I put Hubby to work today. Yesterday he mentioned that he’d like me to make him a Splenda (sugar free) Apple Pie. I was too tired to make it last night, but this afternoon I had him up and peeling apples for the pie. I think he enjoyed using his New England Apple peeling, coring and slicing machine. It certainly was good therapy, with a tasty payoff!

Jan 12 001

Once he filled the bowl with sliced apples, I mixed up the Splenda and spices and put them into a pie shell and baked it. We’ll have it for dessert tonight after dinner.

During the day today the pups played and were enjoying their usual good life, when the phone rang and it was Mr. UPS Man. He was at the top of our driveway and had a box of goodies for the doggies. I drove the Jeep up and picked up the box, then came back and let each of the dogs have a fresh, yummy basted bone!

Jan 12 004

As you can see, Anneliese really enjoyed hers! lol!!!

I noticed as I was getting the picture of Anneliese that I was being watched. I turned around slowly and then backed up just a little.

Jan 12 003

I mean, how cute is this? Mr. Arnie tends to be my model. He is sort of a ham that way, and has been since he was just a little guy.

It was a nice day, a quiet day and I was happy about that. Later this week things will get busy with doctor’s appointments and the possibility of more snow, so it was nice to have a day of rest.

10 thoughts on “Therapy”

  1. I’m glad your husband felt well enough to play with the apple corer, peeler, etc.

    The dogs look happy and very content with their new bones.

    Thanks for all the recipes. I haven’t had a chance to really get to them yet. It was knitters’ group tonight
    and this afternoon I had some some things to tend to.

  2. So glad to read that Hubby is better from day to day!!

    Hm, you had 22 comments on De-Lurking day,…. I had just you commenting.
    So I have
    1. bot enough (regular) readers or
    2. they just don’t want to comment,…

  3. Hi Mom,

    Sounds like a nice day…. Hope you have another today. When are we supposed to get more snow? Wow, it sure is snowing a lot this year.

    Love you lots and xo,


  4. Oh, it’s gOOd to see him up and about! I bet it felt good to him too! He’s in my prayers for successful and productive doctors appointments this week.

    I love that shot of Anneliese… that little tongue says it all! LOL!

  5. Mr. Arnie is like Mr. Arthur, they are absolutely very good models, lol !
    Hubby looks good on the picture ! After a stroke it’s amazing. I suppose it is not easy for him to sit there and his mind wants to do a lot of things and the body doesn’t follow ! that’s an awful situation for an active man!

  6. Making food together is a gift, even a treasure, that too many couples never do and enjoy.
    They do not know what they are missing.

    Lovely photos, of the both of you anf your beloved pets.

    btw. I’ll think our Table with X-Mas cards will be posted under Wordless Wednesday this week.

  7. I love Apple Pie! So glad you could give hubby something to do!

    Oh, and we had 8 inches of snow in Germany last week! It was amazing! 🙂

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