The Price Of Life

I walked outside this morning to the cool temperatures. Again, I was wearing my winter coat. This made me laugh.

Coming in, I staggered over to the coffee machine, poured myself a cup, and thus, began my day.

I have to drive to Manchester today, and I have my drive planned out. After my appointment, I will drive to Market Basket in Tilton, pick up some staples and then get gas at BJ’s before driving right home.

Let’s face it. One must plan so as not to waste gasoline. I had a conversation with someone at the store. She actually thinks it’s a good idea (High fuel prices).

I bet she lives in a city with public transportation and that she has enough money to spend on fuel oil in the winter. If prices hold, I will be paying $1000.00+ a month to stay barely above freezing.

As it is, there is no public transportation here. We are on our own!

Oh well, that is that. Hope you all have a great day!


Life or something like it…

I went to the grocery store today and it was mobbed. I have thought for a while that we will see many local people taking camping trips reasonably close to their homes. Currently, New Hampshire camping grounds are booked out!

As our gasoline prices swell to over $6.00 a gallon, even I do not do a lot of traveling. But it is what it is.

Today I take Lili in for her shots and I want them to check on her ankles. She still limps from time to time and this worries me. Of course, it could be simply old-age arthritis. That is what I am hoping for.

Now Lili in the car is not so fun. She hates it and has since we brought her home. I try to play soothing music and I hope this helps.

2022-04-01_11-08-518-year-old Lili.

Heidi will be going with us, and due to the fact that she goes everywhere with me, she is a terrific rider.

After that, I plan to come home and take down the curtains in the family room for a good wash. While those are washing I plan to dust and wipe all surfaces down. Spring cleaning!

The weather forecast is for sunny skies and warm temperatures. Frankly, I am not convinced. It is dark and cloudy and looks more like the rain will fall than the sun will shine.

My friend had her 1 year anniversary since she began treatment for breast cancer. Her tests and scans show she is cancer-free! We are all rejoicing because this lady is one of the nicest and kindest women that I know. Cheers L!!!!


And So It Goes…

Lately, I have been avoiding the news, talk shows, and even my usual Vlogs, as I cannot stand the presentations of the world’s condition. Instead, I play with Heidi and watch movies that were produced long ago. I also listen to music from the late 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. After that, I find most of it is just noise. That being said, there are exceptions, but it is just easier to listen to playlists from that time.

We were able to get out cars inspected, which was funny because the old Cadillac that we have, only had been driven 22 miles last year!

I visited with Mandy, Matt, and Savi & Quinn on Saturday. The visit went far too fast. I told Mandy I would love to have the kids for a couple of days this summer. Go to the beach, and take them for hikes ad ice cream cones.

Oma's Day!A cute collage of us on Saturday!

Have not felt terrible well over the last week. This is why:

Oh yeah, it’s beautiful, but I am so stuffed up I can hardly breathe!

And it smells wonderful! I know because I can smell it before the sneezing starts and fill up the nose!

281485327_327092876190998_1155184130551750264_nThe girls say Hi!

Kind & Loving

Recently I was reading an article and the question was posed, “How has the world changed since you were a child”.

I thought for a long time about it. What I eventually came up with both shocked and saddened me.

I think the biggest difference is that people are not as kind or as loving as they were in the 1960s.

I recall people being kind. I recall people being allowed to have a difference of opinion without them becoming arch enemies.

I saw people taking a lost child under their wing. A friend’s parents going out of their way to make their child’s friend part of something positive.

I had many adults in our community theater treat me so warmly and I felt part of something good.

I was brought up in a multicultural community and I enjoyed learning about and knowing about things that were different from mine.

I loved that people judged me for the person I am and not the color of my skin, the church I attended, or my political affiliation.

People were kind to me. People were loving toward me, and when I rode my bicycle all around town, people waved at me and smiled.

I miss that. It is my hope that one day, the Country can return to civility.


What’s Happening

Wednesday found me all over the State of New Hampshire. It was stock-up cans day at the grocery, get cheap(-er) gasoline in the car, and go for my glaucoma recheck.

The best part of the day was that my glaucoma recheck went very well, My pressures remain down. I had laser surgery last summer and between that and the eye drops, I use twice a day I am doing great!

I was able to stock up on Jack’s favorite soups, and canned vegetables. Now, I love fresh fruits and vegetables when I can get them, but with gas prices sky-high, and meat and poultry prices also crazy high, I needed to find ways to feed Jack and me and not go completely broke.

It was lovely and sunny, although very cold, and the drive was a pleasant one.

However, Lili’s ankle is still not better so this morning I am calling the Vet.

Heidi is doing great and she did well with Jack. I must say I had to laugh when she gave me the cold doggy shoulder when I got home!

In other Heidi happenings, she lost her last two baby-piranha teeth!

So, there is a lot to do today and after I get Lili to the Vet, the first is to clean out my pantry so I can get it all organized!

20220310_163426Happy Thursday!

Just Some Thoughts

So much is happening in the world. It makes me wonder where we will be in a year or two or three.

