Lovely Day

Friday afternoon some of our friends stopped by. Here in New England if you have fruits or vegetables to share, you share with your friends. Each year we share our apples and peaches with our friends. Today they came over with green beans, watermelon, and cucumbers from their garden.

We sat outside at our garden table talking and visiting. They all got to see my Christmas Cactuses and no one could believe how they have come alive!

While we sat there, the Downey Woodpecker came up to feed at the feeder near us, as did the Blue Jay and a Chickadee.

P6250024 (2)

The weather was perfect. Sunny, blue skies, about 80 degrees, and a very light wind. It just doesn’t get much better than this!

Around the House

On Saturday the driveway man came to add more stone and ledge pack to the upper part of the driveway. The nice man worked half the day yesterday and all day today getting the driveway just right.

The lower portion of the drive is paved, but the upper portion was not done due to frost heave possibilities and in the winter tar would ice up badly, where ledge pack (compressed dirt) gives you a better surface.


The last time we had this done was 2008. So actually the surface lasted a long time. Then, like everywhere in New Hampshire, we grew a boulder in our driveway. Below you will see Lili standing next to it. It’s amazingly huge! But as I have said before, we grow ’em big here in New Hampshire!


As you can see, that is one big rock! I also want to brag a little about Lili. As we walked up our 500-foot driveway, she was barking at a neighborhood dog (who was on a lead) I called to Lili, telling her to “Come Here” and shock up shock, she came right to my side! That is something new. How it happened I am not sure. Perhaps she finally understands what I am saying.

When I got back to the house I remembered talking about our rather dangerous wall and the drop. Below is a picture I took. Once again Lili is my model.

20190817_174337I’m still watching Downton Abbey and loving every minute. I was speaking to my sister today and I mentioned how much our mother would have loved this. Our grandmother too. So when I watch, I pretend they are watching with me.


Wonderful things have been happening in my little corner of the world. Lili had her day at the doggy spa and came home looking like this!

lili1She looks like a new dog! She was soft and shiny and minus about 15 pounds worth of fur! Yay!

We’ve had several beautiful sunsets this week too. I managed to catch the best one the other night! And considering I used my cell phone, the picture came out very well.


I’ve been enjoying watching Wimbledon Tennis too! I get up very early to catch the early matches, and so I have seen many of them. I am so taken with Coco Gauff! At 15 years old she has the determination, concentration,  poise, and talent, and is a joy to watch!


We went to a small gathering, as my neighbor dedicated his beautiful garden to his late wife, Gail. It was such a beautiful thing to see all the work he has done and how much thought he put into the gathering. His wife was such a sweet and amazing woman and we all miss her and her beautiful smile.

I tried a new medication for Lili. The poor girl freaks out with fireworks and I thought she would have a heart attack. I called the Vet who prescribed Sileo Gel. You draw it up in the applicator and shoot it into her cheek.

I was not sure it would work, but for the first time ever, Lili went through fireworks without a problem. Best of all, it does not make her groggy. It is great stuff!

Did you see the pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markels baby boy’s Christening? Absolutely adorable! The baby is so cute and I think he looks a lot like his Daddy but has his Mama’s eyes. I’m so happy they released a picture of Archie where you could see his cute face.

Well, that’s the latest from here! Have a good Sunday everyone!

In Memorium of Starling

After several weeks of feeding the birds, and enjoying them more than I can tell you, there was a death on our yard.

P6170003 (3)
Some of the larger birds at the feeder.

Yes, a cute little Starling flew into the sliding glass doors, more than likely to get away from a larger bird. But the end result was a thud on our sliding glass door.

I jumped to my feet and raced to the door and I could see the little birdie still alive. I grabbed my gloves and went out to see if I could save him the way I had to save Woody Woodpecker a few weeks before.

Unfortunately, Starling had broken her neck. As I carefully picked her up, she was struggling for breath. I carefully stroked her and spoke to her until she breathed her last.

Then I came inside and cried. I asked Jack to bury her little body. Which he did. While I went on the computer and ordered Bird Stickers for the windows.

Meanwhile, I have put stuff in the windows to prevent further deaths in my yard. But I am so sad to have lost little Starling.

Feeding the Birds

I was gazing out my bedroom window when suddenly a little bird flew into the lilac bush. I stopped and watched as this little bird, not bright or colorful, but certainly intent on doing something in my lilac bush, worked at something. I looked and looked and there it was. A rather well-built nest.

birds nest

I was really struck with the bird’s cleverness and the beauty of the nest. I believe the nest is the new home of a Catbird. We’ve had them before and they really are quite amazing nest builders.

I’m not sure why, but this year I am really enjoying the birds! Perhaps it was the injured Woodpecker I saved. Whatever, I have now gotten new suet feeders and once I return I will set them up. Of course, since we also have bears, so I will need to bring the feeders in each night.

61963809_2787685864637823_7099090386303320064_nWhat is it about being in your sixties? I mean, I have found that I stop and smell the roses more. See birds, notice all the little things in life that make this an awesome place to be.

I felt this as a child and then lost that awe for a long time. I am so glad to have found it again. Especially at a time in my life when I can appreciate it all the more!

