Detached Retina

Sorry I have not posted. On our return from our cruise my right retina detached and since 5 flights out of Atlanta had been canceled going to Boston, we rented a car and Hubby drove me to my sisters in Connecticut, dropped me with her, she put me in her car and drove me to Dartmouth Hospital where my retinal surgeon was waiting for me.


Hubby drove to Boston, returned the rental car and picked up our car before coming home to sleep. He had driven all night and over 1200 miles to get me to my surgeon.

I stayed overnight on Monday and then Hubby came and collected me on Tuesday morning after I’d seen the doctor and brought me home.


I go back to the doctor today, but aside from that, I am down and out until my eye heals.

10 thoughts on “Detached Retina”

  1. Oh my gosh! And through it all, you thought to get PICTURES to share with us! You are for sure a CONFIRMED blogger! What a way to END a great trip! I sure hope YOU feel better sOOn… and Hubby gets some REST! Poor guy!

  2. So sorry you had such a bad ending to a wonderful vacation. Here’s hoping you heal quickly. Merry Christmas sweet dackel lady

  3. Maribeth,
    I do not what to say, since I’ve been such an absentminded blogreader and commentor in the past.

    My brother went from Oslo to Istanbul in Turkey to have the very same eye-operation – a month ago.
    I’m lucky to only be short sighted (my age and minus 6).

    More comments to come, as soon as I can

    T and A
    7 Cats

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