The Friday Five ~ September 24th

Friday Five 1The week flew by and here we are, Friday. And the last Friday for the month of September. How on earth did that happen? Anyway, here we go, this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Arnie is the same. I think he may be a little more comfortable. I’m still waiting for the results of his tests. This is unbearable, really. I think I would find it easier to wait on my own tests. At least he likes the liquid antibiotics and I am able to get it down easily.
  2. After I think it’s been three cancellations with my hairstylist, (we both have had crazy things going on) today I will finally be getting my hair done. And it really needs it!
  3. I am so pleased about Princess Beatrice’s new baby. Long ago Jack and his daughter and I were in London at Buckingham Palace when they came out with a neatly typed announcement that The Duke & Duchess of York had safely delivered a daughter. She was later named Beatrice. It was special. I wonder what they will name her? I would dearly like Elizabeth or Victoria. But we shall see.
  4. I am truly saddened to learn about Gabby Petito. Such a beautiful young woman with a great sense of adventure. So, so, tragic. I know we all are awaiting the results as to what happened to her. I pray her soul is at peace.
  5. I have been listening to a lot of music. This really good because it helps me to zone out a bit and relax.

So that’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather wherever you may be.


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