March 20 037

We have great news here in New Hampshire! Arnie has found a home!
Right here with us!
On Sunday night we were sitting watching the TV when we both just knew that Arnie wasn’t going to be going anywhere. He was already home.

Yes, I know we will have to do a few things to keep the girls and Arnie separated when the girls are in heat, and yes, we will need to spend time training him and then showing him so he can go on the long road to stud-dom, errrr, stardom!

So please join me in welcoming Dackel Prince Arnie home!

New Toys

The new toys I had ordered for the puppies arrived today. I had gotten an assortment of stuffed animals, bones and balls. After their morning nap I introduced them to their new toys. They went crazy! And so did their mother, Greta.

It’s an amazing thing. Greta no longer looks at them as her kids. She treats them like best pals and she plays with them with wild abandon. It is so wonderful to see the three dogs running around like crazy just enjoying each other.

March 19 014
March 19 026
Arnie & Anneliese
March 19 013
Arnie in the front and Anneliese in the back

I had the dogs out a lot today and consequently Arnie began “performing” for me. I now have two good puppies who are getting house trained. I just wish spring would come and it would warm up. It is just a little less thrilling to jump up and drag the pups out when it is 19 degrees outside! Still I am grateful.

The pups, old and young are all asleep now, and I am curled up with a nice warm blanket. Simply a great way to end my day.