Happy 12th Birthday, Arnie & Anneliese

Twelve years ago, in the early morning hours, Greta went into labor. I was so excited to welcome her first litter of puppies, and I sat with her as she began the long journey to motherhood.

A few hours later, Arnie, Anneliese and three of their sisters made their debut.

Dec 10 015This was the start of something neither Jack or I had ever experienced. Having two pups, brother and sister, from the moment of their birth, for their entire life.

It’s pretty amazing. Watching these two grow and emerge as two sweet, yet very different pups.

We knew we were keeping Anneliese. I loved the look of her and felt that she would carry on the Dackel Princess line, in her time.

Feb. 3 Anneliese 008

Arnie, who is so sweet, loving and laid back. Here he is at a month old. A handsome boy then and now.


Arnie was actually sold to a woman from New York State. On the day she was due to pick him up, she called and canceled as her life was falling apart. She explained it all to me on the phone. I listened and gently told her she needed this dog. But she said no.

Arnie was 12 weeks old and I was really crazy about him. So was Jack and so was our young neighbor Emily. He was due to leave on that Saturday and by Monday morning we knew that Arnie was staying with us.

March 11 016

Here they are the first year of their life together. Best friends always.


Below is a short montage of their life together, with us. I feel so blessed to have had these two pups in my life every single day of their life. In many ways, although Greta was their biological Mom, I have been their forever Mom all these years.

They both are one of my life’s greatest blessings. The years of faithful love and companionship are truly priceless.


Wednesday was the National Funeral for President George H.W. Bush. I watched it, as I longed for the familiarity of the Episcopal Service.

I was Baptized as an Episcopalian. For those in England and Australia, the Episcopal Church is very much like The Church of England and the Anglican Church.

I never thought about it too much growing up, but in my thirties, I served my Church as a Eucharistic Minister. I loved doing that. I felt I was helping people to feel the peace of God

When we moved back to New Hampshire, there was far too much in the way of politics going on in the Episcopal Church here, and so I fell away from it. I was secure that God loved me and I know I love God, so we’re good.

Today I watched the Service for President Bush. I will tell you that I cried. Was I crying for him? For his family, for the loss of such a special man?

I think a little. Mostly I found myself crying, remembering those I have loved and lost. My Grandmother was truly devoted to the Church. I felt myself thinking about her and missing her. My father, my mother, and grandfather. Yes. I missed them all.

And I felt a loss again of my brother who passed at the age of 26. I remember so many times Mom dragged us to Church and some of the hilarity that occurred. Like when my brother fell asleep at Christmas Eve Mid-Night Service and then slid under the pew!

I thought of my little girl who was Baptized in the Church. As well as weddings, funerals and other Baptisms.

I recited the Liturgy, I sang with the songs, so familiar to me. I laughed and I cried, and at the end of the day, I am feeling a little tired and emotional.

I think I need a good night sleep tonight and then a fresh start tomorrow. Rest in Peace George H.W. Bush. May your Eternal Life include your beloved wife Barbara and your little girl, Robin.



My Life, The Wonder Of It

There were so many special moments during our trip. There was a lot of talking, laughing and sharing. I looked at these three women, my sister, my daughter, and my cousin, and I realized how blessed we are to have each other. These are the women in my life that ground me, love me, and are there for me. Best of all, not only are we family, but we are friends!


Look at your life, and ask yourself how many people in your life are you good around just being yourself, can joke with, and not worry about what the other person is thinking at that moment? You can just be your whacky self and find acceptance!


We really enjoyed every moment, and no none of us gambled at all, although I kept seeing people walking around carrying flat screened TV’s only to learn they were holiday gifts for the High Rollers! Hmmm, perhaps there is a calling for me after all. Ha! I have never played cards well, and so I do not play. I did see an old-fashioned slot machine, and I was tempted but did not succumb.


As Sunday ended and I climbed into my bed, I didn’t want to take off my Queen of the Day tiara, but I did, and although I am not wearing it now, in my mind I know it is still there!


The next morning, we went to this great restaurant for breakfast. “Hash House A-Go-Go”! It was really fabulous, with country casual decor and an old fashioned diner-type menu.

20181119_091847I’d heard that their pancakes were amazing and decided to order the banana, brown sugar pancake. Mel got scrambled eggs and bacon, Janet got corned beef hash, and eggs and Amanda got eggs, and bacon. Mandy was good and ate her own food. Mel, Janet and I were all eating off each other’s plates. It’s been like that since the beginning of time, and so it goes! Take a look at this pancake!


I have to tell you that this pancake was amazing! I love banana pancakes and this was like nothing I had ever had! It was so much better!


