I arrived down here where my daughter lives and we went to dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant. I had eggplant parmesan. Yum!

We leave tomorrow before 6 for Boston. I expect I will be one of the first cases of the day and I hope to be back to our hotel by early afternoon.

I brought toys for my grandkitties and they loved them. Especially the little tent I got for them. They have been racing in and out of it, and they just love the toys! So cool.

Well, time for me to get some sleep and then we are off to the city at dawn. I will try to post tomorrow.

The Eyes Have It Again…

I’ve had a few people ask me what surgery I am having on Tuesday. Knee? Eye? Face-lift? LOL No to the knee and the face-lift, but yes to the eye surgery. This time, it is my right eye.

When I first met Dr. W. in Boston so she could examine my left eye, she gave me the news that I also had a cataract in my right eye. I knew eventually I would need surgery to remove that cataract and get a new lens. However, I was not ready to commit to that surgery until I knew for certain that the vision in my left eye could be restored.

As some of you recall, last August I had that surgery and it was a total success . Still I was a bit nervous about scheduling this surgery, but feeling the confidence in my doctor and that “Lady Luck” was on my side I went ahead and scheduled this operation.

The biggest difference between a “normal” cataract operation and mine is that I will have a much larger ridged lens placed in my eye and sewn into place. As with my left eye, these stitches will stay in for life. However, I will have near perfect vision when all is said and done, for the first time since I was 13 years old.

My daughter, Mandy is going with me to Boston, and Hubby is staying home with the fur children. I will worry about them all until I return, but I look forward to the time alone with Mandy. However, next time I want to spend some time alone with Mandy, I think we should just take a cruise!

Getting The Family Ready

I decided on Wednesday to get my household ready for my surgery. So after breakfast we hopped into the car and headed to civilization. You see we live out in the middle of nowhere, so that to buy any provisions means a 35 minute ride to stores.

The first stop was Agway where I bought the doggies their special cookies. You see Fritz will only eat Iams Diet Dog Cookies. This actually has a cute story behind it.

When Fritz came to our home, our Shubi was having health problems and could only eat the Iams Diet Dog Cookies. Fritzi seemed to like these better than the puppy cookies, so we just gave these to him too. Well here he is almost 4 years later and these are the only cookies he will eat!

I bought two big boxes of these cookies and then we headed to Wal-Mart to buy their canned food. I have always used Pedigree canned food for my dogs and they all really love it. I stocked up, and this should last for the next two or three weeks. I also got them their “Dingo Bones”. Now whoever invented these things obviously knew what they were doing, as all four dogs go crazy for these things. I’m not sure these will last the entire recovery time, but well, it is a start!

Then we headed to the grocery store where I was able to buy some TV Dinners for Hubby, which is sort of odd because the ones I bought today were actually for breakfast. Would you call them TV Breakfasts? I also have a bunch of easy freezer meals ready and I got a few things like those new crock pot meals so food shouldn’t be a problem.

Hubby took me out for lunch at a Chinese Buffet, and when the waiter asked how many seniors Hubby replied “One.” And then I added, “Yep one senior and one hot young chick!” The waiter smiled and I hope it was because he thought Hubby was lucky.

Upon arriving at home the dogs greeted us with their usual gusto and then once we put all the food away, we got a phone call that our Jeep was done at the shop and had passed inspection. Yippee.

Tomorrow we store the winter clothes in the attic and I work on more of preparing the family for my departure.

The funny thing is, they will probably be just fine and all my fussing and worrying will have been unnecessary. I just like to think I’m indispensable!

A Little Prep Work

I’ve started the final countdown. You know, where you spend time deep cleaning, arranging things and putting things away knowing that this is your last chance before an operation. I want the house to be ship shape, the closets relatively clean, and enough frozen meals so that Hubby doesn’t starve.

The “Puppy Nanny” is set to come in to help, I have shown her and Hubby how much food each dog gets, and explained the time table. Puppies eat twice a day, Greta and Fritz at 5 pm. Their crunchie bowls should always be full, as should their water dish.

I have set up the puppy pen out in the back yard so that when Hubby is working on his fruit trees he can put the pups in there and not worry that they will roam.

And the puppy room is now open a bit more with two crates for the babies. They were really interested in the big crate when I put it in there today, as this is the one I used with the 5 puppies when they were small. I wonder if it still smells like their siblings?

Tomorrow I do more laundry, a little ironing and some floor washing. I think by the time I have the surgery next week, I will be really exhausted and actually need a rest.

Wonderful Day

This was such a great day! We had 70 degree weather with bright blue skies and almost no wind. The lakes are slowly melting and soon will be completely open. Arnie is doing so much better with his potty training and Hubby spent part of the day planting new fruit trees, while my cousin Janet came up and went to a Craft Fair with me.

Janet and I had a girls day. I left Hubby in charge of the puppies, and I spent time at the Fair, TJ Maxx and had lunch. It was so relaxing for me, and although I only bought socks and some dips and a present for a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) I just enjoyed the day with my cousin talking and spending time just being together.

All my life, Janet and I have been, not only cousins, but really good friends. We can just sit in the same room and read, or write or watch a movie and feel totally comfortable not saying a word. Then, of course, there are times we talk and talk and talk!

We also stopped by a local Mill to watch the water coming from one lake into the next via the waterfall. Needless to say, Pictures, lots of them, were taken.

April 21 024

Janet also brought up a book she knew I would like.


