One thing that can be said about my grand-puppy, Bogart is, he sure knows how to make himself comfortable! As we sat watching the TV last night we looked down and there he was in all his glory!

Feb 6 10 008 Bogart

I wanted to laugh, but I held it in, as I wanted another picture and even a little snicker would have awakened the sleeping Prince!

So I quietly put the footrest down on my recliner, and turned my camera on. Then I slowly crept over and stood above him, and click!

Feb 6 10 010 Bogart

Even when the flash went off, Bogey did not move. He slept happily in his old puppy bed and never once stirred.

Makenna was over and played with the dogs this morning and we took Bogey out for a walk. She could not believe how much he had grown!

Today was also the day that Bogey really became one of the dackel Pack. They have now totally accepted him, even Arnie. Anneliese plays so nicely with him, and then stops to try to clean his ears! Too cute really.

Today is “Super Bowl Sunday”. What are your plans? Any parties out there? What are you serving up? For my foreign readers, do you watch the “Super Bowl” or could you care less?

Comments please!

I’m making Tacos with all the fixings. Guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, salsa and black olives. Oh and Hubby likes refried beans, which are okay, but not my favorite.


6 thoughts on “Relaxation!”

  1. Hahaha ! that’s really a funny picture ! What is this “Super Bowl” thing ? I read it already several times on blogs, but I don’t know what it is at all. A holiday, a sport event or what ? Anyway I would love to fly over and taste your Tacos ! I love them ! Rosie is OK now, she only has to put on some weight !

  2. No Patriots = no Superbowl watching for us. It will be a quiet day of house cleaning, laundry, and homework for me. My husband will probably spend quality time with the Xbox 360 :o) Hope you and yours have a good day!

  3. I was just telling AmberStar that I forgot it WAS Super Bowl Sunday — and I don’t even know who’s playing. I’m not makin’ anything special, and I don’t know if Hubby can even get reception to watch it. We haven’t turned the tv on yet today. The sun is shining bright, so it’s possible the snow has slid off the dish by now…

    That picture of Bogie is adorable! Not a bashful bone in his body!

  4. American football is a complete mystery to me, and most people in Scotland so, no Superbowl for me (although I believe they did show it on TV here. At about midnight!)

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