The Belly Girl

I’m sure you all think I am a little bit crazy for being so focused on Anneliese’s belly right now.  I swear that she grows by the moment and I can hardly wait until Friday when I take her in and find out how many little babies she has in there!

April 14 014

These were taken this morning and you can see how big she has gotten!

April 14 015

Did I mention how crazy I am about this little girl?

April 14 016

Doesn’t she just look adorable?

She is pretty quiet now and sleeping a lot. She looked at the puppy room and checked it out, but isn’t at all certain that she likes it in there. In fact, she seems to prefer Hubby’s side of the bed! I have told her, however, that I will sleep in the puppy room with her for the first few weeks and help her out, the same way I helped her mother out when she had her first litter of babies.

7 thoughts on “The Belly Girl”

  1. I too am excited to hear how many puppy babies are in that belly of hers!

    Hope you have a great day today!

    Love you lots,

  2. I love Anneliese’s face in those photos – totally “Yeah, I know she’s taking more belly shots. Humour her!”

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