Getting Things Done

Tuesday found me determined to do a big, deep cleaning in the master-bath. This room is so big, it’s like an apartment in New York City! Yes, that small and yet for a bathroom, that big!


I love this room, with its double sinks, shower with a small seat inside, and separate potty.  But the one thing I would do differently if designing it now would be to not put in a heart-shaped jacuzzi. It is so large and it is very hard to clean.

That being said, I left that for last, but in the meantime, I did sinks, floors, lavatory, and vacuumed everything, including the tub.

That’s when I got into trouble. You see, Lili’s heavy white fur, and a little moisture, will clog any vacuum! Thankfully I was able to fix it with pliers as I pulled out the clog!

Lastly, I washed the tub. It took me forever, but during this time Jack actually was skating on thin ice as he directed me on how to do it!

So the Master Bath is spotless, and the throw rugs are drying. They’ll be all set tomorrow. The Master-bedroom is vacuumed as well as the family room and kitchen.

Wow, this really was a lot!

And lastly, I tended my Pampered Chef Party and made meals. Of course, my back is biting me right now, reminding me that I should have slowed down and worked a bit more carefully.

That’s okay, tomorrow I will be seeing my friends in the morning and then in the afternoon I will be going in to see my Hair-Stylist and I will get my red hair fixed!

Stay tuned!


TBT: My Nose & Me

Seven years ago, my face underwent a rearrangement due to Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma. If the surgery had been on my leg or arm I think I could have handled it better, but having my cancer right smack dab in the middle of my face was hard. Very hard.

The picture below was taken well after the initial surgery. That is somehow too gruesome to reshare. You can go back to March 2013 if you’d like. I posted pictures back then because I was really struggling with the horrific image that met me in the mirror each morning. It took me well over 7 months of additional surgery to get to where I am today.

May 14 13 022Below as I look today. Scars have faded and after extensive reconstruction, this is the face that greets me now. I can handle this. I think it’s not so bad.

20200616_082747 copySavannah asked me about this one time. I explained that I felt ugly back then and she was the only one who never noticed. She smiled and said, “That’s because I see your heart, Oma.”


Out of the mouths of babes.


My Independence Day

I decided I would spend my Independence Day clearing out my closet. In the last couple of months, I seem to have been unable to find things, and so it was time.

First I took all the hanging stuff out. That’s when it hit me. Many of these clothes are no longer worn because they are too big!

One by one, I went through and tried on clothes and put them in folded piles to go to the charity shop.

I was thrilled and smiling as I did this. Then I felt slightly sad. These clothes had been my friends through those rough days. The shirts hid my bloated belly and the pants kept me covered.

But now, I am down three sizes. These clothes hang on me like a tent. I remember my Mom used to joke about a dressmaker called “Omar the Tent Maker”. Obviously, much of this stuff had been made by him!

The day stretched out and before I knew it, I had four large garbage bags filled with beautiful clothes. Talbots is a favorite brand of mine and I would say 75% of the clothing is from there.

I can actually see into my closet. Now I need to take everything off the shelves and either throw it away, store it, or donate it!

So, this is all a good thing and in the end, I will have a workable closet. And I can get rid of what I do not and never again will need!


All In A Days Work!

During the last few Covid-19 months I have tried to keep up with all the extra things that have been needing attention in our life. But several things went by the wayside or got lost or just plain forgotten.

Feeling a new empowered strength after dealing with the satellite company, I decided that today (Monday) would be a good day to tackle all of it.

This morning I went into my closet to get a shirt and I spied a pair of Merrell Clogs I had purchased a year ago quite cheaply. They are not the prettiest of Clogs, but they fit the bill for use as indoor/outdoor slippers! Problem solved!


Next, I took a deep breath and started with my phone calls. The first was to the local hospital who sent us a bill for Jack’s hand treatment back in February.

Jack is 100% disabled through the VA because of his Agent Orange problems and all of his medical treatments are covered by them. So, when I finally got through to billing, I started the conversation by apologizing for being late with the call to them. After all, this darn Covid-19 had everything off-kilter. At the very start of all of this, I admit I was totally freaked out and only concentrated on keeping Jack safe.

Well, this lovely lady couldn’t have been nicer and in no time at all, it was completely taken care of!

The next thing on my list was to call my Optometrist because I had a balance with them. I met my deductible and it should be completely paid for by my insurance. I gave the secretary the information and she assured me it would all be taken care of.

