Life Or Something Like It

I suppose everyone has days like this. I was running around trying to leave here by 9:45 yesterday morning, as both Jack and I had doctor’s appointments. I was doing fairly well, and I was pleased with this, and feeling confident the day would go well.


On the way down, despite my warnings, Jack was still driving too fast. It’s his days as a pilot, I tell you. He has never understood, that it is fast in the sky and slow on the ground! He did not get stopped, but I felt the need to nag and pull my seatbelt a little tighter.

We got down in plenty of time, and we each went our own ways to see our doctors. The plan was, see our doctors and go for a nice leisurely lunch before returning for Jack’s second appointment.

My appointment went well. My doctor weighed me and on her scale, since my last visit, I had lost 11 pounds! My blood pressure was down and perfect and everything else was looking good.

She asked about the changes in my eating and I explained that I was off sugar, limiting carbs and eating fresh vegetables and protein. Some fruit too! She liked what she was seeing and hearing, so despite my somewhat horrible cholesterol levels, she is giving me three months to get that inline. Also, since my blood sugar levels didn’t look too well last time, this three-month reprieve will also give me a chance to get all that under control too!

However, my infected thumb was a concern, so she sent me to Dermatology next and there went our long leisurely lunch. I had just enough time for a quick salad before seeing, Joe. Our favorite Dermatology PA. He checked out the infection and prescribed an antibiotic for two weeks. I hope this will clear up the infection and allow my thumb to heal.

Jack’s second appointment was with his Primary Care Doctor, and my concern for his health prompted me to sit in. This proved to be a good thing, as I found that he doesn’t tell her everything she needs to know to treat him successfully. I really like his doctor and by the time we left she’d scheduled blood work, x-rays and a shot for pain, physical therapy, and an evaluation before getting an injection in his hip.

As we left her office I heard from a very dear friend of mine that the results of her testing showed Stage 4 Cancer. It is not operable. She will see the Oncologists today, but she felt that there is probably nothing they can do.

The ride home seemed to take forever. I just wanted to get home, make a small dinner and call my friend back so we could talk. We did, but I felt devastated by her news and such love for this woman.

I sat, not doing anything, but feeling the waves of grief wash over me.

So, at the end of a good and productive day for us personally, was this news, more devastating than I can explain.

As I said, I’m sure everyone has days like this. But, it doesn’t make it any easier to endure.

Down 7 Pounds

After my first week of really cracking down on myself, I’ve lost 7 pounds. I admit this is not easy.  For a number of reasons, I am also determined to lose this weight.

First, there is nothing like turning 60 to give you a reality check. With cholesterol numbers that are far from impressive and blood sugars that go up and down like a yo-yo, I decided to be smart and just do this!

I eat three meals a day, plus I have a mid-afternoon snack. The snack has been an Atkins Shake. I do not use this as a meal, but as a snack because with 15 grams of protein, it really does give me a boost.

Do I miss bread, potatoes, and pasta? Probably the potatoes, but I’ve known for a while that pasta was not my friend, and very little bread thrills me these days, so no big loss. Now if I lived in Germany, with their awesome bread, it would be much tougher.

It’s sad to hear about George H. W. Bush. He was a good man, who tried his very best to serve his country. He also did not see Democrat or Republican after a person’s name and tried to work with everyone.

Loyal and true to the love of his life, Barbara Bush, the father of six children, and grandfather to 17 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. He was a loving and kind family man.

Rest in Peace, President Bush.


A View From The Cheap Seats!

My day actually started at 12:15 AM, or thereabouts. I woke feeling thirsty and after getting a drink flipped on the TV to get the Red Sox score. I quite literally got to watch the last three outs of the game, which found the Red Sox winning! 9-6!!!

I watched the hilarious movements of Red Sox pitcher, Craig Kimbrel. He has this ritualistic series of movements he goes through before each pitch! Still, watching him pitch was amazing. He was so icily calm!


So, there I was, feeling elated by this win, with no one but Mr. Arnie Man to share it with. And at that time of night, Arnie isn’t a baseball fan!

By the time we woke on Sunday, it was another gray rainy day here in New Hampshire. We’ve been having a lot of those lately. It was also another cold day with the highs only getting up to 42 degrees.

Our colors are still out there, but it is definitely past peak. Still, I can look out my window and see orange and yellow and some reds. Nice. In just a few short weeks our trees will be bare and will resemble skeletons against the winter skies.


I think the rest of the northern hemisphere had their clocks change last night. Ours do not change until next weekend. I wish they would just abolish the whole time change. It messes me up. It also messes up the dogs. What do you think?

Until my Web Designer gets my Comment Button installed (I hope this weekend!) in order to leave a Comment, just click on the Title of the todays Post and it will take you to the Comment Page. One day it will all be fixed and I will be sooooo happy!


I woke to dark skies and cold temperatures. Brrrrr! I turned on the coffee and walked the dogs.. 36 degrees with a bit of a wind! As I returned to the kitchen, poured that first, wonderful, hot, cup of coffee, I smiled! Sometimes life (and a cup of coffee) is just so good!

