Passport To Frustration

I went down to get our mail this morning and what should I find in my P.O. Box? If you guess our old Passports, you would be correct!
I nearly fainted when I saw them. “How is this possible?”, my feeble, dazed, mind asked. There was a letter inside saying we needed to resend the entire package WITH a payment.
Because guilt had plagued me yesterday, I’d hurried down to the Post Office and sent the money certified mail to expedite the process. I just thought that they actually HAD my passport and Hubby’s at the Passport Center in Portsmouth, and that this was why I was told to send the money there. Oh silly me! Why should a governmental agency actually work like a well oiled machine?
I came home and told Hubby what had happened. He did not want to hear it. The “Blond Look” came back into his eyes.
So I tried to find a phone number for our passport center in Portsmouth. No. It’s unlisted. Of course, why should I be able to call a governmental agency about a problem?
I thought and thought until my head ached. Then it came to me. Call the closest US Post Office that handles passports. And guess what? That is in Portsmouth! So I called and spoke to a wonderful woman named Terri, and she promised to help me out.
In less than half an hour The Passport Agency called me and arrangements were made for me to send our passports in to them, where they will be united with our checks and processed!
Could it be, that at last the Passport Saga is about to be over?
Stay Tuned!

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