving early and hitting the grocery store first and then getting the banking and the mail, worked out splendidly. I was done well before noon!

I’ve been wanted to go to Plymouth, NH to shop. However, this morning on the news they announced a Covid outbreak at the college there and 166 new cases overnight. They warned people to stay away from Plymouth if they could.

Since we are finally down to single digits of Covid cases here in Meredith, I decided to forgo the trip and shop locally.

One thing I must say about our little grocery store here in town is that our Grocery Store Manager has worked day and night all through the Pandemic to keep our store clean, and safe. The manager is named Joe. I count him as my friend now and always speak to him when I am in the store.

Arnie is settling down. He likes the new little bed I fixed for him in the family room and feels comfortable snuggling in it. He is eating well and also sleeping well. I am hoping the worst is over for my little guy.

So, life is going on. This week I get my eyes checked for new glasses, then next week I go to the dentist. And one day soon, I will be eligible to get my vaccination. Yes, life goes on.

Arnie copy

2 thoughts on “Life Goes On”

  1. Shopping locally is good and it sounds like you have a good bloke who owns your local store, even if it might cost a little bit more. I have a telehealth appointment with my doctor tomorrow to find our the results of neck xrays. He will call me at 4.30. I need to attend to my eyes and teeth too. I’ll get there.

  2. Glad your taking pandemic serious. My hubby and I went for a drive and he went into store to get a few things. As far as he could see he and one other person had mask on. The checker who checked him out wasn’t wearing a mask.
    Coffee is on and take care.

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