My Eye

Yesterday I was driven to Boston by my daughter Amanda. I had an appointment with the leading doctor in corneal surgery in the region. This appointment was my last hope that something could be done to restore the vision in my left eye to normal.
Since having “simple cataract surgery” 5 years ago I have been searching for answers to this problem. The day after that surgery, when they removed the surgical dressings I began having terrible glare and prisming in that eye. I complained, I begged for help and basically over the last 5 years I have been made to feel like I was some sort of nut job. That was, until yesterday.
I met with this wonderful lady doctor, Dr. W. at Tuft’s New England Eye Center. She is young (my age! LOL), confident, friendly, and knew immediately what was wrong with my eye. We spoke of the pro’s and the con’s of the surgery, then she presented what she would like to do. This was no simple thing. She will replace the lens, but if this problem happens the she will do this to fix it, or this or this. She presented about 5 different options explaining each step as she went. At the end I had no questions at all.
My surgery is scheduled for August 22nd. I feel so good and so confident that this surgery will finally give me back my vision and my life.
I was so happy my daughter was driving and that she was with me. She is an excellent driver and is just great in rush hour traffic. There I was having heart failure and she was cool as a cucumber. She asked me if her driving was bothering me. Nope, it was everyone else’s!
She has a convertible and we put the top down and that was so nice. To feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin, helped to relax me.
Thanks again, Mandy!
Yippee!! Life is good!

Bike Week 2006

It’s Motor Cycle Week here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Woo-hoo!

Bike Week 2006

I don’t mean to sound unappreciative of all that this momentous week brings to our area. Our motels, restaurants and area merchants all benefit from the tourists that come during that week. Especially our local Tattoo Parlor. Why after last year they made enough money to buy new curtains for their shop.
As one can expect, traffic can be a problem. A few years ago, Hubby and I climbed up on his 1981 BMW R-65 bike and decided to cruise on down to “The Weirs”. This is the heart of Bike Week action and a mere 4 miles away from our home.
We got about a mile down the road and stopped. The bike traffic was so thick and so backed up, that after 20 minutes of not moving one bit, we turned around and headed in the opposite direction, where we found a nice restaurant and had a nice lunch, far from the maddening crowd!
Aside from the Weirs there are many places to ride your bike while visiting the area. The Kancamagus Scenic Byway is just beautiful and perfect for a day trip. There is also the Mount Washington Toll Road which is bike friendly on Thursdays.
Most bikers enjoy camping at the local camping areas, which are all booked a year to two years in advance. When we built our house we lived in our camper and the only week we had to find other accommodations was Bike Week!
I can say that for the most part it’s a fun time around here.
Now if I could just get
Harley Davidson to make a bike with a quieter muffler…

Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, so I took the day off from writing and simply enjoyed the day.
My daughter, Amanda came up bringing beautiful red roses and an adorable Mom necklace for me, and we went out to my favorite restaurant, Canoe. We had the best table in the house. We were out on a porch that had been enclosed, and overlooked Lake Winnipesaukee. The menu was a limited one, due to the holiday, so the one item I had planned on having (the Lobster roll with sweet potato fries), was not offered. So I ordered Prime Rib. I’d had it there before and it was very good. Hubby ordered a lettuce wedge salad and a bowl of seafood chowder. Amanda ordered the Lobster Macaroni and Cheese, a rather eclectic dish. For an appetizer we ordered Sweet and Sour Calamari.
The Calamari was great, and then our food arrived. Amanda’s food was fabulous! It sounded so off, but the combination was delicious! Hubby’s chowder was in a huge bowl and was packed with seafood. And mine, you ask? Well, my Prime Rib came swimming in brown liquid, with the mashed potatoes literally diluted by this watery mess. I tried to cut the meat, and it was fatty and soggy and just a mess. I was so disappointed, but I kept my mouth closed an simply enjoyed the company and the views. I asked for a “doggie bag” for the meat and then settled in looking at the dessert menu. If my dinner had been a disaster, then I was going to order the most sinful thing I could on the dessert menu and salvage my meal.
I ordered the Chocolate Suicide Cake! It was 4 layers of light chocolate cake frosted and filled with a creamy fluffy chocolate mouse. The piece was a huge three inch wedge. Hubby laughed and asked for the camera, which I had forgotten at home. I grabbed my fork and dug in.
Oh the joy, oh the rapture, of the pure, sensuous sweetness. Yes, this is worth having the crappy meal, just so I had enough room for this cake.
Half way through, I had to stop. I was so full I couldn’t finish. I asked for a “doggie bag” for my cake. Not that the doggies got any of that cake! Instead of dinner last night I made myself a cup of coffee and finished it!
We returned to the house and talked and played with the dogs.

