Getting Old Stinks!

My test results came back. And mostly it is all good news. My Gallbladder is healthy, my Pancreas is in fine form, my Kidneys, and Speen is outstanding. Sadly, my Liver is not.

The problem with my Liver is called¬†Hepatic Steatosis. More commonly called “Fatty Liver”. It’s caused swelling of the Liver and my poor dear Liver has fatty deposits.

I also have been diagnosed with an Acid Stomach. The joy never ends! Ugh!

So, I have started Prilosec in hopes this will work to reduce the acid stomach, and started a slightly more restrictive WW Diet.

No, acidic foods, like tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and onions. And for the Liver Disease, Low to No Fat foods. So goodbye French Fries, Fried Clams and well, you get the picture.


Because I refuse to feel sorry for myself (well sort of anyway) I am trying to figure out what I can eat, and balance it all out so I can lose the weight that I need to.

Meanwhile, my dishwasher is leaking again, and after the repairman was here and couldn’t fix it, I fear a new machine will need to be purchased. Double Ugh!


Being Thankful

I had my last Physical Therapy on Tuesday. I knew even before I sat down with the therapist what he would say.

I think we all hope to live in a pain-free body, like the ones we had as a teenager, but this is not to be the case.

On Tuesday the doctor told me that this is it. This is the best we can hope for after all the surgeries, infections, and weakness. When I went to him my pain level was extremely high. I could hardly lift my arms and my left shoulder and neck ached all the time.

Since seeing Dr. EK and doing the exercises and needle therapy, I have gotten so much relief. But the pain (down to about a 2-3) is there all the time.

Today I faced the fact that this is as good as it gets.

At first, I was pretty sad about this. Then I began to think that it could be worse. Instead of having the pain I do, I might be paralyzed. Feeling nothing. Being able to lead my life and play with Savannah and Quinn and my doggies, well, that is just really good news.

Everyone gets old and everyone has their aches and pains. I simply refuse to let the pain define who I am and what I do in my life.


I think sometimes you need to find peace with what you have in your life, understanding that there is no perfection, simply understanding, and acceptance.

Food & Tests

I think one of the hardest things to do when you feel no desire to eat is to cook good food for other people.

I do not feel like cooking or eating or anything. I go through the motions. Last nights casserole was dry and almost inedible.

So, today I decided to make Jack a good meatloaf. I took my time, followed my recipe and it will go in the oven soon.

May 12 12

I have thought about my cooking and I believe that if it were just me here, I would be making decaffeinated tea and toast. As it is, I am just baking a plain potato for dinner for myself.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound and we shall go from there.

Oh, yes, today the phone rang and it was the Technician that will do my test. She went over the pre-test instructions.

Nothing by mouth after midnight, not even a sip of water!

Now, this confused me. I’d gotten written instructions telling me I could eat breakfast, take my pills, etc. Add to this that I had to drink a quart of water 1-hour before the test!

The Technician looked up my orders and said I had been sent the wrong instructions! I was so glad she called. Had I followed the other instructions I would have been sent home with no test. It’s a 100-mile round trip drive! So this is a very big deal! I’m glad it was caught.



Questions & Answers

I went down to watch my grandchildren on Sunday, and that was wonderful. We played a few interesting games. Twenty questions, Savi is so good at that. I told her she could ask me anything and I would answer her. This was interesting because she was interested in what I was like as a child.

She asked what I was most proud of having done when I was her age? Hmmm. Well, I was in the Community Theater’s production of “The Sound of Music”. I played Gretl.

I had a speaking part and lots of singing and dancing and well, just being your average 7 years old.

received_10153642605621499Yes, that really little girl is me!

img566Yep, that’s me with my mouth open again, singing!

And the local newspaper wrote a review where they praised my performance.

Sound of Music Reviews 2And when I showed her this article from 1966, she was so surprised and said: “Oma you are marvelous!”

It was a fun way to spend about an hour before Mandy came to tuck Savannah in.

Earlier in the day, I was showing Quinn a picture of me taken when I was his age. He looked at it and said: “Is that me?”

mb age 3Maribeth age 3.

66459503_10219661161781274_6148627794579423232_nQuinn age 3.

Yeah, I think we at least look related.

I just love spending time with my grandchildren! I learn something new every time! And I hope they can think the same thing.

Another Day

Well, yesterday, after my disaster with the last batch of Heavenly Jam, I set about peeling, pitting and setting about two batches of Jam to work on today.

The biggest problem is that doing the prep work is so labor-intensive. What to do, what to do?

Well, this is what I did:

  1. I cooked the peaches for one minute and fifteen seconds, then toss them in ice water and the skins seemed to slip off very easily. Then I crushed the peaches in my hands until they were in tiny bits.
  2. I juiced the oranges and removed all the pulp inside then tossed the rinds in my food processor and shredded them. This was in place of me sitting there finely chopping them into ribbons.
  3. Then I did sit and dice the cherries. That was a bit labor-intensive, but there is no quick alternative.
  4. I measured out the sugar and mixed it all well, covered them, put that in a cool place and set it to rest.
  5. Later on today I will carefully cook and can these two batches and then I am done!