As we were waiting I snapped this picture of Janet. She looked so beautiful and happy! Check out her pretty nails too!


My beautiful sister with bunny ears! We love to joke around doing stuff like this!

Here is the view from our room at Mohegan Sun!

Yes, that white stuff is snow!


Our time at Mohegan Sun ended all too soon. Melodie needed to get back to her life, just down the road in Connecticut, Mandy needed to get to work for a meeting, and Janet was assigned the task of driving me to Mandy’s house to get my car.

The best part of the end of our trip was the ride from the Casino up to Mandy’s Office, where the three of us were able to rehash all that had gone on.

Then after we dropped off Mandy, Janet and I were able to chit chat about things that were happening and talked about Thanksgiving, which will be spent at Mandy’s House.


My three lovelies!  How lucky I am!



Being Kidnapped

On Sunday, November 18th, I was instructed to arrive at Mandy’s House at 8:30 AM. I was also instructed to pack some dressy clothes for the evening and a bathing suit.

Odd combination, I thought, and a few weeks back when a friend of Mandy’s asked if I was doing anything special for my sixtieth Birthday, I mentioned the instructions.

“Oh, it sounds like a trip to the Wolf Cub Lodge”,  and so I thought we would go and play in the indoor water parks with the children.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived at Mandy’s at exactly 8:29 AM and found her loading the car and telling the kids goodbye. I kissed Savannah and high fived Quinn and off we drove.

We drove down the highway and she said she had to stop at her office. I was excited to see where she works, even though it was Sunday. We pulled into the parking lot and there was exactly one car on the whole lot. And as we drew closer out popped my cousin, Janet!

Amanda’s car came to a stop and I jumped out and ran to hug my much-loved cousin!

She grabbed her case, and tossed it into Mandy’s car and off we went. I was chattering to Janet and not paying attention, but I remember thinking that we were heading into Boston for some interesting overnight there.

I talked and talked, because that’s what I do and the next time I looked at the road, we were in Worcester, MA! Absolutely the opposite direction from Boston.

I watched a little more thinking we were going to a Deli I love in Connecticut! However, we passed on by.

Then I saw a sign for Mohegan Sun. I knew that was a giant Native American Casino, and I was a little confused because I don’t gamble.


We pulled up to the Valet and unloaded the car, and slowly walked into the Lobby. I stood looking around at all the crowded splendor and then I saw her. My sister, Melodie! Waiting for us, for me! How lucky am I?


We immediately hit the Spa, as our room wasn’t ready yet, and I was stripped down, put in a soft robe with a crown, a Magic Wand, s shot glass proclaiming my 60-ness, and a button announcing to all, it was my 60th Birthday!


First up for me was an hour long full body massage! Oh my goodness! Having never had a full body massage before, I felt it was amazing, and so relaxing! Time seemed to stand still and then it was over!

Next up was my mani/pedi. I enjoy those, and picked out a pink sparkly polish!


After that was a very late lunch and finally, our room was ready and we went upstairs to settle in. We had a suite of rooms with two bedrooms, a living room, and two baths. I could get used to this!

I showered and did my hair and lamented at the difficulty of doing your hair when wearing a tiara. I wonder if the Queen and Princess Kate have special hair stylists to help them? I sort of decided that I would just have to make do.


I wore my tiara to dinner and my button too.  People smiled at me and wished me a Happy Birthday, and a few times they were kind and told me I didn’t look 60 at all. Yes, true kindness!


We had dinner at Bobby Flays and they had the most amazing food! We all enjoyed our meals but agreed that my stuffed eggs were better than Bobby’s.

20181118_193406Bobby Flays Stuffed Egg.


After dinner, we went to this fantastic Bar for a drink and to enjoy the atmosphere. It was an amazing place.



It was so much fun and such a cool view!


This was all beamed onto the ceiling, but it was so realistic!


My darling daughter, Amanda and me. How can I ever explain to you what a special woman my daughter is? She planned all of this, never let on and surprised me in every way. She loves me unconditionally and embraces my wackiness! I am so lucky, and she is such a blessing!

Tomorrow I will let you know what happened after the cocktails, but this is all for tonight!


Sixty Years & Counting!

Sixty years ago today, at 12:01 PM I made my debut into this world. My mother did not recall anything of my birth, as she chose to sleep through the delivery. In fact, all I have heard about that day was that Mom was hungry when she woke up, and they brought her a turkey sandwich.

November 17 Babies


I love being sixty! For many reasons. I love that I know so much more than I did in my twenties. I love that my heart is full of love and happiness. I love that I still see the goodness in people. I love that despite experiencing the worst in life, I am not only alive but living a truly wonderful life!

