Happy Birthday, Mandy

Today is my daughter’s birthday. She is all grown up now, with children of her own, and she is an amazing mother to them!

It all started way back when, on a bitterly cold December day. I remember seeing her tiny face for the first time and falling head over heels in love with my baby!


Mandy is all around wonderful, and I am so proud to be her Mum. She is a self made woman, with a wide variety of interests and a way of creating a peaceful and calm environment around her.

She may not always see that, but when I look at her home, her children and those of us that love her, I see a certain beauty that cannot be missed.

Mandy and kids




So today my dearest daughter, please know, you have all of my love, all my admiration and forever my devotion. Happy Birthday!


Recently, I scanned a few pictures I had of a very young Mandy. Back then, there were no digital cameras, where you keep shooting until you got the picture you wanted. But somehow, I did get a few good ones back then.

So here we go. My daughter, Amanda way back when…

img733 (2)

img796 (2)img798 (2)



I can see so much of Savannah, when I look at Mandy’s pictures. The same little round face, and chin, and happy, easy going smiles. Mandy has grown into a beautiful woman, with a lovely family of her own.



Mandy and Savannah



Mandy and Quinn



Mandy, Matt and their beautiful children.

My Weekend

The weekend seemed to fly by. It was a good one, as I drove down to visit with my daughter and grandchildren. My grandson is changing so quickly right now. He will be 17 months old next week, and remarkably moves and acts much older . The cutest thing about him is, if he sees any sort of machine, lawn mower, tractor, etc, he stops and watches intently.


The neighbors were mowing their lawn and each time the rider mower passed us, Quinn waved. And his eyes never left the machine! And Quinn loves it when his Daddy takes him for a lawn mower ride too. He doesn’t wiggle around, he just sits quietly and helps Daddy drive the machine!

IMG_1126 (2)

IMG_1117 (2)  IMG_1112

Mandy made a terrific breakfast while I was there and it was fun to share this with the kids. I brought a fruit tray and when I arrived Mandy had also gotten a fruit tray. All I can say is…fruit is good!

After breakfast, I spent some alone time with Savannah as it was time for Quinn to nap. Savi is five years old now and very interested in how things work. We played around taking pictures together and then Mandy asked her if she wanted to take some pictures of Mandy and me. At first she looked nervous, but she carefully lined up the camera and took a couple of pictures of the two of us, and they came out pretty well.

IMG_1139 (2)


IMG_1146 (2)

mand m

This is one of the pictures that Savannah took.

Soon it was time for me to go, and I got in my car and headed out toward the highway. As I neared the entrance to Route 93, I could see that all the cars were completely stopped and there was no movement.

In the summertime on the weekends, it is not uncommon for the main routes into New Hampshire to be completely clogged with traffic. I thought for a split second and then opted for a back router going north. Route 28. It’s actually a pretty route. It parallels the main highway and goes through all the little towns. The traffic lights and the mini rotaries slowed me down, but I did keep moving, and when I reached Concord and hopped back on Route 93, things were moving right along. Still, it took me 45 minutes longer to get home than it usually does.

I made lunch for Jack and me, played with the pooches and took a short nap. Yes, even Oma needs a nap!

Then on Saturday night we watched a Bruce Willis movie. “Hostage”. It was very unlike most Bruce Willis movies, this was suspenseful, and kept both of us riveted to the TV. We did not want to miss a moment of this film! Made in 2005, his daughter Rumor also plays his daughter in the film.

Sunday was a slower day for us. I’d been up late watching the film, and so I just did the basics.

Monday finds me making a Recycling Center run and taking out the vacuum and sucking up all the Lili hair!

Have a great Week Everyone!!!

Happy Birthday Mandy

My daughter, Amanda has her birthday today. She is such an amazing woman and I am proud to be her mother.

Mandy and kids

You see, Mandy is really a self made woman. She had ideas about what she wanted to do in life, and she worked hard to get where she is.
Not only is she a success as a career woman, but most importantly, she is the best mother I have ever seen. She is devoted to her kids, and loves them completely in such a beautiful way.
I am so lucky to have her as my daughter, and on this very special day, I just want her to know, how much she is loved!

Happy Birthday, Mandy!

Mandy's Birthday 2016 from Dackel Princess Maribeth on Vimeo.

Babies & Dackels

My weekend was a bit on the busy side. Little Anneliese woke on Saturday with a UTI. I kept her comfortable until Monday when I brought her in to the Vets and got her a broad spectrum antibiotic. This is not Anneliese’s first infection, and right now we are trying to determine why she is getting them, and do what we can to prevent them.


Arnie, comforting his sister.

So, on Monday morning, Anneliese and I piled into the Highlander, and headed to North Sandwich, NH. We bumped our way over the roads, as currently we are in the middle of frost heave season. If you have never seen a frost heave this is what they look like.

frost heave

Thankfully, I am a New England girl and I know all about driving on roads that are heaved and uneven. I would imagine that people in California and Alaska, where they have lots of earthquakes, and of course Alaska also has the snow, would know all about it.

We had a short episode of rain, while temperatures climbed to the upper 40’s. While I was walking the dogs I noted the incredible mud and puddles.

We’re all on baby watch, as Mandy’s last days pregnant play out. I wish I could make it all go quickly for her, as I remember how impatient I got, at the end of my pregnancies.

Hubby has been briefed on how to feed the dogs and medicate Anneliese. There are plenty of frozen meals and he can fix his own breakfast or go to McDonald’s.

The last item I ordered for the baby arrived this morning. I’m so excited. Once I bring it to the hospital, I will put a picture of it here. It sure is adorable!

Weekend Stuff

I woke to a very cold, yet very beautiful day. The lake is once again a hotbed of activity, as it is “The Greater Meredith Ice Fishing Derby”.

Since the big Lake (Winnipesaukee) is not frozen over, and safety must come first, there are not as many anglers out there. Instead, they’ve come over to our Lake (Waukewan) which is much less deep, and does have a fairly good surface of ice.

Still, I know I am really paranoid, and I will not go out on the Lakes at this time of year, seeing that we have had 50+ degree (F) weather recently. And rain…oh my goodness the rain has been incredible!

Yesterday and today Hubby took Lili out in the yard, and she ran and ran and ran and ran, and became one giant, muddy mess. She was formerly a lovely White German Shepherd dog! Today Hubby brought her in through the basement and washed her down. And for that he gets a big hug and kiss!


I have my suitcase packed, as we are now down to the final days of my daughter’s pregnancy. Friday was her last day in the office, although she will work at home until the little guy decides to show up, or March 7th arrives (her C-section date).

I now sleep with my cell phone next to me, and it’s on the shelf in the bathroom when I shower. Yes, I think we can all safely assume that I am excited about my grandson’s birth!

And the bonus is that I get to spend time with Savannah. I have a whole bag full of fun stuff for Savi and Oma to do.

Have a great weekend everyone!