TBT: The Original Shubi & Me!

Thirty-three years ago I had never seen a wire-haired Dackel. I knew long-haired dackels and short-haired dackels, but I had never really seen a wire until my first trip to Germany to meet Jack’s friends, Otto and Lucie.

My German was really limited then and I spent a lot of the time feeling somewhat like I was deaf and unable to speak. And then I saw him Their standard wire-haired dackel. The original Shubi.

shubi1Shubi spoke no English and I did not speak any doggy German, but it was love at first sight. He made me fall head over heels in love with this marvelous breed of dog!

nurnbergEach time we visited, Shubi was by my side. He was simply amazing! Lucie said he even changed into a different dog when I was around. I know I became a different person when I found him.

In 1996 we brought our own wire-haired dackel home from Bavaria. We named her Shubi after my beloved friend, who had passed away. And Shubi brought to me, so much joy.

In 51 days I leave to go and bring Heidi home. I am so excited about this. Her arrival means that I can continue to be “The Crazy Dackel Princess”. And my dog life, with this amazing breed, will go on.

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