So, what did I do with my day? Seriously, not too much. I drank a lot of tea, wrote a few letters and went out to get the mail before the rain began. And rain it did!


Quite honestly, I’ve been fighting something off the last few days. My only real symptom is a headache that will not go away! I’ve tried everything, but the blasted thing persists. This means early bedtimes and dim lights in the family room in the evenings.

I do have WW Class tomorrow. I have not been doing very well on the plan, but since I never give up on anything, I will go and listen and maybe even stay after class to go over the plan again with our leader. It’s frustrating, but I really want to do this.


The Brutality Of Mother Nature

I’m happy to report that a dear friend of mine in Panama City, FL is okay after Hurricane Michael went through. I’m not sure about her home or her place of business, but she and her kids are okay and I am thanking God for that!

Amanda W. was my house/doggy sitter when I lived in Punta Gorda, FL. She was in her last years of High School and took such good care of Max and Shubi. She has always been one of my favorite people.

Have you seen the devastation in the Panhandle of Florida? Two towns have been wiped off the map! I was shocked when I saw Mexico Beach, FL. It quite literally looks like a Bomb was dropped there.


I cannot fathom the destruction. I hope and pray that people heeded the warnings, and left their houses. There is nothing really left now.


It’s the unpredictability of the weather in Florida that caused me to want to move back home to New Hampshire. I can handle 4 feet of snow. I cannot handle Hurricanes, Tornados, Wildfires, and Torrential Rain, not to mention, Alligators, Snakes, Bugs of all kinds and sizes, as well as birds (Eagles & Vultures) that followed me every time I walked my little dackel, Shubi. In fact, I had an Eagle that took up residence at the top of our sailboats mast, just waiting to swoop in for a little dackel lunch!

Still, my heart breaks for these people as they set about rebuilding their homes and their lives. It won’t be easy, but I know what a hearty bunch those Floridians are.

Aches & Pains

I used to laugh at the old timers (anyone over the age of forty) who complained about their aches and pains. Surely they were making a mountain out of a mole-hill!

However, as I have aged, I realized that in your forties certain things begin to happen. Like when you wake in the morning and feel stiff. Then perhaps, you have a new ache or pain. Nothing significant, but it makes you aware that maybe your body did something it’s not used to.

Then the day arrives when you wake in the night with these strange body aches. What did I do to myself now?

Such was the case last night . I woke about 1:00 with pain in my right shoulder blade. You know, the good shoulder! Ugh. I took some Tylenol and tried to sleep, but each toss and turn reminded me that I’m not 22 anymore. (Even though it would be nice if I were!)

Today I cannot raise my arms up at all. It’s an instant ouchie! So I have been playing it cool and tried not to mention it. Or even acknowledge its existence!

But Jack and I were talking and he said he didn’t know what he did, but his shoulder blades were hurting him and he thought he may have pulled something yesterday. That’s when I laughed and told him that I was feeling slightly pained myself.

Aren’t we just a pair!

Tennis Tantrums

I woke up on Saturday morning with a sore neck and shoulder. All the work I have been doing and furniture moving had taken its toll on my body. So, as I sipped my coffee and watched cooking shows on The Food Channel, I decided to take the day off from the heavy work.

Oh, I still needed to cook meals, walk dogs, and help Jack bring the lawn mower to the shop, but the real heavy work would be left for another day.

I watched the US Open Women’s Final Tennis match this afternoon, and I was truly disheartened by Serena Williams actions. I was also shocked and saddened at the New York crowd, who booed a 20-year-old woman after her first major win.

The young woman, Naomi Osaka, is the first Japanese citizen to win a Grand Slam. She is young and had always dreamed of playing Serena Williams, whom she idolized. As the game progressed a few incidents occurred and Serena was judged to be getting coaching from the stands and also broke her racket in a fit of pique and Serena screamed at the Referee!

When Serena lost in straight sets and as the announcement was made that Naomi had won, the crowd booed this winner! It was one of the worst moments I have witnessed in tennis. In fact, while they set up for the formal award ceremony the crowd booed. And young Naomi cried. It was the saddest thing ever.


During the awards, Serena asked for people to stop booing, but by then the damage had been done. Noami’s fabulous win had been stolen from her! Shame on you New York Tennis Fans! Naomi played better than Serena and she won fair and square. Grow up!

Naomi Osaka, I apologize for the rude New York audience. I wanted to jump through my TV screen and slap each and every boo-er!

Tomorrow it’s back to work around the house. Not that I really feel like it, but it must be done. Oh yes. The peaches are starting to come in. You know what this means? Time to make the Heavenly Jam!


The New Normal

I started Wednesday by going to WW Class. I did very well this week, and I feel like I am starting to actually live the plan.

It was tough to get up and actually get ready for class today. I hadn’t realized how much I’d actually been doing for Greta recently. I would carry her outside, wait for her to finish, mostly carry her back in, get her little panties on, and then try to start my day.

