All In A Day’s Work!

I thought I would sit down and write about my new wet/dry cleaner for my hard floors (wood or tile). I had done the tiled bathrooms, but I was looking forward to doing the kitchen floor. As I said yesterday, my kitchen is huge and is a high-traffic area.

 I was all set to do this in the morning, but since it was Saturday and I had to get our mail by noon, along with a recycling center run and pick up a few groceries, I had to put off my floor washing until after lunch.

It worked like a gem! It was easy on my back/neck and it made my floor sparkle! I’ve been washing floors for years and they have never looked this good. Never!

It did take a while. I admit that by the time I was done about 3:30 (this included loading the machine, using it, and then cleaning the machine after) I was really a wee bit tired. But heck, I’m an old lady!

However, every time I go out to the kitchen for anything, I smile at how wonderful my floor looks!

I would definitely give my cleaner 5 stars!

I made an easy dinner for Jack, a nice easy diet dinner for me, and then hit the shower afterward.

Oddly enough, I did not sleep well. Perhaps it was the rain or all the work I’d done. But after tossing and turning all night I gave up and got out of bed at 4:45! Ugh!

Here’s an interesting note about our weather. It is October 17th and we still have not had the first frost.  This is unusual. Our first frost usually happens by the end of September. Right now we don’t see a hard frost on our horizon.

I hope this has been a good weekend for you all.


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  1. I sure you will refine the process of setting up and finishing up the cleaner quickly enough and it will take less time and effort. It is nice to buy something and be so pleased with it.

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