The Definition of Insanity!

The definition of insanity is having four dogs! I decided this today at 5 AM, when two of them woke me, to go outside and commune in the -2 degree (F) frosty, snow and icy darkness.

Now Greta was smart and she hurried out and came back in, because we all know that when you are low, slow, and reliable, the snow and ice get to you quickly! If it had just been her, I’d have crawled back into bed and gotten another hour or two of sleep. But no. Lili, super thick coated, and full of two year old energy, decided that 5 AM was a great time to explore the field behind our house.

She ran and she jumped and she had a splendid time, while I whistled for her to come in. After 20 long minutes, during which time, the other two dachshunds went out and did their thing and hurried in, Lili finally turned and came in.  By then, I was cold and wide awake!

So I slipped into my jeans and warm shirt, put on my bulky socks, and pulled out my heating pad. I snuggled up with two dachshunds in my chair, and turned on the TV to watch the end of a movie I have seen a million times, and start my day!

But as I sit here I cannot help but wonder how I got here. Me, and four dogs? Truly, it is insanity to have 4 dogs that all wake you up before the sun is even in the sky. And why, why do I have them? Well, perhaps because, insane or not, these guys give me so much love, that in the end, I feel blessed!

It’s “Love Your Pet Day”

I was looking up something on the Internet and I stumbled across the fact that today is “Love Your Pet Day”. I found this pretty funny, because in our house, every day is Love Your Pet Day.


In fact a few years back a friend of mine said that when she died she hoped to come back as my pet! It cracked us both up, but today I look at how our pets are treated in this house, and I would say, that yes, it’s always “Pet Day” here.

In fact when I think about it, my dogs, my pets, are probably my best friends. And here is why.

  1. They listen to me, when I need to talk.
  2. They never talk back or answer in a sarcastic manner.
  3. They love to snuggle. Even when it is hot.
  4. They will never complain about your cooking.
  5. They actually feel bad when you are away from them.
  6. When you come home, they are always happy to see you.
  7. If you can’t finish your meal, they never get angry, they finish it for you!
  8. They always want to go out for a ride.
  9. A dog will follow you all around the house, just so you will stop and pat them.
  10. And best of all, their love is unlimited.

So take your dog for a walk, or share a nice snack with them. It’s “Love Your Pet Day”!

TBT: Arnie & Anneliese

I was looking at old puppy pictures this week, remembering when Greta had her first litter. Arnie and Anneliese were her first babies in that litter, and our relationship with them is unlike any other we have had with our dogs.

Jan. 22 009

Arnie is on the bottom with the blue collar, and Anneliese is on top to the right in the green collar. The yellow collar was Anita, and the pink was Angelika and the perky red collar was Anja. All are still living good lives, except Anja. She escaped her owner and was hit by a car the first year. Too bad. She was a sweet puppy.

Jan. 20 Anneliese and Arnie

Anneliese & Arnie


Anneliese Age 8 3/4


Anneliese age 9.  IMG_6964   Arnie age 9.

The Jackpot

Geraldo Rivera may have been disappointed, when he opened Al Capone’s safe on live television in 1986, and found nothing! However, today in the office I scored big time!

I discovered a box with old floppy discs in them. Remember those suckers? They were hard and square and held almost no data! Fortunately a friend told me to buy a cheap reader, when those were all phased out and the CD type discs were the thing to have to back up your documents.


As I was pulling out several shoe-boxes when I found a whole bunch of floppy discs with pictures of my much loved and long gone doggies, as well as my stories.

Back in 1996 when we adopted Shubi, I started writing stories about her life. Children’s stories. And these discs will enable me to edit, add pictures, and create little stories for my granddaughter, Savannah.

The pictures made my heart swell, and filled my face with smiles. Ah, Shubi, and her big White German Shepherd brother, Max.


As soon as we brought her home, Shubi and Max became the very best of friends! These pictures are a wonderful reminder of that special time, that we spent with these two dogs. Devoted, fun, loving, friends.

After this discovery, I needed to take time off, as I have sort of overdone it in the last two days. So tonight, I am sitting with my cervical heating pad (which is so wonderful!), and looking at these wonderful pictures!


Teeth, Dogs, & Winter

Big day today. I’m off to have a root canal and then after, go see my regular doctor. Usually I would not make an appointment like this. You know, back to back, but both are important.

Usually my mornings start with the dogs going crazy, but for some reason all the dogs have gone back to sleep! It’s probably the freezing temperature here…-17 degrees…and they probably figure that sleeping in is a better bet.

The three dackels did great at the Vet’s yesterday. The only two things was, Greta must be on a bit of a diet, as she has gained 3 pounds this year! Anneliese has high alkaline urine, so she is on Vitamin C to help her urine become more acidic and break up the crystals that have formed.

Driving to our Vets office and back I was able to see all the snow that had fallen over the winter. Her office is in the foothills of the White Mountains, and strangely, they have not gotten as much snow as we have.

Ah winter! I am so over you!!!

Lili & The Beasts

Today the enzyme powder for Lili arrived. We started her on it for lunch and dinner. She already seems a bit better.

You see, Lili’s pancreas doesn’t make the enzyme needed for her to digest her food. She has not gained weight like most dogs and has just been miserable due to tummy aches and gas.

It made her rather hard to be around because she was just frantic. Frantically hungry, and frantic to be loved.

I wasn’t sure what would become of this girl, but the new medcine gives me hope.

Aug 12 012

The dackels are getting used to her, and Arnie will even cuddle up with her from time to time. It just amazes me how tiny Lili still is. We will certainly have to work on that!

13 Reasons Having 4 Dogs Is Great!

Thirteen Reasons It’s Great To Have Four Good Dogs

1. One of them is always happy to see you come home.
2. If you are feverish and feel cold, you can pack the pooches around your body and get warm.
3. There are no leftovers!
4. You never have to dry your feet after a shower.
5. You never have to worry about someone breaking into your home.
6. You never have to worry that the Veterinarian will be unhappy to see you. ($$)
7. You can leave your keys in the car when you go to the Post Office and no one would dare steal your car! (Not with ever growing Lili sitting there with all her big teeth!)
8. Your life is always full with the care and feeding of the dogs.
9. You are helping to keep the vacuum cleaner bag makers in business.
10. You are also keeping the dog food makers in business as well!
11. At the end of a bad day, seeing their little faces looking up at you is wonderful.
12. Feeling puppy breath on your arm when they are asleep is so sweet.
13. Oh yes, puppy breath! The best!!!