What A Year It Has Been

As I sat here on Monday afternoon, watching the snow fall gently in my yard, I began to think that quite soon it will be a year since we entered Covid Madness.

There had been cases, of this virulent type of flu, but quite honestly, no one understood just how much this virus was about to change the world.

I recall March 9, 2020 — The Grand Princess Cruise Ship anchored off the  California Coast. Eventually, she would come to the dock, where people were screened and taken off the ship and sent to centers where they would stay for 2 weeks in order to be sure they were not bringing the virus in with them.


I watched the ship dock. I saw people outside on their balconies. Many probably thought their nightmare was over, when in fact, the nightmare was just beginning for us all.


I watched the people come off the ship. I watched as medical experts, dressed in hazmat suits examined them. I think everywhere people began to fear this virus. I know I did.

The numbers are finally dropping. Vaccines are available. This is all positive, but I wonder how long it will be until we live normal lives again?

It’s been a rough year. I’ve clenched my teeth so much that I actually need to order another mouth guard when I see my dentist in March.

At least Jack has had his first vaccination and will get his second one the first week in March. We’ve learned so much, and yet I think we have a long way to go until this has passed us.

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Thoughts On Thursday

My heart is broken. I watched my beloved Country devolve into a wild, rioting, hate-filled morass! No one was there to protest peacefully. They were there to damage and cause nothing but trouble. Four people are dead. There is talk of removing Trump because he has become unstable. Let Pence serve out the next two and a half weeks.

What we need is peace. What we need is grace. What we need is for those who do support Trump, to step back gracefully, and follow the rules and the laws of this land.

If they do not like our Voting Standards (Which I do feel have become corrupt and need to be completely revised.) then, vote for people who will work on changing the system. I personally like Australia’s Voting Standards.

For right now, we must work together for peace. We must repair our Country from the damage that has been done to it.


Winter Is Here!

Well, I woke up on Saturday morning, January 2nd to more snow falling! It was pretty, but right now with Arnie having an infection on his back, all that “wet” was not welcome at all!


I managed to get the pups to go outside and do their business before they turned around and rushed back into the house! After giving them breakfast, the day dawned and I took them out once again. That’s when I shot this video of the snow and our back yard!

In the end, I think about 3 and a half inches fell. Enough so that I asked Jack to get the snowblower out and clear paths for the pups.

The rest of our day was spent doing some prep work for dinner and of course, spending time taking care of our pups.

Arnie is doing better. For an old man, he still has so much energy! I’m so thankful he is healing so well!


I Did It! Thanks Brad!!!

I must tell you after a few days of trying to get my computer to talk to my wireless printer, I decided to see if my computer needed any driver updates. Of course, it did, and after downloading and installing four updates, my computer connected to the printer, and all is well!

I have one person to thank for all of this. The gentleman’s name is Brad. He taught me about computers every time he came to fix mine. He encouraged me to work on my machines myself. And to follow hunches that I had, because they were pretty accurate.

Brad believed in me when I did not believe in myself. He has been a real friend to me all of these years and I say Thank You to him on this day.

I still have one program I have not been able to download onto the laptop, but I know eventually I will. I am not giving up!

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No Words

Sometimes there are no words. Words that will bring comfort, and aid in the healing of a situation that one simply cannot fathom.

I remember when Katie passed away, people tried so hard to offer comforting words. Unfortunately, the most often used phrase was: “Oh, if that ever happened to me, I would not want to live!”

Well, you do not have much choice there, so somehow you wake up and get dressed and another day goes on. You with a broken heart, but very much alive.

The next phrase used was “Oh, I know just how you feel.” Ah, no. Not if you haven’t lost a child. For that is an area that I would not wish on anyone.

Well, my young friend’s six-month-old niece has passed away. She was a beautiful, happy, healthy baby, with the sweetest smile.

