Welcome December

Saturday morning I was trying to find something to watch on the TV other than the usual news. I’m finally out of my bed, after nearly three weeks of being down and out with the Flu. So, I turned on the family room TV and started looking around.

What I found was that Showtime was showing last year’s episodes of Homeland all day long!

Jack and I have loved Homeland and have seen all the episodes, but I decided that this was a great show to watch on a cold Saturday.

We’ve always enjoyed the show, featuring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin. The acting is top-notch, the writing superb and when people look back in the years to come, I think this show will be categorized as a classic thriller!

About 15 minutes in Jack got up and he was hooked too. We watched it all the way through until it finished and by then it was time for bed.

Now during the programs, I was able to crochet and I did a lot, plowing through three entire skeins of yarn!

My Flu is on the way out. I was up and out of bed all day yesterday and only had one coughing jag and that was just before bed. I ate normally and although slightly tired, I was feeling so much better.

It’s not lost on me that so many of us that had the Flu Shot (Hello New England Patriots Football team, who have many players out with the Flu!) a large number of people have come down with it. From what I have heard and read, they believe this years shot sort of missed the strain that has been in my area.

It’s the biggest reason I locked myself in my bedroom away from Jack, did not cook his meals or do the dishes. I would come out for a moment, get my food and go back to bed. I would place the tray on the shelf once I was done and he loaded the dishwasher and then put away the dishes after. I really feared he would get this and at his age, it could be fatal.

Now I must prepare because we are due to get a foot of snow starting tonight and going until Tuesday mid-day. Oh well. It’s that time of year!

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  1. I was talking to an older lady last night BBC who FaceTimed with her daughter who lives in AZ for Thanksgiving, and I thought, damn! Should’ve FaceTimed with you!

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