We are due for the mother of all storms tomorrow. They are saying we will get two feet of snow. And due to the temperatures around here being a tad warmer than they have been, I suspect it will be fairly heavy snow.

I like snow. I do. It’s pretty to watch as it falls, and if you go outside during the storm and stand very still you can hear something wonderful.


I think in this day and age most people have forgotten what real quiet is. We have the noise of TV, or music or automobiles or machinery. When was the last time you can remember hearing nothing? That sweet silence that you can only hear during a snowstorm.

I was about six years old the first time I realized that there was such a thing as quiet. I had gone outside of our house when the snow was falling after dinner one evening. I remember coming back in and asking my mother why it was so quiet outside and she explained to me about the snow soaking up the sound.

Pure quiet.

After that I would always try to go out in the snow during the storm, even if it was just for a moment. When I listen to the quiet of the storm it would always bring me back to that first time. When I was so very young and so very innocent. Back when a good snowstorm meant a day off from school and snowmen in the front yard and snow Angels on the lawn.

So tomorrow I am planning a little trip. Just a few steps outside my door where I will stand alone and listen and remember.


Eye Am Spectacular!

I went to Boston on Wednesday to see my eye surgeon. Can I just say, here and now, I really love her. She is just the sweetest woman! Anyway, I was examined and they found that my vision was correctable to 20/15!!! However, the glitch here is this, the stitches must stay in.

I have always had astigmatism in my eyes. With the stitches in, the astigmatism is gone. So, since I do not feel these stitches, nor do they bother me in any way, I feel, and so does my doctor, that it’s best to leave well enough alone. There are some patients who do not adapt to the stitches and need them removed, but heck, after what I went though before the surgery, I can safely say that this is easy.

So what’s a little fishing line in ones eye, anyway???

I had asked her to examine my right eye because we knew that this eye has a cataract and it needs to be removed. Today she evaluated my right eye and decided she will use the same lens in that eye and after that surgery, my vision will be really good and also balanced. Just think. I will be able to lie in bed and watch the TV with no glasses! Or go to the beach and not worry about losing my glasses or have to wear them into the water because I would be lost without them! All of those times when people wear their glasses because they can’t see past the end of their nose, will be gone! I will have to wear glasses for driving, and to read. But most of my glasses wearing will be cut down.

I have worn glasses or contact lenses since I was 13 years old. I put them on before I get out of bed in the morning, so I can find my way to the bathroom. Before meeting this doctor I thought my vision would never be returned. So to have this opportunity is beyond my wildest dreams!

She will be leaving the stitches in my right eye too. She asked if that bothered me? Nope! The way I look at it, we are all held together with a little string by the time we grow old, aren’t we?

And perhaps some of us, more than others!


I am seldom at a loss for words, but last night I succumbed to exhaustion and found myself totally wordless. I sat here in my chair with little Greta by my side and felt the warm creeping sleep monster moving over me.

You know what it’s like, that sort of spacey feeling where you try desperately to stay awake and concentrate on what the TV is doing, but slowly you feel yourself slipping, slipping, into the deep dark abyss called sleep?

I was watching NCIS and today, I can’t even tell you what the show was about. Not because it wasn’t good, but because I was so tired.

You see yesterday I had errands to run. It was the first time I had been out for any length of time since the knee injury. I went to the Post Office to mail the AKC Registration papers by certified mail. Do you know how much work it is to walk from the parking area to the Post Office when you are walking with a cane? Naturally the Post Office was packed and it took me forever to get to the window.

Next I went to the Pharmacy. Almost everyone knows that when you need to get a prescription quickly, this never occurs, however, yesterday, since I had all kinds of time to kill, everything went smoothly and I was in and out in under 20 minutes.

Since it was too soon for my hair dressers appointment, I stopped at the grocery store to get a few things to make pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. I know Hubby hates to eat breakfast for dinner, so I thought if I made my family’s famous Strawberry Pancakes with sausage, then perhaps he wouldn’t mind.

Hobble, hobble, hobble.

Then it was on to my hair stylist’s, where she once again performed her magic! For two hours I was able to sit and get pampered. That was so nice.

By the time I got home, it was nearly 4 o’clock. I sat down for a moment and sipped some water and then it was time to start dinner. I made very thin, almost crepe thickness pancakes and placed a teaspoon of cottage cheese on one end and then rolled them up, placed them in the warming oven and then while they warmed and melted the cottage cheese, I made the sausage. When that was done I placed these on a plate, spooned sliced strawberries over the top and hollered to Hubby that dinner was ready.

