In recent weeks I have been planning everything for my trip to pick up Heidi. Right down to getting my hair trimmed, colored and my nails done.

My nails were longer than I have ever had them, and I was looking forward to a crazy wild manicure.

That was before Wednesday when I caught my left index finger and tore the nail down past the quick! (Insert scream and bandaids for the bleeding)

I resolved to ignore this and still have long nails on the nine other fingers. Then today, in the space of one hour two of my nails split! Ugh!

At that point, I trimmed them all lightly and have filed them. I will still have Becca give me a good manicure with pretty polish. And truth be told, they were almost too long for easy typing. So, I am looking on the bright side!

I am done Christmas shopping. Yay! A few items are off to be delivered, but as far as thinking presents for people, I am done.

Jack and I are not exchanging gifts. We are getting Heidi and that is a present that we both will enjoy.

I have set up everything for Heidi and before I leave I want to put my pull-on boots by the door as well as my slip-on jacket and hat. Oh yes, Jack hates the new snow hat, but you know, it’s warm and for running outside to house train a puppy, it is good enough!

My breeder sent us the cutest picture of sleeping Heidi being sniffed by her Daddy, Ralph!

December 10th Heidi and daddy ralphIsn’t that the sweetest thing?

One thought on “Fingernails!”

  1. Yes, you know your nails are too long when it becomes difficult to type. I had to pull a parking ticket out from a machine recently as they young woman couldn’t get her fingers to the ticket because of her long nails. Upside down Heidi, nice.

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