Being sixty means that I’m looking at things I did in my past, that I do not want to repeat. It means I’m being more selective now about my plans and my time, because I understand that time is running on my clock, and I do not want to miss a thing!

I made a short montage of pictures from birth until the present day. I am so grateful to my family and my friends for always being there for me, and always loving me. What a great birthday gift that is!


Happy 40th Birthday Katie

Many of you know that besides Mandy, I had another daughter, Katie, who was killed at the age of 6 1/2 (click the link to read that story) by an impaired driver. Most days I get along very well, however, there are certain days that I find myself missing her and longing for her. Today is one of those days.

Today Katie would have celebrated her 40th birthday.


Kathleen Alynne was born at 5:29 AM on November 8th, 1978. She was two weeks late and I had begun to feel as if I were part elephant. In the delivery room, I remember asking the nurse to clean off her head because the blood made it look red. She laughed at me (She also had red hair) and told me that this was it! My child was a redhead!

Katie was a neat kid and we all loved her. She had a wicked sense of humor, yet was also sensitive and empathetic, which was strange in one so young.

Her loss is bothering me a bit more this year probably due to the fact that I have been feeling angry that we were robbed of so much of her life.

Of course, she missed so much of her own life too. I wish she was here to meet her brother and sister, to see her niece and nephew and to be enjoying her life.

I think of what she would be like at 40 years old, where she would be in her life, and how many kids she would have. She once told me she wanted 5 children! That made me laugh. But she did love kids, so who knows.

Here is a montage of some of the pictures that I like the best. She was a real joker in front of the camera, almost always had a smile on her little face.

I know one day Katie and I will be together again, and that we will share an eternity, but for today I miss her something fierce!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

The Triple Crown!

The weekend passed with the coronation of a new Triple Crown Winner! Justify joins an elite number of horses, (13) to have won The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and now the Belmont Stakes! Of these 13 horses, I have watched 5 of them win.

Justify is a beautiful horse. He is smart, likes to lead, and during a race, he seems to float over the track, in an effortless gallop to the finish line!


The Jockey riding him, Mike Smith, struck me as a man who truly loves this horse, knew what he could do, and over the years of training with him, had developed an ease, a oneness, with this horse. After the race, at one point, he leaned down, hugging this horse, and kissed his neck. I think I cried more at that moment than I did when they crossed the finish line.

Bob Baffert is an amazing trainer of horses. This man seems to know just what to do to get the most out of the horses that he trains. His comment about Justify was that he knew this horse was special the moment he saw him. And indeed, Justify did not disappoint!

horse 1

Now Justify will have a good life. well, at least a good life for a retired Racing Champion, who will have many sweet Fillies coming to visit in order that his bloodline will be carried on. And so it should be.

Justify truly is magnificent!

My Peach Friend

To everything, there is a season, a birth, a life and a slow waning into death. I’d thought about this in human life, but this year, we are faced with the loss of several trees that we planted in our Orchard.

May 20 004

The above picture was taken a couple of years into the life of our finest Peachtree. It was Fritz’s favorite tree to sit under, and Greta’s as well. This tree produced hundreds of pounds of beautiful juicy peaches each year, and I made jam and Jack sold the peaches to farm stands.


The beautiful blossoms each year led to the full, ripe, juicy fruit a couple of months later. So beautiful to walk around the Orchard at this time of year.

August 14 005

This is just a small sample of the beautiful peaches we harvested. We always seemed to know when to pick them for the ultimate peach experience! And let me just say here and now, walking out my back door and picking a fresh peach off the tree and eating it, with the juice trickling down my chin, has been a real experience!

June 10 007

In the last few years, the tree began a slow decline. It didn’t produce as many peaches, and then we found that it simply was not setting the fruit it once did. For whatever reason, the tree kept showing it’s age. The bark had started to become rough and almost wrinkled looking, and fewer blossoms came onto the tree, thus we did not have the good crops as we did in previous years.

This Spring, the poor tree did not blossom out too much. This may well be its final year in the yard. There was quite a bit of dead wood on it, and Jack got out the chainsaw and cut it back.

There was such a sadness then. I remember planting that tree 20 years ago with Jack, as we built the house. I remember our first harvest and even a thunderstorm that tore off a limb early on.

But the tree was always there. Waiting for dogs to lie under it, or for us to come and harvest a ripe peach. I guess that’s why there is a sadness now as I start to think about cutting the tree down. The end of an era. The end of this good friends time.

Aug 16 004

Our Orchard has not just been about the fruit we have sold but about each and every one of the trees, their planting, their health, and their beauty. It’s really the first time I have felt connected to my fruit trees in this way.