Next, I wanted to get some advice on the coloring process of my hair. So I called Madison Reed and asked all sorts of questions and the young woman (who kept calling me Ma’am), was so nice and fixed my problem and is sending the kit for me to use to take care of the little problem I have had. Free of charge!

Wow, I was definitely on a roll. I put a nice chicken in the oven to cook for dinner and pared the Asparagus.

So, Monday was a wonderfully productive day and I am on cloud nine. What a great way to start the week!

Maribeth Dackel

Strange Day

Most of my days since the Pandemic started with the, Stay At Home orders, were quiet and not too busy. Today (Wednesday) was not one of those.

I had laundry to do, and cleaning to do, as well as cooking. This meant that the only TV I was aware of was on in the background.

I did set aside time to go to a WW Meeting. I really live for those because they help me to stay strong about my healthy eating.

I felt good about this until tonight when I saw on the Massachusetts WW Group page someone remarking that they feel like my little New Hampshire Group is taking over. And since I know I tend to be an over-share-er, I took the remark very personally. Then I stepped back.

I do not know the woman who made this comment. Perhaps she doesn’t like anyone from New Hampshire. So I decided to not respond and to just let it go.

Those of you who know me well, know that this is big. I think I am overly sensitive and being a Scorpio, when hurt I tend to come out swinging! But, not this time.

20200609_205152The beautiful sunset last night.

The end of my day was spent cooking and cleaning up yet another meal. I do try to make it interesting, but there are days, like today, when I have no desire to cook. Still, I pulled it off!

Have a great Thursday and stay happy, healthy, and safe.

Maribeth Dackel

Life Goes On…

Monday found me back in my normal Covid-19 routine. I did laundry, cooked meals, and planned my week. Not exciting stuff, but all positive!

It was unbelievably cold today and I actually needed long sleeves and a jacket when going outside.

I tried something new today. Butternut squash fries! They tasted pretty good. However, I am thinking I may need to get an “Air-Fryer” to give me crisp vegetables.

It was so nice to see Savannah Sunday for her Birthday Parade! She is so sweet and kind and gentle. She was thrilled with her Parade and never once complained about not having a birthday party like she is used to.

Savi’s parents are doing a really great job raising her and her little brother, Quinn. They are really nice kids.

Well, that’s all for today. Short and sweet. I hope you all have a good day, wherever you are!

Life or Something Like it

Yesterday was my first foray out since the whole Covid-19 thing started.

In the early days, during the isolation, although we had food and supply shortages, people were kind. When you left their area in the grocery store check out or saw a neighbor in your home area, everyone was wishing people “Take care and stay safe”. It seemed that people made a better effort to be nice.

Yesterday was different. People are back to not caring about each other and they are once again, rude, cruel, and hateful.

So it was at the end of my day yesterday. I stopped at the grocery and Walmart on my way home from a wonderful family parade to celebrate my granddaughters 8th birthday. I was feeling pretty good and I was happy that Savannah had a celebration.

When I came up our alternate drive to the house, I saw a sign basically telling me to keep out because this was a private driveway.

After unloading our groceries, I went back to the home of the person who put up the signs. I wanted to make sure that they understood that I wasn’t trespassing but did, in fact, have, in our Deed what is called “A Right of Way” on this road.

He said no (basically he called me a liar) and I again stated it was in my Deed. “Yeah, show me!” Then he told me I was out of line and being aggressive.

I was shaken. People have not been that aggressive with me in a long while and my frustration with the situation was in fact, building. He showed me a diagram of his property. There was no Deed in his hands. The Map dated to 1980. I said that I would bring him the Deed.

I came home shaking. I went into our files and sure enough, found our Deed. I made a copy and went back up the hill.

I showed this to the man and his wife and he starts in saying that the “Verbiage isn’t clear, he will have to think about it”.

My Deed, and the Deed for the woman behind me and the cabin behind her, was printed in 1999. It clearly states that we have a “Right of Way” on that road that the man is saying is his driveway, his property and that he doesn’t want anyone using it.

Now, who is bullying who? He was not respectful, he was rude, and his mind was closed.

I came home and sat down to flip through FB and get my mind on something else. That was stupid of me. All of the Riots and hatred were on there and that further upset me.

I’ve been told that I could never understand what a Black person goes through being targeted because of their skin color.

Not true. 

