The Start To A Good Weekend!

I started Friday with a shower. For me, and for Greta and Arnie. Somehow the two of them had gotten into something sticky and needed a shower.  Anneliese is being quiet these days and thus, her coat is nice and clean. Besides, I didn’t want to stress her with a bath. Once I was done, I got out and Hubby and I toweled the two pups dry.

July 30 004

Isn’t Arnie cute?

Anneliese slept most of the day. She was uncomfortable and stretched as much as she could each time she lay down.

July 30 002

Next on my list of things to get done was to make the Moonglow Pickles. So after following the recipe, I got the pot of cucumbers on the stove and the jars sterilizing in a pot of boiling water.

July 30 005

I made 6 more jars of the Moonglow Pickles!

July 24 007

Tonight Anneliese just seems tired. You know, by this time next week we could have her baby all delivered.

July 30 013

Have a great weekend, everyone!

One thought on “The Start To A Good Weekend!”

  1. Friday is cleaning day, lol ! To grandma’s times there was one bath a week on Saturdays. I catched a little cold and can’t stand myself !

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