I am a huge Beatles fan and devour everything I can. I also have a wonderful collection of CD’s now and DVD’s of their two movies, plus Anthology. Yeah, just call me a Beatles Babe!

I did stop briefly to get a new toy for the kids and a ball for Fritz. The two pups just loved the toy Chipmunk.

April 21 052

As you can see, Greta was supervising.

The day ended with Arnie actually asking to go out for important things, and the two pups falling asleep in my chair.

Some days are just so very good!

The Worst Is Over & Other Exciting Things

The worst is over and Hubby and I are on the mend. We both actually ate “real” food today, and started to regain our health. I went out and got my hair done, picked up the mail and Hubby actually got out of bed and put on clothes. He even took care of the puppies while I was gone. Of course he had the help of Fritz and Greta with the puppies so he wasn’t completely alone.

I arrived back from my “dip in the fountain of youth” to find a hungry Hubby and four hungry dogs. I put on my apron and “whipped” up an easy meal for Hubby and then fed all four dogs. Then the fun began as I tried to get the two puppies to do all their business outside.

Anneliese is pretty easy, in that when you bring her out she knows why she is there and will usually perform. Although she will often not perform all her business during one outing. Two, I can handle. Arnie on the other hand is still a bit of a dumb bunny. He will head for the newspapers in the puppy room and I will call to him. I’ll race outside with him and he will then stand there looking at me like I am the one who should be doing something. So we come back in and two seconds later he runs out toward the puppy room. I race after him, and run outside (grabbing my coat, hat and gloves) only to have him stare at me blankly again. I bring him back in and just as my fanny is hitting the seat he runs back to the puppy room.

I jump up as if shot out of a cannon, and race outside with him again. This time I forget my hat and gloves but I have the flashlight and can walk further out into the doggie poop mine field with my puppy. I finally help him find just the right spot and he goes! Woo-hoo!!! Then there are Milk Bones given all around in celebration.

I worry that I am truly insane trying to raise two pups at the same time. Then I look down in my lap at the two faces of the pups sleeping there and I realize that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

News From The Sick House

It’s been quiet here at the Dackel Princess House. Hubby and I are still under the weather with this stomach flu, and I ascertained today that this is not one of the 24 hour types but more like a week. I’m prepared to go the distance, as I don’t have a lot of choice in the matter.

Meanwhile the dogs have been wonderful. The puppies have actually been asking to go out and when I pass out on the sofa to sleep, they tend to climb up and go to sleep with me. I swear that their TLC is what is getting me through all of this.

I personally want to thank Coca Cola and Ginger Ale for keeping us hydrated, and Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup for at least sitting well in my tummy.

I’m actually due to go have my hair done tomorrow, and if I am feeling better, I will. If not I will postpone the appointment for a week.

I have heard from 2 of my puppy buyers and the other babies are doing great. I am so pleased to know that the babies have all gone to such good homes.

The Rain Came Tumbling Down And Other Things

Our big snow storm of Sunday night, turned into rain while I slept. 3 or 4 or 5 inches of rain! It has washed away all of the snow and created giant puddles in our yard. Puddles so deep that Anneliese and Arnie hate to go outside as the rain water touches their bellies!

I was listening to the news and heard that a mud slide had happened in the southern part of the state, very near my daughter’s condo. My daughter’s home is on a HILL! I called her to make sure she was fine and also her home. She is, and so is her home, although there will be a detour for her to use to get home for a while.

Meanwhile, it rained here all day. The wind blew, the rains poured down and each time I took Anneliese and Arnie out I got soaked. I actually changed my clothes three times before finally giving up on staying dry.

My flu returned and I started to run a fever just as Hubby’s fever broke. I have warned him to stay away from me so we do not keep passing this thing back and forth. We did have a little appetite tonight and had french toast for dinner. (**A short note here, we never eat breakfast for dinner. It’s against Hubby’s religion or something, so this was a first. Me? I could eat breakfast at every meal. I LOVE breakfast!**)

Our little Anneliese is feeling the pains of being the smallest member of our family. I’m not letting her dwell on it and I am encouraging her to see herself as a big dog!

April 14 003

Of course she will, always be, my little baby girl!

April 14 004

Nor’easters, Stomach Flu’s And Pups

Okay, so Hubby and I are just about dead this weekend. Apparently the flu shot we got in October didn’t cover the stomach flu that has spread across New England. Since I am the one without a raging fever, I was sent to the store for the important items like Coca Cola, Ginger Ale, chicken broth, beef broth, bread for cinnamon toast and saltine crackers.

We both have lived on Pepto Bismol tablets and as I also have the incredible good luck of having a migraine, I have been taking Tylenol. I’ve got to tell you that I truly have had better days.

To top off all this “wonderfulness”, we are in the middle of a classic New England Nor’easter! Yes, the snow is coming down heavily, and sticking and well, just making a terrible mess! Nothing like a big snow storm to make you feel good when you have the flu!

This is the great State of New Hampshire. The blue you can see on this radar image is SNOW! The darker the blue the heavier the snow.

April 15 012
My own back yard.

Just when I had given up hope of feeling at all well today, Fritz and the puppies started playing and I was able to snap a few good pictures. You can see how much he loves the puppies and how much they love him.

April 15 001
Anneliese, Fritz and Arnie

April 15 007
Anneliese and Fritz

April 15 004
Arnie, Fritz and Anneliese

April 15 006
Arnie,Anneliese and Fritz

So now I will crawl under a blanket and try to stay warm and get well.

Wish me luck.