Isn’t it funny how as we grow older, we begin to see the real importance of things in life? Beautiful trees, fresh fruits, and the calm their presence provide in our lives.

We’ll work to make you healthy again, dear Peach Friend. I hope we can. But if not, thank you for all these wonderful years.


Our 30th Anniversary

Today, Jack and I celebrate 30 years of marriage. It doesn’t seem possible that it has been that long. In the grand scheme of things, 30 years is like forever in a Hollywood marriage. And at my age (59) it certainly is a large chunk of time.


In our thirty years of marriage we have had 4 White German Shepherds, Rex, Max, Fritz and Lili. Four Wire-haired Dackels, Shubi, Greta, Arnie and Anneliese, and lived in four homes. One was a farm in Lyndeborough, NH, a nice ranch home in Punta Gorda, FL, in a motor coach here in Meredith, NH for 9 long months, while we built our current home, and lastly this beautiful house, that Jack and I designed.

We had four children, between us. Three are living, and they have grown up to be really good people. We also have two of the most beautiful, and wonderful grandchildren on the face of the earth!

Marriage is never easy, even if you are married to your best friend. There are days you want to murder each other, but lucky for us, those days were few and far between.

Forgiveness is so important when you live with someone this long. People do stupid things, and if you can’t forgive them, then you are with the wrong person. I am the Queen of stupid things and I am married to the King of stupid things. So it’s a good thing we forgive and forget.

You will also find during a long term marriage (or relationship) that there will be those days when your significant other just makes you crazy. Whether it’s how they are chewing their food, or even sipping their soup, you will sit there and wonder how you never noticed this before!

But then, there are those times when a little look, the warmth of a hug, or a gentle squeeze of your hand, will make you feel loved and safe. During my illness last year, when I felt like I was dying, I was so scared, and Jack just kept the home fires burning, cooked my meals, did the laundry, and did not allow me to believe that I was leaving this earth.

Likewise, not even six month later when he got the infection in his foot that led to the amputation of his toe, I made sure I was at the hospital each day. I brought him goodies to eat, stayed to speak with each doctor, and informed Jack that at 79 years old, he wasn’t leaving me yet.

No, marriage isn’t easy, but the pro’s far outweigh the cons, and life would be so empty, so lonely, without my Jack.

Even after all these years, Jack is still the first person I want to speak with in the morning, and the last person I want to speak to at night.

I made up a short montage of our life together using one of our favorite songs. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Anniversary Jack!


It seems that life has a way of changing quite quickly. Like the John Lennon song goes, Before you cross the street, take my hand. Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans.”

On Sunday we learned that my brother in-laws Aunt (the sister of his mother, who just passed) had gone to bed in her warm much loved pajamas and while sleeping peacefully in her own bed, had gone home to Heaven, to be with her husband of 60+ years, and the rest of her loved ones.

Sally was a sweet, warm, funny, kind woman. She was the blond sister to my brother in-laws brunette mother, The two of them looked very much alike facially and they both enjoyed the heck out of their families.


Sally, with her husband, Gene, and Nancy, last year.

Within a two month period, they all passed. Yet now, they are together again.

In fact all of her kids and most of the grandchildren came to Nancy’s service on Saturday. At one point friends had drifted off to go home, but the cousins all stayed behind, just a little bit longer, to reminisce and share their much loved stories of Nancy. Of course this brought in the memories of Nancy’s other brothers and sisters. And at that time, we believed that Sally would be the last, but also we thought she would be around a little longer. The plan was, to have a big family gathering this summer. Something I hope they still will do.

Anyway, after everyone left, I went back to my sister’s house, and we just sort of collapsed. Thankfully, there was plenty to eat, left over from the Memorial Luncheon, so we picked at food, watched the Olympics, until the bed called my name at 10:15 and I fell instantly asleep.

The next morning, my sister got ready to go to church. She sings in their choir each week. She asked if i would go. I was in my pajamas and didn’t feel like going. I know, bad sister!

After she left I started to feel guilty, so I told Ron I was going to get dressed and go with him. I changed, brushed my teeth, and was all set, when Ron’s phone rang, with the news about his Aunt. After his call, we headed to church, and my sister was so happy to see me, as Ron took her aside to tell her the news. And then, my sister was happy to have me there, with her, as she faced another family member, leaving us.

So the weekend was a tough one, yet filled with so much love, and also full of hope. I do believe in God. I do believe in a place where our pain and suffering is gone and we are reunited with those we have loved and lost. Heaven.

I came home and I stood looking at my husband and I reminded him that life is so short. That we need to tell each other every day how much we love each other. How much we love those of us that are near and dear to our hearts. Life goes by so quickly.

Remember, gentle readers, you are loved.