Jack wants to go to a World War II Museum today and although I would usually be thrilled by this, today I would be happier to stay home, do my jam, and rest. But, he sort of guilted me into it, so I will go.

Meanwhile, I will be making him pancakes this morning. He got a box of pancake mix when we went shopping the other day and wants them for breakfast. Okay, one more thing to cook. As well as a rotisserie chicken for dinner.

Pass my apron!

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Last week I was shopping online at I was looking for a book on Highclere Castle, the real Downton Abbey. I came upon a book about Highclere Castle and the origins of the castle and the owners of it.

The reviews looked good, but since I wasn’t sure, I thought I would order myself a copy and then if it was any good I would order one for my sister Melodie.

My copy arrived and I was thrilled when I looked it over. So many details of the Castle and so many beautiful pictures. I sat right down and ordered it for my sister. I knew she would just love it!

On Saturday I was contacted by Amazon that the book had been delivered. Since it was pretty early in the morning I wanted to make sure she got the package before the rain set in, so I sent her a text.

“Did a package arrive for you?”

Well, my phone rang almost instantly! She was laughing like crazy! You said between giggles “You will not believe this!”

It seems that my sister had the same idea. So about the same time I ordered this book to review, she had done the same thing! When her mail carrier arrived he delivered two packages with the same book inside!

69803503_2456189201108001_7798750368527024128_nAt first, Mel thought she had ordered two of them! Until my text! Then she knew that we had done this again.

So often we have similar ideas right at the same time! But this was pretty spooky! We are both still laughing about it.

Great Minds…

New Hair

Tuesday morning I got up, only to find my dishwasher had leaked on the floor! Eeeek! Yesterday I had noted a loose seal on the door, but I had tucked it back in place and thought nothing more about it. Tuesday I knew the seal was kaput!

So, I emptied my dishwasher and then did our breakfast dishes by hand. I also looked up our appliance repairman and put a call into him.

However, after washing up the dishes I was off. I was starting with a new hairstylist and I didn’t want to be late!

I was so excited about this, as I decided to go back to my basic real color of medium brown and forever say goodbye to being a blonde. It simply isn’t me. And quite honestly, the chemicals used were too harsh and my hair texture was getting to be like Bozo the Clowns!

Here is my before picture.

20190903_105442Now that is pretty sad, isn’t it? Fortunately, It didn’t last long.

After sitting in a chair for a time with stuff that looked like mud on my head, I was rinsed out and Becca began to style my hair. She listened carefully to me about what I wanted in a style, and before I knew it, she blew my hair dry with a defuser, allowing my curls to pop back into place. Between the color and the curls, I started to feel like myself once again.

hair copy (2)

Front and back.

48673092298_767f130e0a_b copyI am feeling like a new woman and I just love what Becca has done. I have known her since she was a young girl. I know all of her family too, so this is like coming home to a family member! Becca is so talented and I look forward to our future together!

Monday Musings

On Monday I figured I would bring the two grandchildren with me as I did my errands. I never thought too much about it. After all, I raised two kids who were closer in age than Savi and Quinn. So it should be a breeze with these two.


Well, mostly it was. But I worried a bit in parking lots and at the beach and at the Post Office. But, I managed with a great deal of joy in my heart. Especially at the beach. They loved that, and we are in fact going back tomorrow to swim.

I very seldom go down to Waukewan Lake Beach, (Say, like never), but it was really wonderful to be there and watch the kids swim. Tomorrow I will actually put on my swimsuit and go in too! Of all the things we did today, being at the Lake Beach made them the happiest.

20190826_160026I also must tell you about my darling grandson Quinn. He is three years old. And as we talked today I found out that we were having one of those conversations that any adult will lose. It goes like this.

“Quinn, be careful of Anneliese because she is pretty much blind”


Well because her eyes got a disease and she can’t see too well now.”


“Because she is very old.”


And so it went until I was ready to laugh!

20190826_102032I need to get the kids ready for bed now and then get myself in bed early too. 5 AM comes awfully early!


After WW on Wednesday (I stayed the same), I came home and did some cooking for Jack. I like to do some make ahead meals for him as it makes my fish nights easier. It’s not that he doesn’t like fish, but he doesn’t want to eat it as often as I do.

Chunky Tomato, Sausage, Meatball and Basil Sauce

July 25 001

On the stovetop today was a chunky sausage, basil and vegetable spaghetti sauce, and vegetable beef soup. Both came out well and half of each is frozen for last-minute meals.

I also watched three episodes of Downton Abbey, which brought me up to where my sister is with her viewing. Now we can talk and not give things away.

downton-abbey-movie-teaser-imageIt’s not long now until the movie comes out!