Another Busy Day

Despite the weather (more rain), Jack and I managed to get all of our errands and meetings and appointments were taken care of on Tuesday. I meant we were up early (some of us earlier than others), wolfed down our breakfast and headed out to our various destinations.

Lili had been dosed with a strong tranquilizer, and she was amazingly good in the car. She was also easy to deal with in the Vet’s office and I am happy to announce that her ears are nearly healed! Yahoo! Finally! She has had these yeasty ears for years!

Next Anneliese had her stitches out. Her incision looks great. I asked this Vet what she thought of the pathology report  and she said this:

“Anneliese is nearly 13 years old. She has had a wonderful life with you and Jack. She has been well loved. She is remarkably healthy and if her cancer does not spread quickly, the chances are very good that she will live another 2+ years! Think positive!”


She’s right. We will enjoy her and spoil her and take her for rides in the car and everything will be what it is. If we do this, then Anneliese will enjoy her life and we will enjoy her!

Our other appointments were accomplished on time and we sat down to a dinner of Scallops and Broccoli by six thirty! It was the end of a pretty good day!

Life or Something Like It

On Tuesday Jack and I had our 6-month exams at the Dermatologist. Both Jack and I are Skin Cancer Survivors and get checked frequently. You can read about my cancer surgery

My face is looking good, and so far I have not had a reoccurrence of my Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Jack has had Melanoma on his face (Thank you Agent Orange!) but now it’s just nuisance stuff.

Both of us had things frozen off with Liquid Nitrogen, and with a pat, on our backs, we are free for another six months.

After that, we did some shopping, and then I took Jack out for his favorite Chinese Buffet Lunch. Only today we found the food was exceptional! It’s always been good, but this was really good! We also did not see the owner of the restaurant, but suddenly noticed an all-new crew. So we both wondered if the place has been sold. If it has I will miss the original owner. He was such a nice man.

The pups were happy to see us when we got home, and I decided that since I’d been awake since 4:45 AM, I was going to get in a pair of loose pajamas and get comfortable!


And that’s the way I ended my day!

Weekend Wrap May 6, 2019

Happy Cinco De Mayo plus one!

Sunday was Cinco De Mayo! So, I decided to make Tacos and Refried Beans for our dinner last night. I also had a very ripe Avacado, which I sliced up.

Jack is always happy with this meal. He enjoys the Tacos and Beans, but he also enjoys the next day when I take the leftovers and make him Super Nachos! Which I will do for his lunch. For me, it’s back to my riced vegetables and chicken.

Saturday and Sunday were both quiet days for me. My only chores were cooking meals.

For Jack’s Birthday, I cooked fresh Maine Lobsters, Asparagus and Baked Potatoes. I’d gotten good size Lobsters, and they were the hard shell ones. This means that you really have to work at cracking them open, but it also means that you get the maximum amount of meat. By the time we finished eating them, we were both stuffed!


I was pretty tired both Saturday and Sunday night and I slept really well. So glad about that, I needed it.

Anneliese’s allergies are back and pretty bad. The poor girl gets areas broken out under her arms and on her belly. I washed her down with her special soap last night after I’d used the doggy clippers to remove the hair on her belly and under her arms. Today I will be treating her with hydrocortisone cream.

So that’s a wrap on my weekend. I hope you all had a good one too!

Life or Something Like It

I’m sitting here watching Notre Dame Cathedral burn. I am saddened beyond words. No one seems to know why, just that it is happening. So very sad.

I never got to see Notre Dame on the ground, but when I flew into Paris I saw it from the sky and that was amazingly beautiful!

Then I started reading my Facebook Wall and I saw entry after entry with people lamenting this loss. A few said, “Could 2019 stop sucking so much!”,  and I thought, yeah, 2019 has been a tough year and quite honestly I don’t see it getting any easier either.

I’ve had years like this before and the one thing I have learned is that you have to work at looking to find the good and making the best out of the worst that life throws your way.


I guess part of it is having faith that things will pass, things will get better. I know they will. It will be different, but life will go on and a new normal will fall into place.

So dear ones, don’t despair. Life will be full of happiness again, even if it is a little bit different.

Monday Morning

I woke up this morning, listening to the whistling wind. I also felt cold as I lay in bed under my sheets, blankets, and comforter! Brrrrr!

I took a deep breath, and then I got out of bed, put on my slippers and a robe, and headed to the door. I admit I was dreading opening the door because the last two morning, Lili had been sick and I’d had to deal with poop before my first cup of coffee.

Today, I slowly opened the door to find a very happy Lili, no poop and after walking the dogs briefly in the 26 degrees, snowy weather, I had my first cup of coffee!

Now, I mention the icy cold temperatures, and snow, because this seems to be Mother Natures, April Fools Day joke on us! I mean, really, April 1st and winter weather? Ugh!

I’ve been having some computer issues, and this one is beyond me. I used to not worry, and just call a great guy and computer magician, Brad, but he has gone onto bigger and better things. So, today, I will have to call a new person and arrange a housecall. Ugh!

Otherwise, it’s just another Monday morning! Have a great day!