Breakfast for dinner? Well, he thought it was weird, but he ate it anyway.

Once the dishes were done, I finally sat down and that’s when it hit. By nine I gave up the battle and finally went to bed. I slept like a dead man all night long, never hearing the puppies, or the TV or Hubby come to bed.

This morning I am finally feeling less tired, but here we are. Another full day. Fritz is at the Vets getting his teeth cleaned, and I have a mammogram scheduled for 2 PM (Oh Joy! Bah!). The puppies destroyed their puppy room in the night and I literally needed to take them out and wash everything down with detergent when I woke up! Usually it isn’t quite this bad, but for some reason they outdid themselves overnight.


A Day In The Life

Today was my yearly physical. I hobbled up to my doctor’s office with my cane, feeling like a 90 year old lady and checked in. My doctor gave me a good once over and aside from the knee, which he said was still quite swollen and full of fluid, I was proclaimed well!

I then hobbled home and fed the doggies, all seven of them, and then finished making Hubby his dinner.Thankfully, tonight’s dinner was a crock pot meal and there was very little to actually do once I tossed it all in the pot.

As I made the last adjustments to the meal before serving it, I looked over and saw this:

Feb. 19 001

Feb. 19 002

Now how cute is that? I spoke to them and I could see their little tails start to wag and then the next thing I knew four of them were at the gate.

Feb. 19 004

Arnie, Angelika, Anneliese, & Anja

They’ll be leaving soon, you know. Going off to their new homes. Our life will get back to the semi hectic life of those with two dogs and a puppy to housebreak. I’m looking forward to it, but I also know that I will be sad to see the little monkey’s go!

I finished feeding them, and then Fritz and Greta and then Hubby. Once we were done, and he dishes were in the dishwasher, I quickly got on my warmest pajamas and got into my chair, with a pillow under my knee.

Hubby made me a fire in the hearth and the puppies are asleep. Life is good, and for at least a little while it is once again quiet.

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When I was a little girl, I would go to visit my grandparents quite often. They had a few toys at their home on Murdock Street in Brighton, Massachusetts, but the toy I always wanted to play with was the wooden Noah Ark. It had been my grandfather’s toy when he was a child in Germany (Papa was born in 1897) and came to this country with him when he was 9 years old. It was very fragile and I was only allowed to play with it in their living room while I was being very, very careful. I spent many hours playing with this wooden ark filled with hand carved animals and of course Noah’s family. It sits in my family room now, untouched by anyone but me, and when I do touch it, I am taken back to those long ago days when Papa and Grandma had me at their home and I played, happily.

Feb. 16 010

Can We Say Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injury Of The Knee?

I saw the PA (Physician’s Assistant) today and got the results of my MRI. I have a Medial Collateral Ligament injury, but luckily, no tears, no damage to the meniscus and I won’t need surgery. At this point, I will need to rest it until the pain is gone and then dive into physical therapy. This is far better news than I had hoped for and I am nearly dancing on the table with joy!


So, I am still feeling like a jerk, but at least not a broken jerk who will need to be put back together again like “Humpty Dumpty”. In time I will be good as new and feeling like my old self. The big question is….”Is that really a good thing?”

A Genius

I was lying in bed this morning, having just woken up from a restless night sleep, when I suddenly had a wonderful idea! Yes, this was the idea to end all idea’s, and it’s implementation would ease my life considerably.

I got up and got my cane and hobbled out to the puppy room. As I passed the coffee pot I flipped it on. I picked up a puppy and carried it into our living room where I have a playpen set up.

Feb. 10 Anneliese

I plopped it into the playpen and went back for another pup. After I had all 5 pups in the playpen, I set a dish of their food in there and left them.

I went back to the puppy room and rolled up the well used newspapers, swept the floor and then washed it. Then I lay down fresh newspapers, fresh water and a dozen new puppy rawhide bones.

By this time the puppies were all done with their breakfast and I was able to bring each one back to the puppy room, where they soon discovered the rawhides! Each pup got their own bone and for the next 2 hours we had peace and quiet.

Feb. 10 Anneliese looking at me
Anneliese is the one looking at the camera
Feb. 10 Anja, Anneliese, Anita Arnie
Anja in the red collar, Anneliese, Arnie and Anita. Angelika is in the back with the pink collar.

