Being Back

I seem to be settling into life back here in New Hampshire. It’s warmed up a bit and was actually as warm as it was during the Florida cold snap that I lived through when I was down. Funny isn’t it? 59 degrees in Florida is COLD! Yet, here in New Hampshire, I wore a Spring jacket and actually saw several people out in shorts. Really! Shorts!

The mountains of snow in my yard have started to melt some, and Jack worked hard to break up the three inches of ice in our driveway so that we could get some serious melting done there. We also had an incredible run off of water under the ice in the driveway. Yes, New England weather is just crazy.

Anneliese’s eye is so much better today! I’ve been holding my breath, terrified she would need surgery, but the four drops and salves are working and she is no longer in pain at all. Call me a happy girl! Anneliese too.

I made a totally awesome lunch today of tomato soup with basil and a love Greek Salad, with chicken in it. I’d made my own Greek Salad Dressing the other day and it came out really well. I want to try a few other salad things this coming week.

It’s nice to be home, nice to be getting into a routine once again.



A few days ago I was in Florida, with Palm Trees and green grass. Oh yes, and one heck of a tropical rainstorm! It was a welcome back sort of weather time for me, as I lived just over the bridge from Candy’s sister, Mary.

Now I am home. There is nearly four feet of snow in my back yard, paths for the dachshunds and Lili to use, and temperatures that start below zero almost every day.

P2170015 (3)

Welcome home indeed!

But it is good to be home. After driving that crazy Chevy rental car, (a terrible piece of trash) I am driving my nice sturdy Highlander.  The roads are not congested, (although snow covered in spots) and my life has returned to the same quiet pace that I  thrive in.

I cooked my first meal at home last night. A lovely rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes, and a Greek salad. Quite good and I know Jack was thrilled.

Super Bowl Sunday finds me making Chicken Stew and salads for dinner. Nice warm food for yet another cold day.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Vets & Victoria

I drove the twins out to the Vet on Monday, as Anneliese needed her stitches out. She did fine, and both Arnie and his sister enjoyed the ride, despite below freezing temperatures.

I felt quite calm, despite the frigid weather and actually got a lot of organizing done for my departure later this week.

I’m excited because today is my hair stylist appointment. I sure hope she is a magician and can whip my somewhat out of shape hair back into shape!

I also decided to download a new book for reading on my trip. I will spend time on airplanes, in airports, and at various other times, so I decided a new book was just the thing.

I downloaded the biography of “Queen Victoria”. I’ve watched mini-series and movies, so decided to read a historical biography to learn more. The book looks good from what I perused on my kindle.


German Shepherds Are Wonderful!

My Friday began like any other Friday. I got up, made breakfast for Jack and I and started a load of laundry.

Jack got ready and headed off to a physical therapy appointment at the VA, and a few minutes later I got a phone call and sat chatting.

About a half an hour after Jack left I heard the door in the basement slam shut. That’s odd, I thought. Maybe Jack had car trouble.

I went to the window in my room and did not see a car, a UPS Truck or anything!

It was then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement.

“Hello! Anyone home? Hello!” said a strange man’s voice.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Lili began to growl and bark! I raced to the cellar door and turned the lock and wedged my foot on the bottom.

“Who is there? Who are you! Tell me your name!”

There was no response.

“I’m calling the police!” I shouted again and again, as I dialed 911!

I didn’t hear the door slam shut. I didn’t hear him leave. I was frozen at the door waiting until the police arrived. It was just seconds until they drove into my driveway.

The police searched the basement and the perimeter of the house. I’d seen a white SUV below us and so they put out an APB for any car matching that.

I filed the report, got the policeman to give me a few tips on how to protect my home (I need a few deadbolts and a long piece of wood to block the sliding glass door.), but he told me again that Lili was amazing and the two of us had done a great job under the circumstances.

Lili was amazing. She growled and barked and sounded so fierce. I guess it’s what makes German Shepherds such wonderful police dogs!


My Hero, Lili!

Yes, I did okay, but I have to tell you I didn’t start breathing again for a while. After the police left, and I locked every door I could, I sat down and slowly drank my coffee and tried to relax.

I don’t understand why people break into other people’s homes. Why people think it is okay to steal. Today, I am just glad that Lili protected me, and that I wasn’t harmed.

Lists, Lists, & More Lists!

I’m sure that most people will think I am insane, but I started with my master lists for packing for my trip last week. My plan was to keep myself from becoming stressed over packing, and to pack slowly. That was the plan.

However, once the list was made, and the laundry was done this weekend, I simply started to pack my suitcases!

I know, call me crazy, but I am just so very excited about the trip and I want it all to go off without a hitch. I want to be a help during the travel process to my daughter and grandchildren and not hinder the progress.

So between my lists, my travel information folder and my general sense of loving to travel, I feel I am truly ready when the time comes.


Over the weekend I added to the meals I’ve cooked for Jack. We had a nice London Broil the other night and today I made beef stew for dinner and the leftovers got labeled and frozen for a meal while I am gone. Jack thought that was very good and right now, with a full freezer, he says I can leave anytime!


Life or Something Like It

By the time most of you will read this, I will be in my dentist’s chair going through part two of my root canal treatment. The root canal is done, now the tooth must be prepped for a crown. This is probably my least favorite thing as it requires long periods of time where the dentist just drills down the tooth in question. Ugh!

