I’m Tired

I think somewhere along the Pennsylvania Turnpike I became old. It was around then that I realized that I was really tired. You know, the kind of tired that makes you want to get into your softest pajamas, curl up in your bed, with your own blankets and pillows and stay there for say, a week!

Despite the exhaustion I did get up this morning, showered and then hit the road to go to my Weight Watchers meeting.

Was I an Angel during my trip? Ah, no. I did try, however, to eat at least two meals on the plan and then choose carefully what I would eat for dinner.

Of course the Mexican Restaurant Madness wasn’t exactly my finest moment. Re-fried beans, cheeses of all kinds and tortilla chips just jumped down my throat and all I could do to save myself was to swallow!

The next night I had a salad, and the following night sliced meats and salads. On Saturday Hubby and I went to Dan Dierdorf’s Restaurant and while Hubby had Prime Rib, I had ELK! Yes, ELK! I like game, and I’d never tried ELK before and if Sarah can eat it, then so can I! Actually, in the end, the ELK was stuffed with boursin cheese and then served with a Madeira sauce. What a delight.

The banquet meal consisted of rubber chicken (they also had a beef tenderloin that I hear was excellent!), scalloped potatoes and cheese cake. I can proudly admit to sending my cheese cake back after a few bites.

But I just knew I was going to gain ten pounds, and burn in hell for my eating habits during the trip.

**A note here, I ate breakfast in our room and had Weight Watchers yogurt and a Weight Watchers breakfast bar, and lunch was almost always a salad or point friendly sandwich.**

This morning I was rewarded with a 1.2 pound weight loss! Could it be all the walking I did? Was I really more in control than I thought? I am not sure, but I do know that somehow I turned my first big trip away from my safe kitchen into a positive experience!

So now I need to catch my breath and rest up a bit. In a week and a half we take Anneliese to Pennsylvania for her time at the German Dog Show. Hopefully she will do as well as her mother and brother.

Pennsylvania Turnpike, here I come!


(If anyone in the Reading/Hamburg, PA area is interested in attending the show and meeting Miss Anneliese, who will be signing autographs, please e-mail me and I will send you the directions. The show is on September 27th at 10 o’clock in the morning.)

What A Long Day

Yesterday the day actually started fairly joyously!  I started the day with a phone call from Mandy, and the return of my summer kids to their grandmother’s house next door. We shared tea and hugs and doggy kisses! Matina, James and Kamari are back for their yearly visit. I look forward to this all year long!

I managed to get lunch done and then raced out to the Post Office and down to my surgeon’s office to get the stitches out. I suspected an infection and I was right. Although they did take the stitches out, I am now on antibiotics for the next week.

I went to our local Pharmacy and when I dropped the prescription off I asked how long it would be. They told me 15 minutes. I walked up and down the store isles. I shopped for cards and sunscreen (my new best friend). I found some cute water shoes (as I like to wear them when I swim in the lake as the pebbles hurt my feet. I know, I am a wuss!). Then I sat down and waited….and waited….and waited. One hour later I walked out of the Pharmacy with prescription in hand! Can you believe how long that took?

I came home and was here long enough to see Hubby and wave to him as he drove off to a meeting. Bye! He told me to have dinner ready when he got back, but about a half an hour later I noticed that he’d forgotten his cell phone! There was no way for him to call and let me know when he would be done.

Ah well, it all turned out okay, as I waited until he came back and then made his chili and my salad. After dinner, I sat with a hot cup of tea and the desire to not do another thing the rest of the day.

And that is exactly what I have done!

New Software

After months of frustration I asked Goofy Girl Designs to move Dackel Princess to a new platform with new software. You see many people were having trouble commenting as Movable Type kept kicking commenters to the curb! I am hoping that the new software will enable people to comment without a problem, while still keeping the spam away. I’m learning the new software myself now and so I hope you will all bear with me during this learning time.


This is a busy week for me. Tomorrow I am taking Greta to the Veterinarians as she is still in the throws of a false pregnancy. I am worried about her. I hope the Vet has good news for me.

Tuesday is also a big day as I have my teeth cleaning and an appointment with the fountain of youth to get my monthly hair dip! Lord keep me from showing all that gray hair!

Wednesday is, of course my surgery. I admit to being nervous, but in the end, it is the right thing to do and I’ll just have to accept a little line on my nose when it’s all over ad healed.

My parents will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on Saturday and my sister and I are hosting a party for them on Saturday. I’ve selected my outfit. It’s a silk two piece skirt and top I got a few years ago at Liz Claiborne. It’s light and soft and should be comfortable in the summer heat.


So, let me know how you like the new software. Is it easier to comment, etc. Thanks again to Heather for doing all of this work!

Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt

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~Any Photo~

This is a picture of me, the Dackel Princess, at about age 4 or 5. My passion for dogs began at this time, as our female Beagle had just had a litter and I discovered the wonder of puppies! As an adult I was introduced to a wire-haired dackel named Shubi, and the rest, as they say, is history!


Me with three of the puppies from Greta’s last litter.

Dec 10 015

Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt

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These are thirteen of my favorite pictures. The bottom picture is of Greta with her first litter of pups back in 2006. We will know in two weeks if she is expecting her next litter! I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Dec 13 007

A Broken Heart

We got a call today. It’s the sort of call you never really want to get. It was the owner of our little deer tracking puppy, Anja. He called to tell us that yesterday morning Anja had been hit by a car and killed.

I remember the first time I held her in my hands.

Dec 10 018
And what a fine puppy she grew into before our eyes.
Jan 7 Anya

I will remember her long floppy ears, and her beautiful reddish colored coat. I’ll remember the way she snuggled in my arms and the sadness I felt the day she left me for her new home. I’ll also remember how proud I was of her and of her new owner when their tracking wounded game began to help our community.

Oh the best of days is when these precious animals come into our lives, and the saddest is when we have to say good-bye.

Good-bye dear Anja. Grand-mummy loved you very much and I will never forget you!

Feb. 4 Anja 2

Saturday Scavenger Photo

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I bet you all knew that my pictures from last year when the puppies were born would be my small pictures! They were so small and so sweet. I can hardly wait for the next litter to arrive!

These were the babies after they were delivered via cesarean section.

newbron pup

Me with one of the newborn pups.

Newborn 2

Yes, Grandma Is Proud

Today the local paper had an article on the front page about one of my puppies. Anja was adopted by a man who wanted to train her to blood track here in New Hampshire. Legislation was passed on January 1st that allows the use of tracking dogs to find wounded deer, moose or bear. Paul has worked so hard and Anja loves what she is doing. To date she has successfully found 3 deer. Finding downed deer is part of the ethic of hunting. One I truly approve of.

So, there her picture was. My heart filled with joy, pride and happiness!


If you have high speed internet access you can read the entire article here but I must warn you that the site downloads very slowly.

Meanwhile, I am feeling so thrilled. I have wanted to breed not just beautiful dogs, but dogs with good health and the ability to serve, whether that service is in the field or in the home.


So congratulations to Paul and his Anja on a job well done and service to the community!