Back in 1988, I was driving back to a hotel Jack and I was staying at in Miami. I was familiar with the area, and I stopped at a store I knew to get some snacks to have in our room.

As I stepped from my car, I was attacked by 4 Black men who beat me to a pulp in their attempt to get my purse.

Why was I chosen for this beating? Because I was a single white female and in their minds easy prey.

So do not tell me that I do not understand what it is like to be victimized because of your color (or gender).

Did I go smashing windows, lighting cars on fire, or hurting people because of what happened to me? No. Did I handle it well, after the violence happened in my life? No. Did I make an effort to not judge all Black people, because of what those four hateful men had done to me? Yes. And such is my life today.

I take people as they come. Not by gender or skin color, but by the kind of person they are.

So as I sat here last night, news blaring and my mind racing with the anger shown toward me during the latter half of my day, I felt like I would simply scream.

I felt shaky and as if just one more thing would break me. I didn’t sleep well and today I am still upset about it. Thus, this post.

But I want to beg people to remember to be kind. Remember to appreciate not just your family and friends, but your neighbors as well.

And Just Like That…My Hair Is Done

I’ve become a major “Germaphobe”! Just call me Howie Mandels Twin. You know he is terrified of germs (one has to wonder how/where he is surviving during the Corona Virus Pandemic.) This is how I am these days. I don’t want people near me and I am terrified of small spaces.

However, that being said, when my roots, which are a whitish/gray measured 2 inches, I knew I had to do something.

I think the drug store color is dangerous. Too many chemicals. So I’d heard from a friend that Madison Reed color company was a good one.

I spent time on their web site, consulted with a colorist, and put my order in. Trust me, it was a total leap of faith, as I had not done anything like this in many years.

The color box arrived with all sorts of goodies and I planned to perfection my date with the dye bottle.

This is when I had sectioned off my hair before I started. I was really nervous about it, but persevered!

Okay, the roots were cooking and eventually I pulled the color through all of the hair. I was wondering what it was doing under that cap.

And this is the after! It’s actually the same color I had when I was 22 and didn’t need to color my hair!

20200529_165435So here I am after. I feel good and as I gazed in the mirror I realized I had only one chin! Months of careful eating was paying off.

I must say that my color success and the arrival of a few of my on order items in the mail, just made my day.

It’s the little things!Maribeth Dackel

All in a Days Work

Today was go through the fridge day and determine what needed to be tossed, what needed to be cooked, and what needed to be prepared.

This found me making a huge garden salad, Jack made his cucumber salad, and I prepared everything so we could saute up bacon, onion and Brussel sprouts for our dinner tonight.

So that was also a lot of cutting up and chopping as well as preparing three meals for me and three meals for Jack.


At least I have all the vegetables prepared for the next few days and I will just need to cook the protein part of the meal.

This is good because nothing will go to waste and I can now get on to other things.

I couldn’t stand not doing something about my roots so I ordered some color from a mail-order company. It should be here next week. I hope it comes out well because I am not sure how long it will be until I feel safe going to the hair salon. I will keep you posted.

Tomorrow is clean my closet out day, as suddenly I have an interesting problem. After losing 38.6 pounds, I have a closet full of clothes that are way too big for me. So I need to weed them out.

I slept like a baby on Wednesday night, and I am sure I will tonight too. Having the air conditioner makes all the difference!

Happy Thursday!



Comfy & Safe

During the lock-down against this blasted Virus, I have actually felt pretty comfortable. Let me tell you why.

When I started WW in January, literally, nothing fit me. I had purchased several sets of leggings and tops and I wore those with one of my aprons. (Have I mentioned I love Aprons? Especially the one-piece Japanese ones.)

Anyway, while in exile, I have worn these legging sets every day, except when I go out to the store, and then I am forced to put on “real” clothes.

Over time, I have gone from the leggings being “skin-tight”, to them being really comfortable. Of course, now our temperatures are starting to get warm, so although I can still stay in the leggings, I must now switch to short sleeve tops.

I am so comfortable in these leggings I could live in them for the rest of my life. I will be in for a rude awakening when we go back to the real world, one day.

What has been something that has been positive for you during the wild and crazy time?

Have you learned anything new about yourself? Have you been able to remain positive?

I do have my days, where it all seems bleak, but really now that our weather is warmer and sunnier, I am feeling the love.

I sure hope you are too!