It also requires them to take a casting of the tooth, so the crown can be made. Can you tell I have been through this before?

On Wednesday my face, jaw, etc was so sore that I did not eat anything. I drank shakes all day. Lots of protein, and no chewing. I also consumed lots of Advil and Tylenol to relieve the pain. As I write I am more comfortable.

Jack was gone all day to the VA, and so I was home alone with the pooches, and a marathon showing of “The Incredible Dr. Pol”, who is a great Veterinarian and has an excellent show.


Jack is not a fan. So, it was nice to watch with no complaints.

My new swimsuit arrived today in the mail. I had ordered this December 6th from Amazon. Usually, things arrive very quickly. This took forever! I mean, for-ev-er!


This is not me modeling the suit, but I will say that it does look pretty good on me.

After my last professional manicure (November 2018) today I sat down, removed my polish, cut my nails back, filing them smoothly and later I will apply some protective polish. My nails had gotten too long!

I can’t believe I just wrote that! My nails got too long! Now that’s a first. In any case, all I will be doing now before I leave for Florida is smooth and shape and polish closer to the time of departure.

That’s all for now.


New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day I spent cooking. I made a huge batch of Lentil Soup and for dinner, I made Lamb Paprikash. I meant taking the morning to chop vegetables and then sauteing them up. Then, I got the soup going before working on the Lamb.

All in all, both meals came out well, and now I have two things in the deep freeze waiting for Jack to eat them while I am away.

The weather was crazy here. We started the day with about 3-4 inches of heavy wet snow. I called our friend to come and plow for us, as I did not want Jack shoveling this.

By noon the snow was melting and we ended up with heavy piles of slush and water. Ugh!

Our roofers arrived to fix the roof up, but by the time they shoveled off the roof, the wind picked up and with the gust of 45 miles an hour blowing, it wasn’t safe for them to be up there.

The day ended with us watching two old movies. “The Bucket List” and then “Secretariat”. But good movies that we enjoyed.

The lamb was great, and as soon as I finish this, I am off to bed.


Lazy Days

Saturday was a lazy day for me. Although I slept in a bit, I still woke to feel somewhat run down. I am thinking that it’s the remains of the abscessed tooth that took the spark out of my soul.

I did do a few little things, like to start preparing the things to pack for my trip. Can you tell that I am excited about this?

Yesterday my daughter sent me a message and picture. She had ordered these for Christmas, but they arrived a little late.


I am thinking that perhaps my daughter is excited about the trip too!  I know that both Nana Mary and me (Oma) certainly are.

I decided that when I showered today I needed some company. I took both Arnie and Anneliese in with me and got them all shampooed up. Jack was ready with towels when I was done rinsing them, and both of them smell April Fresh tonight and both are soft as can be! They really needed that bath!

Later in the afternoon, I started the long process of stripping their coats. I’ve taken off a ton of their undercoats, and yet there is still more to do!

Tomorrow I plan to do a little laundry and start putting away the Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas Cards until next year. I’ll leave the tree up for another week and then it will be put to bed for another year!


Peaceful Days

I was up before dawn on Saturday and after several cups of coffee, breakfast and a quick kiss to Jack I was out of here before ten o’clock heading to the crowded back roads of New Hampshire.

Or so I thought!

I got down to Walmart quickly, and although the parking lot was jammed up, I did finally find a place to park, and the hiked into the store.

I’d happily found an even better digital watch for Savannah, and I am thrilled to death with it.


I also bought myself a regular numerical watch made by Timex (inexpensive). Now my hope is that between Savi’s digital and my normal watch, I can teach her all about telling time!

I came home, set the watch, (and my new one as well) and then wrapped the last of the gifts. I am all done. All that needs doing is to load this all into the car on Christmas Eve, so I don’t forget anything on Christmas Day!

Now I need to clean up my wrapping room and put everything away for another year.

I’m really enjoying Christmas this year. I’ve put so much thought into things, and I am happily anticipating Christmas Day.


Merry Christmas!!!

Getting Ready For Christmas

We woke on Friday morning to heavy downpours of rain. The rain did not just come in the morning, but it has simply poured all day long, and into the evening. And I’m watching the weather on the TV and he is saying we will have rain well into tomorrow. Ugh!

I was wrapping the last few presents when I got to the watch I’d gotten for Savannah. I decided to set the watch for her, and I discovered it is defective! So, the watch is going back and I think I may slip out to Walmart and see if I can replace it tomorrow.

I am still doing well on my healthy eating plan! I am currently thirteen pounds down.

My stress about this is that Tuesday is Christmas! There are things I want to eat. But I don’t want to mess myself up. I thought, okay, I will take a one meal hiatus from the plan. Just dinnertime at Mandy’s. Then I go right back on the wagon.

It’s the only thing that makes sense. Christmas is special. I want that taste of German Stollen. I would love a sip of wine. Or perhaps a Scotch!

Dec 25 008

Nothing else is stressing me, just the darn food. Food stresses me. Especially when I am really trying to drop a few pounds.

And here is a very funny thing. My fingernails are beautiful.


I plan to give myself a little manicure on Sunday. Now I am hoping and praying between now and then that I don’t break one. Really they are so lovely!

A woman’s vanity, I know.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations and parties and foods. And here’s to a good toast along the way as well. A fine Scotch perhaps!