I feel like using the F-bomb here to express myself because I do know how the baby’s parents are feeling, and thus her Aunt. And my heart is breaking for them all.

My friend has two young children. This will be their first experience with losing a contemporary. They loved their baby cousin and the pictures of them holding her are now priceless.

Today I am praying for the entire family. I know they will make it because somehow you do, but I know that forever, in their hearts, there will be a piece missing.

Maribeth Dackel


After eating copious amounts of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, I think I am now turkied out! Tomorrow I plan to make a turkey soup. But I may very well freeze it because I am ready to move onto other foods.

Our day was a quiet one, and I spent time doing some online retail therapy. Christmas is coming fast and I want to be ready for it.

Jack watched an old classic movie, “Mutiny on the Bounty” and I pulled out my Christmas cards and started writing those out. If you would like one PM me your address and I will happily send you one.

I used to write a funny long letter, but frankly, 2020 is not a year I want to look back on. Aside from losing 60 pounds, that’s about all that happened in a positive light. No fun trips or vacations, no dinners out, and no socializing.


Mostly what I wish for in the next year is good health, much happiness, and joy in our lives once again!

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The Days Before Thanksgiving

As I sit here on Sunday morning, the temperature is a cold 29 degrees with mixed precipitation forecast for in the next 24 hours. Well, why the heck not? I mean right now it seems everything is going downhill, so why not the weather?

I was just watching our local news and I am sure that this will cause panic in the streets. They are telling people that shortages abound, and if you do not have your holiday foodstuffs now then you are up the creek.

About a month ago, I could see the writing on the wall. people were being careless with their masks, and I also saw groups at gatherings and knew it was not good.

I told my family and friends to buy extra canned food and boxed foods, and any paper products they might need. I myself would buy canned soups and vegetables, paper products, and cleaners each time I went. Today I feel like a genius!

I do not need another thing in order to make a Thanksgiving meal for Jack and myself.


On Monday I do plan to go to the recycling center to get rid of our trash and stop both at the Grocery Shop and at the Post Office. Then I am in until after the holiday unless important mail is awaiting us.

So, gentle readers, please wear your masks. Wash your hands often, and stay away from people. And remember, if you can’t have the exact meal you want for Thanksgiving, it’s okay. Better to eat meatloaf, then to be in the hospital for Christmas because you kept shopping for the perfect turkey.

Maribeth Dackel

Covid in New Hampshire

There are times in our lives when it seems that there are only complications, illnesses, and problems around us.  Some days seem eternally long. Like one is stuck on this merry go round with no way off.

Such has life been since earlier this year when the Covid came to call. In the beginning, not knowing too much about the virus I was scared to death. I remember clenching my teeth so tightly that my jaw ached, and made it difficult for me to eat a simple salad.

But as our numbers went down, and we understood more, I began to relax and my jaw stopped aching and although I still was conscientious wearing a mask and practicing good high gene, I did not live in fear.


About a week or so ago, our numbers began to soar. For my little old State of New Hampshire to have between 350-450 cases per day is dramatic. We are a small state. and my small town is registering higher rates too.


The Covid Virus is back and in so many ways it is worse than it was at the start.

As I drove home from my daughter’s home yesterday I looked at the cars around me. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut plates abounded. I found myself being annoyed, as these people are only supposed to come if they Quarantine for 14 days here. And of course, when they return to their own States, they are supposed to quarantine there too. But as I pulled into The Outlet Mall I noted all the out of State cars and it made me both angry and paranoid.

I did my business there and pulled across to BJ’s and got gasoline. Then I hopped on the highway and went home.

I will be going into a lockdown here with Jack as long as our numbers are so high.

Maribeth Dackel

Life In The Time Of Covid

Life in the time of Covid. It’s odd you know. As our numbers start to climb, I’ve gone back into only going out when I absolutely have to. Today was one of those days. So I planned it out. Grocery, Post Office, home.


