A Crazy, Lazy, Day

Well, welcome to 2020! Did any of you make it up until midnight? Not me. I went to bed at 9 PM and when Jack came in to take the dogs for their last commune with nature at 12:30 I was completely asleep and never heard him or woke when the dogs returned. And on the flip side, I didn’t wake until 7 AM! So we are talking a very long winter’s nap!

I watched part of the Tournament of Roses Parade, but eventually turned it off and switched over to The Incredible Dr. Pol. The Parade is not what I recall from my youth. There was a lot of hip-hop music, and rap music. Neither of which are my favorites. I like the Bands and the Floats made of flowers.

I love The Incredible Dr. Pol, as I am in awe of Veterinarians and their ability to take care of man’s best friend. But Dr. Pol goes further. He takes care of all the farm animals as well.

After that, I turned on Amazon Prime and watched a few episodes of What Not to Wear. Another old show that I love. With Prime, I can watch the first few seasons of the series, which I’ve never seen.

All through this, I worked crocheting. Tonight’s dinner is a series of leftovers from the last few days. I need to clear out my fridge!

The birds have been out a lot today pecking away at the suet feeders. With all the snow/ice, there is nowhere else for them to eat.

PB140005 (2)
Ah yes, these little creatures are my joy!

Happy New Year!

Can it be New Years already?

Here is how I spent New Year’s Eve!


We went driving through the snow on Tuesday, December 31st. We both had appointments with the Dermatologist for skin cancer checks. The roads were really bad up here in my little town. This Officer was on his way to a crash we saw.

20191231_084618Jack call roads that have been plowed some, and then had dirt and salt tossed on them “Greased Owl Poop”. Slippery as all get out.


It’s always tough to get these appointments so, despite the snow, we soldiered on and made the usually 1-hour trip in 90 minutes.

I went first and had a small area removed. Nothing major or worrisome. Jack was fine and passed his check with flying colors. Recheck in six months.

I did ask for a referral because I have painful scar tissue from the surgeries I had 7 years ago. Not to worry.

We had lunch and then came home in time to meet up with our Snowplow Man. He is such a nice young man and I am glad we made it home in time as I had Peach Jam for him as a Christmas/New Year gift!

I have steaks, potatoes, and broccoli for our dinner and apple tartlets for dessert. Champagne has been purchased!

So I wish you all, my dear, gentle, readers, A Very Happy and Healthy New Year!


Twas The Day After Christmas!

Christmas is over, and what does one do after a full day of celebrating and merriment? They go shopping!

At least I go shopping for the big day after sales for Christmas Wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows! Some people toss a present into a bag and shove it under a tree. Not me. I’m a wrapper.

I use tissue paper and boxes to delicately layout the present and then I tenderly wrap the present in paper and ribbon and make crazy bows.

But before I can go any further I have a confession. I am a Christmas Wrapping Paper hoarder! You should see my stash. There is something about wrapping things for the big day that simply fills me with joy!

Today Jack and I will celebrate a little bit more. I’m making him a Shrimp Cocktail, Special Tenderloin Steaks, Baked Stuffed Potatoes, and Butternut Squash. We also have Apple Pie for dessert. Adult beverages will be consumed!

I’m slowly getting some laundry done, and maybe by this weekend, I can run the vacuum.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that all your dreams came true!


Merry Christmas Eve!

Well, here we are, Christmas Eve 2019. The end of a decade and what blows my mind is how fast it came!

Yesterday I w=saw my doctor and she thinks I am doing better but reminded me that it takes weeks to fully recover from pneumonia. That being said, she repeated the chest x-ray to check on my lungs.

After my appointment, Jack and I went to the grocery store to pick up the last items for Christmas eating. The stores were mobbed, with germy, hacking, people, so I wore the surgical mask I have all through the store. Toward the end, Jack started to feel ill and so I sent him to the car. He was okay, just exhausted.

By the time we got home, both of us had bad backs and we were pretty darn tired. I went to bed at 7 PM! I slept until 6:30 AM! Yeah, I guess you could say I was pretty tired!

Today is my cooking day. I have three things to make, all pretty easy, and just a few things to wrap. After that, I need to tidy my house just a little for my sister’s visit.

So, tomorrow is Christmas and I am so excited. My house sitter is coming to spend the day with the dogs and we will head out to Mandy and Matt’s house to spend the day with our families.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


Christmas Is Coming!