Today I actually just got myself ready, with no distractions, but boy, did I miss my girl! You know, she had this way of kind of, growling, talking, that no other dog I have had did. I miss that.

Arnie has been spending a lot of time under the coffee table in what I call the Man Cave. All you can see is his little face peeking out. Anneliese has been sleeping on the rug by the back door, and she has been looking for Greta. And when they aren’t doing that, they are sticking together.


Lili is confused and she also keeps patrolling the yard on the lookout for our departed darling, Greta.

It’s tough, you know. After fourteen years of having this little being in your life, to suddenly not have her just plain hurts. You go on, but it isn’t the same. Even the dynamics between the three remaining dogs has changed.

It’s the new normal.

And So It Goes…

The cleaning goes on!

I bagged 22 bath towels today to go to the Homeless Shelter. They’re all clean and in good condition. And here is what I kept…20 bath towels! I am not even sure how I fit 42 bath towels in that closet, but I did! The first load of towels to be freshened and returned to the closet are now in the wash.

It is 95 degrees here in New Hampshire as I write. The humidity is so high that my usually curly hair is just a mass of frizz! Not my best hair day by far.

I did go through the box of jumbled wires and cords. I even found a set of Rabbit Ears for the TV! Not that they would even work now, so I tossed those in the trash bin, after I showed Jack and we had a bit of a laugh.

Since the last time I went through this box (which reminded me of Christmas lights, all tangled and useless) I realized that times have changed, all the mess of wire and cords were almost completely out of date! It made the cleaning easier. Right into the bin, it went!

My darling Greta.

40658704_305616050171338_5743309424458465280_n copy

During the day we noted that Greta is not feeling even close to good. We’ve been having long talks. The kind that is never easy.

I was at a party over the weekend and I was in a group shot. When I saw the picture, my first thought was, “Thank God, I have returned to Weight Watchers!” In fact, I plan to print out a small picture for my wallet, in the event that I lose my mind and want to go out for foods that are not on my eating plan! Only when I have a wonderful after, will I share the before!

Did anyone else experience a break in Facebook yesterday? My account went down about 4:30 PM and was down for about an hour. Very strange, really. Facebook has never gone down like that on me.

Have a great week everyone!



Prime Rib Night

Last night we’d made a date to meet our neighbor for dinner at a small Tavern in town. Friday and Saturday they have Prime Rib and I felt like this would be a nice meal for us. Prime Rib for under $20.00 is a deal in these parts!

We arrived at 6:30 and the place was so wild I couldn’t believe it! Then I remembered we are still in the summer tourist season, so that would explain the wall to wall people! It was also Friday, date night, and of course the Prime Rib!

I’m usually patient about these things, but for the love of all that is good and kind, I waited about 15 minutes before I went in search of the waiter.

He was the only waiter they had working! There was him, the bartender, and two people in the kitchen. One cook and one bus-boy/dish-washer. They all looked harried.

I asked about him coming to get our order. He smiled (rather a pitiful smile) and said he would be right there. I returned to our table and we waited 15 more minutes before he showed up, wiped our table down and took our drink order.

I got a Tuckerman’s Pale Ale, Jack got a Budweizer Light, and Paul got another beer, which is escaping my brain right now. It took about 10 minutes until he returned with those, and I told him to hold on so we could order our meals.

It was easy, three Queen Cut Prime Rib, fries and green beans. All three were to be medium rare.

Then we set about talking and drinking our first beer. We sat, we talking and before we knew it, an hour had passed, our beers were gone and we all started looking around for our poor, harried, waiter!

He finally returned and said they didn’t have three medium rare Prime cuts. They had two and an end cut. I can say that I felt if the order had been placed quickly and delivered quickly then we would all have gotten the medium rare cuts, but, because we were committed to the meal at this point, I said I would take the end cut, and we all wanted more beer!

Again we waited another 15 minutes and finally, I saw the waiter bringing our three meals. I said, “Oh look, our meals!” and Jack said, “Don’t get your hopes up!”

Luckily, they were our three meals! I mentioned to Jack and Paul that this had better be the best Prime Rib ever or I was never coming back!

We all took our first bites and it was so good!!! After that, there wasn’t a lot of talking as we three ate our meals. We all agreed that it was so crazy due to all the tourists, but in the winter when it is just us town folk, this will be a great place to come for Prime Rib on a cold Friday night!

And my end cut was amazing! I got all of the wonderful spices and delicious flavor! I had almost no fat or gristle on my piece, but Jack and Paul had plenty. Now, this is a good thing. Everyone’s meat was very tender, but the fat helps to keep the meat like that. All scaps were put into a container and brought home to feed Greta and the other pooches!


We did not arrive home until well after 9 PM. I was so tired, but I needed to unwind, and I guess it was closer to 10:30 before I got to bed. Well past my bedtime!

Still, I must say, this was a nice enjoyable night!