The Early Days of Heidi

First, Heidi is doing great. I would say, 90% of the time she is the perfect little baby dackel. And then…

January 4th

Let’s talk, house training. She is doing well. No poop accidents at all. The girl seems to like icy snow! Gail, I wonder if this is from her Alaskan Heritage! (ha-ha!) Heidi acts a bit squirrelly over by the back door and this seems to be her cue to me that it is time to visit the great outdoors! Now during the day, Heidi does well. She does the squirrelly dackel dance by the door, which indicates that it is time for a visit to the wilds of nature.

And then…

Bedtime is not going well. But I am working on it.

She dislikes the crate, so that’s been a no-go. The first night I thought she’d done well until I discovered the wet spot on the other side of the bed. All sheets and blankets and mattress pads we stripped and washed. Thank goodness for the waterproof mattress pad, as the mattress was fine. Then last night I had taken her outside, and as soon as her paws hit the comforter, she wee-wee’d!

I’m a new Mommy. I am tired. So I tossed the comforter down the stairs to the laundry room, and grabbed my robe, a blanket, and sat down in my recliner, and Heidi climbed up and we fell asleep.

January 4th 2

It wasn’t too bad. We slept from 9:30 until 4 AM. She was acting squirrelly again, so I packaged us up in our winter clothes (It is 5 degrees here at 4 AM, brrrr!), and out we went.

She performed flawlessly, and I have my poop sample for the Vet. I made myself some coffee and she is happily chewing on a bone.

I looked on Amazon and found a full-size pet waterproof throw for my bed. Once it arrives I will try to use that over my comforters and try to change our sleeping area. For now, thank goodness for the recliner!

When Mama is tired, she can sleep anywhere!

20220101_165726I wish you all a good day and I will report in on Heidi’s Veterinarian Appointment tomorrow!

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