All Is Well

Something lovely has happened since we have been back. Our dogs are so happy to see us that they have all become little snuggle bugs!

In the evenings the three dachshunds manage to all get into my recliner and cuddle up. Usually Anneliese is on my legs, Greta next to me on the left and Arnie by my feet on the elevated foot rest. Oh yes, there is the love!

Fritz is even being pretty cute. He will come sit by my chair in the morning before Hubby wakes up, and in the evening he will lie at Hubby’s feet, showing his Daddy that he is happy to see him back where he belongs.

Today my stomach was feeling a bit yucky (I’ve never been able to go to Mexico without leaving with stomach problems!), and the three dachshunds followed me back to bed. At first all was well and quiet and I was being cuddled. Then Arnie started playing with Anneliese who jumped on him and he jumped back on her and suddenly the bed was rocking. Then Fritz came in and jumped up on the bed and finally I got up and put them all out of the bedroom. Then I slept until noon.

Now the day is nearly done and I’m sitting in my chair with my three dachshunds and Hubby has his boy Fritz.

All is well in our dogs’ world!

Lucky In Love

Years ago when I would come home, I would drive into our garage and close the door. Then as I gathered my things I would hear Shubi’s feet pitter pattering on the floor above, as she happily waited for me to come up the stairs. Hearing those paw steps always warmed my heart. When she passed away I missed hearing them.

Today when I came home I pulled into the garage, closed the door and gathered my things. It was then that I heard the sound of a heard of wild elephants, that in actual fact are my four dogs, above my head. They knew I was home and they were all excited at my return.

I smiled. It made me think of my Shubi, and at the same time reminded me of how lucky I am to have this crew of dogs, who love me so much and really are great dogs in their own rite. They wag their tails when we come home, when we wake up in the morning and when we go to sleep at night. They curl up in our laps, in our bed with us and will do anything to just be touching me or Hubby.

That’s Unconditional Love!

Packing & Riding

Today we started getting ready for our trip to Washington, DC. We pulled out the suit cases, decided which clothes to wear, shoes, etc. I finished up the laundry, then went and had my hair stylist tidy up my hair.

I raced home and cooked dinner for Emily and our house sitter, Dori. The two of them will take care of the dogs and stay here while we are gone.

Everything is pretty much set now. All that’s left is to pack the car and actually drive the 10 hours to get there. A lot of people don’t like long car rides, but I actually do. It’s funny. When Hubby and I go on these long road trips we bring all sorts of music to listen to, but in the end, we seem to talk the entire way.

Twenty years together and we still have so much to say to each other. I hope that never ends!

We’re staying at a nice hotel, attending Hubby’s Army Reunion where we laugh, tell funny stories and jokes and see people we enjoy, but only get to see once a year.

Our visit will include a White House tour, a tour of the new Air and Space Museum and just some relaxing down time alone. We’ll be there for 5 days before heading back home.

Of course I am bringing my laptop so I can stay in touch with you all. I’m afraid I fall into the category of the Internet Addicted.

Yep, time to pack and ride!

Labor Day Thoughts

It’s a holiday weekend here in the USA. It’s Labor Day. The official end to the summer. We live in an area that is popular with summer guests. They arrive the last weekend in May, which is Memorial Day and seem to flood our streets, stores and parks until Labor Day.

I grew up on Cape Cod, with it’s narrow streets and back roads, but truly lovely beaches. People come by the thousands to enjoy their time on “the Cape”. Those of us that lived there year round, always looked forward to the end of summer when life would return to normal, and now here I am in New Hampshire, faced with the same tourist problems.

I used to get all upset about it, but then I realized that I was really the lucky one. I get to live here year round! The tourists only see it in the summer. To live here and witness the autumn, the winter and the spring is fantastic!

So today when Hubby and I went out to get a few things at the store and we were stuck in traffic and then had to wait in long lines I just smiled, feeling happier than I have in a while.

I’m living with the man of my dreams, in the most beautiful part of New Hampshire and we not only have our home, but 4 pretty nice dogs to keep us company.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

The Big Bad Lab!

After what seemed like a perfect day, a walk in the park with all four dogs, a delicious lunch and a visit to one of my favorite shops, we came home to cook out and enjoy a little bit of summer heaven. Baby back ribs, potato salad and zucchini and summer squash.

The temperature was perfect and although there were a few clouds, it still felt great to be outside with the dogs.