Many people are opting to stay home too. We had a dusting of snow in the morning, so many people just figured, what the heck and stayed in. I was able to get a few things I needed at the grocery store and then I was off to the Post Office.


I had a lot of mail. A lot! But what concerned me most was a letter from my insurance company. Basically, they said that if this was “Cosmetic” they will not cover it. Lucky for me they found one large tumor and two small ones! That should make them happy.

I truly detest my Insurance Company. They have never been there to help me. In fact, I have had the stress of practically begging for them to cover my care, despite the fact that I am covered. Very soon I will be looking for a new primary provider and I can tell my current provider to take a flying leap!

I must insert here that I love my current secondary insurer. They are so good and I never have a worry.

In the afternoon, I did a few little things, but not too much. For whatever reason, I was feeling tired.

I called my sister and my friend, Gail and we had great visits. That’s one thing I love about my cell phone! I can call and talk and talk and it costs nothing.

Dinner was once again leftovers, thus making my day end easily. Now we are both sitting here watching “Air Disasters” and sort of killing time until I go to bed.

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An Autumn Thursday Thirteen

Scav SatSince there is so much happening around me I thought I would do an Autumn Thursday Thirteen. Here goes.

  1. It’s been a beautiful Autumn. The leaves were vivid and bright and glorious! Some years, not so much, others, like this year, lovely.30380788381_d20cf8473a_k

    Chalk one good thing up for 2020!

  2. I had to go for pre-op work yesterday and a Covid test. I was a little nervous because I’d heard the Covid test is terrible. So, as I drove to Concord, and passed two McDonalds, and three Duncan Donuts, my old habits of eating the anxiety hit me. I wanted to call someone to talk me off the wall, but it was so early. So, I sat up tall, straightened my crown, and kept on driving!
  3. Of course, when I arrived at the Out-Patient Surgical Center, I walked into their lobby and what do I see? A Green Mountain Coffee stand with Cider-belly Donuts and treats! Once I checked in, I sat with my back toward the stand and soldiered on!
  4. On my way home…I stopped and had my hair done.50516210111_d0ac0dda55_3k copy After all, I will not be able to be around any chemicals after the surgery during my incision healing. I asked for shorter hair and got the cutest cut! Thank you so much, Becca!
  5. After that, I came home and made lunch. I cooked up several eggplants, ate a little, and then made an Eggplant Parmesan (WW Recipe).
    aubergine-parmigiana_2423-500x500Since I have three more eggplants, I plan to cook them up today and make a casserole of Eggplant Parmesan then cut into portions and freeze for future meals.
  6. Yesterday I woke up early, and I said: “Alexa what is the weather in Meredith, New Hampshire?” Well, Alexa said it was partly cloudy, with breaks.” Well, Alexa lied. It rained the entire day!
  7. I woke early today. I have a lot to do, and although I am isolating here at home, I would like to get caught up on laundry and change sheets, etc. The first load of laundry is already in the wash!
  8. What is it with all this pumpkin mania? This morning they did a story on the news about canned pumpkin shortages! Really? Really? I was just at the store the other day and I was able to buy several cans.
  9. How many of you decided that as we approach flu season it might be a good idea to stock up on a few things? In the last few weeks, I have stocked up on canned soups, vegetables, and pre-packaged potatoes. I have a freezer full of meat, chicken, turkey, and fish, and should the worst occur, we are prepared.
  10. Oh yes, I also bought the jumbo size toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex, and napkins. Needless to say, I have plenty of cleaning aids.
  11. I also just ordered a box of paper masks from the USA Company. So, we will be set to be able to cover up.
  12. I love the yarn I bought for my latest afghan.20201017_114302
    In fact, I love it so much that once this one is done, I am going to make another with the same yarn for me!
  13. And lastly, my favorite Apple is back on our shelves!koru1 It is called Koru and it was originally from New Zealand, although there are places in the USA that now grow it. Oh, I cannot tell you how happy I am!