Good Morning!

Good Morning Everyone! Yesterday my wonderful cousin, Larry and his girlfriend, Cindy came over and wiped my trusty laptop hard drive and got XP reloaded onto her. She is up and running and I am in the process of deciding what to reload and what to leave on my external hard drive. I’m thinking the external hard drive is the way to go.

Anyway, I was awake until after 11 o’clock last night, which, for those who know me well, is way past my bedtime, so I slept until 9 AM!

I asked my other cousin, Janet if she’d been reading DP the last few days, and she said yes, but that I needed to move along. The vacation is over. Okay I will, but I have one more story to tell, and then I am done, and I haven’t told you this one!

When we got to Fort Lauderdale, we got a cab to the airport, and after checking in, headed to the gate. Usually Hubby has a tough time because of his artificial knees, but this time, it was me.

I had removed almost every piece of clothing possible, and gotten out the laptop, kindle and cell phone, when they told me to get inline for the x-ray machine. I told them I would but I did not want my computers going through, when I could not be on the other side to retrieve them. The TSA Agent told me to pipe down and get in line! I tried to explain and she told me again, be quiet and get in line! It was futile, so I shut up.

Well, I get to the other side of the full body scan machine, and another agent grabbed my arm, and pulls me aside and gave me a full body search! I mean, Hubby hasn’t touched me that much in years! I was furious, insulted, but yes, I guess I learned a lesson. Keep your mouth shut.

I had been targeted for hostile treatment because I didn’t show “them” proper “respect”! I’m still ticked off about it, but there was not a lot I could do. Live and learn. The next time I had to go through Security, I kept my mouth shut!

So, that is the end of my stories about my vacation.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning!”

  1. Hee, Hee! I always keep my mouth shut and will continue to do so when I am traveling. Love YOU, Mel

  2. I was enjoying your vacation stories!So if you think of some more to share, share them. Your deal with TSA is the reason my husband and I are not going anywhere where we will have to fly!I just have heard too many stories like yours!

  3. If I remember correctly Machiaveli said something like “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” All I have heard abou TSA employees seems to support that statement. Sorry you had to go thru that

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