Then Hubby went in to get a few things and I was outside with Emily and the next thing we knew a big mean yellow Lab was charging my crew of dogs! He went for the puppies first and that made Greta leap toward him to protect her babies.

The dog jumped at Greta and bit at her (but did not break the skin) and that’s when Fritz jumped in! I was running toward the madness, screaming at the top of my lungs to get the bad dog to stop!

Hubby didn’t hear me, but people from several surrounding towns did! All I could see was that three of my dackel babies were going to be hurt.

Lucky I sound as mean as I look, and the dog eventually was chased off, but it took me several hours to calm my babies down.

Me? I’m still shook up!

Thursday Thirteen #48

Thursday 13

Thirteen Reasons It’s Great To Have Four Good Dogs

1. One of them is always happy to see you come home.
2. If you are feverish and feel cold, you can pack the pooches around your body and get warm.
3. There are no leftovers!
4. You never have to dry your feet after a shower.
5. You never have to worry about someone breaking into your home.
6. You never have to worry that the Veterinarian will be unhappy to see you. ($$$)
7. You can leave your keys in the car when you go to the Post Office and no one would dare steal your car! (Not with big boy Fritz sitting there with all his big teeth!)
8. Your life is always full with the care and feeding of the dogs.
9. You are helping to keep the vacuum cleaner bag makers in business.
10. You are also keeping the dog food makers in business as well!
11. At the end of a bad day, seeing their little faces looking up at you is wonderful.
12. Feeling puppy breath on your arm when they are asleep is so sweet.
13. Oh yes, puppy breath! The best!!!

Friday & Saturday

The last two days have been full of fun. Yesterday Arnie and Anneliese’s father, and Greta’s boyfriend, the handsome Bernie came for a visit. He brought with him his Mommy & Daddy and his sister Veela. Bernie hadn’t seen his children since they were about 12 weeks old, so this was a nice time for everyone to get together. Now here is the real shocker. Anneliese looks just like her Daddy! I always thought that Arnie did, but getting all the dogs together it was easy to see that Arnie is quite unique.

July 4 027
Arnie, Bernie and Anneliese

At first it was madness and mayhem when the dogs got together. Anneliese wasn’t at all gracious, but eventually they all got along and things settled down.

Bernie, of course had eyes only for Greta. My little coquette, flirted outrageously with him

july 6 058

and then tried to bite him when he got too close.
july 6 061

Bernie’s Mommy brought with her delicious pastries from an Austrian baker in a nearby town. Mmmmmm. They were so good!

july 6 047

Today we decided to take our four dogs to the community park. Dogs are allowed there and you can actually let them off the leash and they can run. I was a bit more careful with the puppies, but Fritz and Greta knew right where they were and ran like two wild lunatics! Oh, they had such a good time.

Eventually we reached the lake in the back of the park and all four dogs played in the water. Fritz and Greta are great swimmers.

July 7 007

It’s so much fun to watch them. They love to fetch a stick and swim back and forth quite well. Arnie actually jumped in and swam around for the very first time. He did very well. Anneliese went in, but did not really swim.

Soon it was time to leave.

July 7 011

The end to another wonderful day!

Puppy Dogs & Loaves Of Bread

First I have to tell you that I got up today, did my hair and then forced Hubby to take a couple of pictures of me with the babies. They are growing so fast and I wanted to get my longer hair on film so I can remember that I should never go shorter than this for a very long time.

June 28 002
Arnie, me and Anneliese, the kissy girl!
June 28 001

It’s another 90+ degree day. Once again my boy, Arnie wasn’t feeling too great, so I have kept him inside in the air conditioning.

Hubby has been sanding the picnic table getting ready for our party on the 4th of July, and so he came in, soaking wet from the heat and is now asleep in his chair. I’m hoping tomorrow will be cooler and drier and we can stain the table.

We special order delicious German bread from a baker in Toronto. Oh my goodness, this stuff is wonderful and addicting. We order several loaves at a time and freeze it. Well, today’s loaves arrived and the box was all smashed. Inside one of the 4 pound loaves of Klosterbrot was decimated! I was so upset. I called U*S and the company that we order from and I guess in the long run we will be getting a replacement loaf, but what a pain. When I spoke to U*S I told them this wasn’t the first time a box arrived in this condition and I hoped they could speak to the driver. I have 3 dachshunds I can sick on him, should he screw up again! LOL