TBT:My Family Vacation

Back in 1965 my family set out on a road trip to Washington, DC. Dad drove and Mom attempted to read maps, and in the back seat of our car were my brother, Richard, my sister, Melodie and me. I was all of 6 years old and probably a bit of a handful.

We filled the back seat with boxes of Barbie toys, and I remember having to be totally silent when we drove through large cities with heavy traffic. Dad really was a nervous Nelly about driving in the city.

We stayed at the Mayflower Hotel, and although I remember nothing about the room, I do remember liking the rather elaborate elevator that they had.

We went to the Lincoln Memorial, and stood for Dad to take our picture. It was so hot and I recall that we were all sweating like crazy. My poor brother was wearing a suit.


And then over to the White House. Dad insisted we pose and I recall refusing to sit down and burn my legs. Being the baby of the family, I wasn’t forced to sit down, but my sister and brother were.


We visited Arlington National Cemetery, and President Kennedy’s grave. I remember the eternal flame, but not much else.

The most important thing about this trip is that it was the only vacation that we took as a family. We made day trips, but never again did the five of us travel or do any sort of vacation together. I am so happy to have these pictures, and my sister’s great memory, so I can look back and remember…

TBT: My First Trip To Germany Spring 1989

I first went to Germany in the spring of 1989. Hubby was a pilot for Pan Am, and he was temporarily assigned to West Berlin. This was before the Wall came down, and nothing I experienced then, comes close to the reunified city now.


This was the Airbus Hubby flew over from New York with a 3 man crew, and me. They showed me how to warm up meals and make coffee and I was able to experience a take off and landing on this flight in the cockpit, as well as see St Elmo’s Fire. There were no passengers on this flight. They had to fill up to the brim with jet fuel in order to make the flight from JFK to Berlin, Tegel Airport.


There we are, at Checkpoint Charlie, when it really was a crossing from West into East Berlin. I went through several times with the US Military (a special privilege they gave to Pan Am families).


Here I am in East Berlin at Alexander Platz. I recall the gardens there were so beautiful. I spent a lot of time walking around East Berlin, and I brought back many wonderful things to remind me of my trip. The items we have used the most over the years are the cotton Decke (comforter type blanket). I love the two I bought, but they are slowly falling to pieces now.

I also learned to love Dackels! Friends of Hubby’s, had a wonderful male, Wirehaired Dackel, named Shubi. He spoke no English, and I spoke no German, but it was love at first sight for us both.


In the years to come each time we visited, Shubi was at my feet, in my arms, and in my bed! Oh, I loved that little man!

Years later, during the fall of 1995 Shubi got out of their yard and was hit by a lorry. My first visit back did not feel the same. I mourned the loss of my little friend. I saw how quiet their house was and said, “You know, we should get puppies together!”

And we did! In February of 1996 we brought home a three month old female Wirehaired Dackel, that we named Shubi-2. Our friends got her brother and named him Toni!

Shubi and mom

She was the best souvenir that I ever got!

Throw Back Thursday

This was taken the first day of eighth grade. I vaguely remember that dress. The hair? Oh yeah, I wanted to be Karen Carpenter so bad! That is why you can see the long hair and heavy bangs!


I loved eighth grade. We were the oldest class in the school. Mostly, we had great teachers with the exception of just a couple.

My Dad taught at this school. So for the three years I was in the Intermediate school, I not only had Dad as my music teacher, but I also rode to school with him every day and he made my lunch. Two slices of white bread, spread with margarine, two slices of American cheese. An apple and money for a carton of milk. God bless Dad. He had no imagination for packing our lunches, but every day, when we came down to the breakfast he made, there was our bag lunch.

At one time, everyone in town had our Dad for their music teacher. His teaching of square dancing is still legendary!

Throw Back Thursday

A former classmate of mine posted this picture of my second grade class last week on Facebook! I hadn’t seen this picture in years.

2nd grade

I am in the back row the fourth from the right. Head band, curly hair and big smile.

I loved my second grade teacher, Miss Norris. She was young and interested, and had a great way of taking the mundane and making it fun and exciting!

I look at these sweet innocent faces and I think how wonderful life was for these kids. This was, of course, before life happens and you find yourself challenged. One of my classmates, Rae-Ann (third from the left, top row) died of cancer. She was such a terrific person.

Ah yes. Life. Like John Lennon wrote “Before you cross the street, take my hand. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

Throw Back Thursday

Here is a little collage for Throw Back Thursday. On the left is Fritz at 9 weeks old. On the right is Lili at 9 weeks. It is amazing to see their familial resemblance.

Fritz had a slightly boyish looking face, while Lili is very sweet and feminine.

Right now, we feel pretty good about how Lili is settling in. She is sleeping better and playing with the other dogs now too. And she is growing and changing before our very eyes. Today when I weighed her she was 14 pounds!

Throwback Thursday