The Long & Short Of It

Written by Sister Melodie, as told to her by Maribeth


It’s been a long couple of days. I know most of you are wondering why I haven’t posted anything since the end of my vacation so here is the long and short of it……

Hubby and I were really lucky to have gotten off the ship a little earlier than most. We had a plane to catch that would land in Atlanta where we would board a connecting flight to Boston. We made the flight out of Puerto Rico and landed as scheduled in Atlanta.

This is where things began to go from bad to worse.

There was a huge snowstorm hitting the Northeast. At first we thought we would only be delayed, but as time passed, more and more flights were canceled leaving crowds of people trying to scramble to change their flights.

We saw we were number 96 and 97 on the standby list meaning that there was no way we were going anywhere.

Hubby and I then decided to check other airlines and see if there was a chance that we could find two seats so we could head home, but everyone else had the same idea and in fact we were told that they would not be selling any tickets until Wednesday.

As I got up out of my seat about this time the retina in my right eye detached. The one in my left eye had done the same thing 7 years ago so I knew right away what had happened. As much as I dreaded telling hubby what had occurred at the most inopportune time I knew immediately that I had to get to my eye doctor as fast as possible.

Hubby said we would rent a car and take turns driving, but there was no way I could drive since I had no vision in my right eye. He’d have to do the whole drive all twelve hundred miles himself!

Luckily we were able to rent a car fairly quickly and off we went at 4pm on Sunday with Hubby driving all through the night. He really had Santa beat with his all night drive without the help of Rudolf I might add.

When we hit NJ I had an idea to call my sister, Melodie who lives in Connecticut. Hubby could bring me to her house, Mel could drive me to Dartmouth to the eye doctor and Hubby could head to Boston, return the rental car and pick up our car and head home for a rest.

Mel was more than happy to help out and we arrived at her house at 9:30 am. Our only stops along the way had been for coffee to keep us awake and then pit stops because we drank so much coffee to keep us awake.

At around 7am I had called my doctor and was told to get there as fast as I could. They would be waiting for me and not to eat or drink anything in case I needed an operation.

At Mel’s I grabbed my toothbrush and a very few things out of my bags and moved into her car, as we sped off to Dartmouth, Hubby headed to Boston.

Mel drove swiftly along and we arrived at just about 1pm where I was examined and my suspicions were confirmed, I did have another retinal detachment. I was led to the treatment room and my good doctor said my sister could stay by my side and hold my hand. Mel watched the whole thing.

At one point when we thought we were nearing the end of the whole procedure the pressure in my eye jumped up dangerously and Doctor C. had to work quickly to lower it before damage could be done.

Dr. C. confirmed that I had arrived in time because it is during the first 24 hours that the best results and repairs can be made with a detachment. I was so very, very lucky!!

We finally left the hospital some time after 5pm. Mel hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I had not had anything since around 4am.

We made our way to a nearby hotel that the hospital recommended and got a room.

I had been instructed by Doctor C. that I MUST for the next two weeks lie in a certain position to assure that the reattachment would work and heal properly.

The whole thing was pretty scary and very painful once the block wore off. Mel had gotten me some pain medication at the hospital pharmacy which didn’t do a heck of a lot, but helped some.

Mel waited on me, got up in the night when I was awake, found tea and food for us and helped me take a bath, let me use her pajamas and made sure I was lying in the right position.

The next morning after a good breakfast we reported back to the hospital where Dr. C. rechecked my eye. The pressure was good and everything looked good.

At this point Hubby arrived to take me home, having dug our car of the snow in Boston by hand, and arriving home Monday afternoon at around 4pm a full 24 hours since we had left Atlanta. Thankfully he brought me my coat; pillow and a blanket so I could lie down in the car all the way home.
Today found me back at the hospital for another check and even though I feel like I am looking through Vaseline I am beginning to get my sight back already.

Being able to see is such a wonderful gift and one we all take for granted until we find ourselves in a position of not being able to see. There is no doubt in my mind that my best Christmas gift for this year is the gift of my sight!!!

13 thoughts on “The Long & Short Of It”

  1. Absolutely! I’m so glad you were able to rent a car and get home safely. Bless your sweet husband and your daughter to be there for you.

    Merry Christmas, Maribeth. *hug*

  2. Thanks to you Mel for taking such wonderful care of our Dackel Lady, and for keeping us up to date on how she is doing. Speedy healing prayers are sent your way Maribeth. God Bless your sweetheart of a husband for his dedication to taking good care of you. Once you are better you ought to make his favorite meal.
    Hugs and Merry Christmas to you all.

  3. Blessings to your husband and to Mel for taking such good care of you, and my prayers are with you to heal quickly!! You are absolutely right that our greatest gifts are those freely given to us, such as our sight, our ability to walk and talk, our imagination and most of all the greatest gift of all — love. You are truly blessed with the love of partner, family and friends! Merry Christmas Maribeth. SPEEDY RECOVERY !!!

  4. Whoa…what an adventure!!! How scary, but how wonderfully magical that you made it in such great time, with the help of your two angels-your husband and your sister!!!
    What a way to end vacation, but how thankful that you were not on a boat in the middle of nowhere when this happened!!
    Blessings to you and your poor little eye, and a merry xmas to you and your family! Rest rest rest and enjoy the peace of the holidays.

  5. Wow! What a blessing indeed! Thank goodness for your hubby and Mel. I hope you are feeling back to normal soon, and I especially hope this is the last time you have to deal with this!

  6. I’m so sorry this happened Maribeth. What a wonderful family (and doctor!) you have to take care of you so well. Wishing you a speedy recovery – I KNOW you’ll be up and about very soon and treasuring that gift.

  7. Ouch! Not that again. I’m happy for you that it all worked out in the end! Our vision is so important, I agree, we’re spoiled and take it for granted.

    Have a quick healing!

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