I drank my coffee, ate my breakfast and even read my email. Yes, I am a genius!

The One About Poop

I am flexible. I had begun to think that I wasn’t during my first month at the health club. However, in the last week I have learned that I am not strong, but I am definitely flexible.

You see, since I hurt my knee I have still had to clean and maintain the puppy room. This means cleaning up their poop and wet newspapers. How do I do that when I can’t bed my knee? I bend at my waist, that’s how!

I wasn’t certain I still could move like that. After all, it’s been years since I actually had to do that. Although I have the dachshunds, I have always had the ability to bend my knees in order to pick them up. Bending at the waist? Well, not so much.

Nothing will get you bending faster than 5 puppies about to leap into their own poop!

I get up each morning and hobble out to the puppy room. I am always equipped with a large kitchen garbage bag, a pooper scooper and a bucket and mop!

I’ve got this whole, clean up after the long night thing, down to a science, but you have to move fast. Fast is something that, no matter how hard I try, is simply not possible when I’m dealing with a painful knee. Moderately fast is about all I can do.

I clean up, put down fresh newspaper (which, of course, is fouled quickly), and then I feed my little munchkins. I do this, by once again bending from the waist, and placing their dish on the floor.

Then I make coffee.

Yes, even more amazing than the fact that I am able to bend from the waist and accomplish so much on the floor is, I do it all before I have my first cup of coffee.

Yes, I know. I rock!

This And That

I have now graduated to a cane. Ah yes., a cane. At first I thought that if Hugh Laurie can do it, then so can I, but I soon found that using a cane successfully truly was a challenge. Pain is a great motivator though and I soon found my rhythm and was getting around pretty well. So what’s the problem? I did too much. By noon I could feel my knee really hurting, and tonight, well, not so good.

A good friend of mine came to spend time with the babies today and we took them out and played with them. I am watching the pups carefully these days as I am trying to evaluate which of the two female pups would be best for our family. Anneliese is a strong, energetic pup, with a sweet nature and endless amounts of devotion. She is also hysterically funny.

Anita is a sweet, pup, slightly less energetic, but who loves to play with Greta. I have also noticed that she will go up to check out Fritz, but when he gets upset, she will back off and give him his personal space. She loves to curl up in your lap and she is a kisser. She loves to be held and knows her name.

In fact all the pups seem to know their names. I’m surprised by this, but pleasantly so. They also come running to the door when they hear the can opener grinding, or when they hear me open my bedroom door in the morning.

Life is so good right now, despite my knee. Every day is full of wonder as I watch my babies grow and change. Yes, life if good!

I’m Just Wondering…..

I had Anita out today, to play quite a bit. She is a real hoot. Greta was playing with her and the two of them rolled around, chased each other and had so much fun. I did too. I love watching Greta play with one of her babies. As I sat there watching, it sort of dawned on me, that although Greta is very good with all her babies and is a wonderful Mother, she actually acts like a puppy herself with Anita. Had I been more flexible I would have jumped up and gotten the video camera and would be boring you with a mother/daughter video.

However, I couldn’t do that, so I sat back and just watched. Anita didn’t chase Uncle Fritz, and she doesn’t bark like her sister, and she is happy to just play quietly. Mmmmmm……could this be the puppy I should keep? I have said that I need to keep the puppy that is the best fit for our family and perhaps Anita is it. Mmmmmm….stay tuned.


For anyone wondering, Uncle Fritz is doing better accepting the pups. At least he did okay with Anita this morning. By this I don’t mean to say he was happily playing with her, but after she went back to the puppy room, he went and smelled everywhere that she had been and was accepting of it. Mmmmmm, maybe Anita is the one?


It was VERY cold here today. I think the highest the temperature got was about 10 degrees F. The winds were also quite strong, at 42 miles an hour. I hope winter is making a brief stop in so we know she still exists, and hen leaves just as quickly. Perhaps if I were in better shape and my knee wasn’t wracked up I would want more snow and more cold, bug for now, I would be happy if it were spring.


I was actually productive today. I refuse to allow this silly knee to keep me down. I did three loads of laundry, thoroughly cleaned the puppy room and cooked three meals! I’m quite proud. The puppy room is never easy as we take the pups out, put them into a children’s playpen and then literally take everything out of the room, swab the decks and put things back before putting the puppies back into their room. But we got it done and now the entire house smells fresh!