Oh I just love to shop. Today was a good day too! I got to visit, “The LL Bean Outlet“!!! Now you are probably wondering what I could possibly need from there, but today I found great deals, and some pretty, new, clothes to add to my closet.
First was this cute, practical, blue wind breaker. It’s a summer jacket, I know, but at $4.99 I couldn’t say no. I don’t happen to own one like this, so I did in fact need it.
I’d seen breed specific baseball hats and I wanted the dachshund one! They had it today at 1/2 price! So I got that.
This is the Kingfield sweater, all wool, and it was also 1/2 price! I loved this color and thought it looked good and bright and cheery on me.
So it was a really fun day, doing something I love! Shopping!!!

3 thoughts on “Shopping”

  1. pretty sweater! I’m sure it will look lovely on you 🙂

    ps – I liked the “Whitey” story you posted on my blog! kids are so funny. it’s too bad we force our prejudices on them though. I didn’t know that was a bad name.

  2. Actually, come to think of it, outlet shopping is the way to go. When I was in high school preppy brand names were in so I often had to fake it or go to the outlets.

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