On Saturday I decided I needed to venture out. Once again I bundled up, covered my face, and steered clear of people!

I got three packages in the mail and several Christmas cards. We popped over to the grocery store. I purchased a container of Eggnog as during the holiday season I enjoy eggnog mixed with Spiced Rum. And right now, I am allowing myself some holiday comfort foods as I recover.

I worked a little more at wrapping gifts. I do a few and then take a break. This means that my packages actually look good!


I was pretty much done with my shopping and then today I saw two gifts that I had to buy! They will be here on Tuesday. Now I am done!

I go to my Primary Care Doctor on Monday to get rechecked. I’m glad I am going because I want to make sure that this germ is really and truly going away.

3f751f12-bdc4-4ca6-8e16-0a3d9fe1ce2d_1.44f4dfb4e86e780094c5cd3f04e41e1dI wish you all a wonderful Sunday and as the days leading up to Christmas pass remember to take a little time and enjoy all the beauty around us.

Heath & Happiness

On Wednesday I woke up feeling a little better! Thank you antibiotics! After breakfast, I grabbed a box in the attic and brought it down.  Inside was our completely decorated and lit Christmas tree from last year. It’s only a small one, but the glowing lights make me feel happy!

Christmas treeI have an artificial wreath for the front door and that went up too. I won’t be doing a lot of decorating, but at least I have a few things up.

It’s nice to be feeling better, finally, and to see the beautiful lights from my tree.

Happy Thursday!

charlie brown

Getting Better

I fell asleep last night at about 8 o’clock and woke at 2 AM coughing. I took the cough syrup and fell back to sleep and made it all the way to 6 AM! This morning I am somewhat better. I still have almost no voice, and the cough is still there, just not as bad.

Because I felt a bit perkier, I took a much-needed shower and put on fresh pajamas. That felt very nice.

I even did my hair. Ever notice that when you have been in bed with a fever your hair gets all twisted and seems to stick out in all directions like you put your finger in a light socket! Yeah, that was me. My hair now looks and feels nice and clean!

So today I need to sit and chop some veggies, make the stuffing, and rest in between doing all of those things.

Jack told me he will peel and cut up the potatoes as well as prepare the pearl onions.

Jack has been really great during my illness. He’s fed the dogs and walked them, cleaned up the kitchen after he cooks a meal for himself and just allowed me to hibernate in my bed until this thing has moved on.

So, gentle readers, I am on the mend and I hope very soon to be back on my feet.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.


Labor Day

Monday was Labor Day here int he States. Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.

What does this mean in reality? Most businesses are closed. It’s a long three (or four) day weekend. Many people go away to celebrate the end of the summer, as the school year usually starts right after this. (Some places start just before.)

People have gatherings cooking hotdogs and hamburgers or steaks on the grill, and frankly, a lot of cold drinks and adult beverages are consumed!

Traffic is heavy, motels and campgrounds are booked up, and if you are lucky and the weather holds out, there is swimming and frolicking in the surf to be enjoyed.

This year Friday, Saturday and Sunday were amazing weather-wise. Monday I woke to the sound of rain hitting the air conditioner! Rain? How could this be? But it was and it rained all day, so what did we do? We watched the US Open Tennis! Thankfully two of their stadiums are now equipped with a roof that they can close in the event of bad weather. Good idea, I think!

I did make three meals and walked the dogs in between raindrops, and basically it was a nice quiet day!

Happy Labor Day & Happy September!

Easter 2019

Easter Sunday was a nice one. We all gathered at Mandy’s home and I finally got to meet their new puppy, Freya.

She is a rescue puppy, half Lab, half ? but probably something in the retriever family. She is sweet and loving and goes full on, before simply crashing, and falling asleep.


Since I am a seasoned doggy lover, I took Freya out quite a few times for her to do her business. But like all puppies, she did have one small accident while we were there. It is to be expected with puppy potty training.

20190421_140511Soon it was time to set the table and get down to eating the lovingly prepared Easter dinner. My daughter really did a wonderful job preparing the meal.


After dinner, we all sat around talking and sharing memories of Easter pasts. I’m so in awe of my daughter. She made a great meal, sat with us and enjoyed it, and then got it all cleaned up lickity split and never once did she ignore the kids, puppy or her guests. Mandy is quite amazing!

All too soon it was time for us to drive home and feed our own pups. But now before Oma had a chance to hug her little grand-puppy!