Before long, it was time for Amanda to go. She had an hour and fifteen minute drive home, and with this terrible rain we are having, she needed to leave to give herself plenty of time to make the trip.
After she left I sat here thinking that this was one of the nicest Mother’s Days I have had in many years! It was full of love, of fun and chocolate and roses!

I Can’t Believe We Ate The Whole Thing

Sunday night was a gourmet dream come true. For our anniversary dinner we went out to The Woodshed for dinner. There were specials on the menu and Hubby and I, after 18 years together wound up ordering the exact same things, fixed the exact same way. There is something to be said for “growing together” over time.
For our appetizer we had Lobster Crepes in a Newburg/sherry sauce. This was to die for! Then we were served a tossed green salad with blue cheese dressing and fresh hot bread. I was starting to feel very full, but we still had the main course to go. This consisted of 3 lobster claws, and a petite (hardly small) prime rib of beef cooked medium rare. Baked stuffed potatoes and assorted green vegetables rounded out the plate. I ate all the good stuff, and nary a green bean, although for appearance sake I did eat one. When we left we sort of waddled out the door to the car where we both flopped in heavily lamenting “I can’t believe we ate the whole thing“.

Happy 18th Anniversary!!!

Eighteen years ago today, Hubby and I exchanged vows on Cape Cod and became husband and wife. All I can say is, where has the time gone?
I remember that day as though it was yesterday.
It was bright and sunny and the day was filled with promise.
The wedding was a small one with only about 35 people in attendance. My daughter, Mandy was my maid of honor and my step daughter Jessica was my bridesmaid. My Uncle George walked me down the isle and gave me away. My father played the organ. He didn’t really want to give me away “again”, as he claimed that it hadn’t stuck the first time.
My mother sat in the first row with my Uncle Betty. I remember during the service when we had said our vows hearing Uncle Betty start to cry with happiness. She was like that. All tough on the outside and a marshmallow on the inside.
For this wedding (unlike my first), I had planned everything from the flowers to the food. I’d searched high and low for a gown and finally found one while visiting a friend in Florida. I remember carrying the gown on a flight back to Boston from Miami. No one was with me when I found it. I just knew when I tried it on that it was the right gown for me.

Hubby and I wanted a traditional service, with traditional vows. It was the most beautiful of weddings and such a wonderful way to start our life together.

So today as we celebrate 18 happy years together I make a toast to my husband, my lover and my best friend.

Happy Anniversary, Darling“!

I’m Famous

I’ve now had my 15 seconds of fame. Today I was sitting here writing to you all when I looked outside and saw that it was both raining and SNOWING! Now that’s odd, I thought. The weather man at NECN is always asking people to write in when they see weird weather, I thought that when it is both raining and snowing at the same time, now that’s pretty strange. So, I wrote in and said, “Matt, it is both raining and snowing at the same time here in **** New Hampshire. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen!” signed Maribeth ****. A little while later I was sitting here and he read my e-mail on the air!!! Of course no one heard it but me, I’m sure, still, it was exciting to know that someone actually read it and that it didn’t just disappear into a void, and somewhere there is actually someone who is thinking, “Wow, in **** New Hampshire it was raining and snowing at the same time!”.
15 seconds of fame is pretty exciting, but my neighbor reminded me, “Just don’t let it go to your head”.

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