I recall the early days of Covid. Before we knew much of anything about the disease. I remember going out to get groceries in what seemed like a hazmat suit. I remember stripping all my clothes off in the basement and running to the shower lest I bring in any germs.

And now here we are looking at Russia attacking a country that was a beautiful, friendly place.

Years ago, when the WALL was still up surrounding West Berlin, I made several trips into East Berlin, as well as Poland, Hungary, Romania, and St Petersburg, Russia.

You cannot imagine what it was like if you had not been there. Military on the streets as well as secret police who were constantly watching. And almost no one had a car. It sort of freaked me out to go into East Berlin back then and only see a dozen or so cars.

Growing up we were basically taught to fear Russia. They were not trustworthy and we knew if given a chance they would invade.

So here we are in 2022. Russia under the guidance of Putin is going through Ukraine killing innocent people and basically showing the world how bloodthirsty and cold-hearted he is.

My heart breaks for the Ukrainian people. But it also is breaking for the world. I don’t believe that Putin will stop there and I foresee our lives and the lives of our fellow man getting worse.


This & That

It has gotten cold here again. Single digits. This requires us to don many layers before going out. All of us except Lili who has a fabulous fur coat.


The baby, Heidi is doing so great. She is amazing. She is smart and wants to please, so anything you teach her sticks pretty well.

To say that I am truly smitten with her would be a tremendous understatement!

She is such an amazing girl and she fills my life with real joy and happiness! Also, I find a purpose in every day of my life. After all, Heidi must be walked, fed, played with, and cuddled.

20220212_115716That is joy!

I’m sorry I have been quiet the last couple of days. A friend of mine lost their brother quite tragically, right next door to us. It brought back so many memories of my accident.

You make a million little decisions in your life and then one day, it’s all over.

Please remember to be kind, to tell those you love how much they mean to you. And live each moment you have positively.

The future is promised to no one, so make today the very best!


Goodbye My Friend

Today I learned that a woman I had known and admired for over thirty years had passed away. Her name was Lila Jean.


She was a remarkable woman, having gone to college and married her college sweetheart. He was an officer in the Army and she was a wonderful military wife and mother to their children. Lili Jean and Bill were together for over seventy years.

Although I am sure Lila Jean had moments of sadness and despair, what drew me and everyone who knew her to her, was her bright positive personality and the fact that she chose kindness over hate every time. And she did it with gusto!

I met her when I was a new wife to Jack. We attended a Reunion and I knew no one. But soon Lili Jean was at my side and I found I had a friend. She made me laugh and smile and suddenly I felt like I was a part of something.

Over the years we met up each year at the Otter/Caribou Association Reunions all across the country. She was always the first person I looked for. In the last few years due to Covid, none of the Reunions were held. So I hadn’t seen her for a while, but we kept up via Facebook.

Still, the sadness I feel at her death has really moved me. God Bless you, Lila Jean. I will miss you and one day, I hope, I will see you on the other side.



In recent weeks I have been planning everything for my trip to pick up Heidi. Right down to getting my hair trimmed, colored and my nails done.

My nails were longer than I have ever had them, and I was looking forward to a crazy wild manicure.

That was before Wednesday when I caught my left index finger and tore the nail down past the quick! (Insert scream and bandaids for the bleeding)

I resolved to ignore this and still have long nails on the nine other fingers. Then today, in the space of one hour two of my nails split! Ugh!

At that point, I trimmed them all lightly and have filed them. I will still have Becca give me a good manicure with pretty polish. And truth be told, they were almost too long for easy typing. So, I am looking on the bright side!

I am done Christmas shopping. Yay! A few items are off to be delivered, but as far as thinking presents for people, I am done.

Jack and I are not exchanging gifts. We are getting Heidi and that is a present that we both will enjoy.

I have set up everything for Heidi and before I leave I want to put my pull-on boots by the door as well as my slip-on jacket and hat. Oh yes, Jack hates the new snow hat, but you know, it’s warm and for running outside to house train a puppy, it is good enough!

My breeder sent us the cutest picture of sleeping Heidi being sniffed by her Daddy, Ralph!

December 10th Heidi and daddy ralphIsn’t that the sweetest thing?


Yesterday I was a complete dynamo! I decided to clean out the mudroom bench. It’s the place where all my extra doggy stuff is shoved in kept. I emptied it all out and then began the sorting.

There were frisbees and toy balls, leashes and poop bags and dog dishes and our gloves, hats, and old bird feeders. Ugh!

At least everything was clean, just unorganized. So, I sorted everything, gave the puppy toys and extra cleaning, and made up a basket of puppy toys.

Jack passed by and asked where my other hats were?

Quite honestly, I have had one hat for the last 23 years! I love this hat, but Jack said that really, he hated it. Hmmm. Imagine 23 years he hated it and never told me.

I looked at myself in a mirror and decided I needed something a little newer. As much as I hated to admit it,  this hat is showing signs of falling apart.

Later in the day, I found a hat online and I hope I like it. I washed my old hat and I think it will be one I keep until I am very old and very gray!

My day ended at 8:30 when I fell into bed. I was really tired, but happily so!