Tattoo You!

You’re still a part of everything I do
You’re on my heart just like a tattoo
Just like a tattoo, I’ll always have you

Today was tattoo day here at the Dackel Princess home. Our Breed Warden came up last night and this morning we gathered  the little ones together and tattooed them. One by one their tiny ears were shaved, washed and then they were tattooed with their official numbers.

Here is Calvin.

Nov. 9 Calvin18

Caspar (aka Fenway)

Nov. 9 Fenway25

Claus (aka Wally)

Nov. 9 Wally37


Nov. 9 Curt44

Hubby comforting Curt.

Nov. 9 Curt45

And our little Miss Christel (aka Schnapps)

Nov. 9 Schnapps51

It went very well and the puppies stayed out in their pen until the ink dried. Then they came in and took a 5 hour nap. Schnapps climbed into the crate and hid in the very back. I think that she didn’t like the whole tattoo experience.


I heard tonight that I have been appointed to serve as a Library Trustee until the next elections. I’ve decided that this is something I would like to do, and so in 4 months I will run for the 3 year term.

When A Stitch In Time, Doesn’t Make A Bit Of Difference!

I don’t sew. In fact I don’t sew so much that Hubby brings his clothing to a local woman to hem and fix, because I am just hopeless. It’s not that I don’t want to sew, it’s more like the machine I own is possessed and everything I try to sew with it becomes suddenly destroyed!

This morning I got up to a true disaster in the puppy room. They had somehow managed to chew up their nice puppy bed, and started shredding the foam mattress. This was the last bed that I had for  the puppies to abuse, so I suddenly wasn’t sure what to do.

If I put a blanket down, they would tear that apart. If I put Greta’s bed in there, they would just destroy that too, and even a mother needs a nice comfy bed!

Then the idea struck me. I could put a large crate in there with a remade cushion and then take their  old bed, with the cover, and using my sewing machine, sew it permanently closed.

Now isn’t that quite the endeavor for someone like me who has no sewing capabilities at all? It is, but I decided to give it a try, as we have just one week to go with the “Fabulous Five”.

First I made a smaller mat/bed for the crate. I lined it with a plastic table cloth, and sewed it together. Yes my demon machine acted up, but I persevered and got the darn thing done.

Then, once the big cover was dry I put the cushion inside, and then sewed it up along the zipper line. Since the little devils had chewed the zipper, I could not fix that. So I just sewed it up.

Nov. 9 002

Well the possessed machine started acting up then. The thread got all jumbled up in one spot and then broke! I would had to go through the eye blinding process of threading the needle! more times than I care to say, but eventually the sewing was done!

Nov. 9 008

It’s not pretty, and my Home Economics Teacher would be truly scandalized by it. She actually liked me, but I think it was because I liked to cook. It definitely wasn’t because I was a great seamstress!

However the puppies did not notice and when I put them down for their afternoon nap they fell instantly asleep!

Nov. 9 007

Nov. 9 003

Sometimes good enough, is well, good enough!

The Last Few Days

The days are winding down and on Friday the first pup leaves us for his new home. Then Wally and Fenway leave and then little Schnapps. Today we spent this beautiful day outside, playing and running around, and of course taking pictures! I put together this slide show so you could see my beautiful babies!

I also wanted to thank you all for your kind wishes yesterday. I share my memories with you about Katie so that perhaps her beautiful spirit will not be forgotten.

10 Weeks Old!

It was a cool day here in New Hampshire and the winds were blowing hard. The puppies wanted to be outside so much, but they would get cold fast and stand by the door to come in. About 3 o’clock I asked Hubby to go outside with me so that we could run the pups. This is a great thing to do at the end of the day because they settle down about 6 and sleep all night long.

I definitely need his help when they are all out, as they all seem to run in different directions now and they are so very fast! Fritz was a help, but after a while he got bored and went over to the little stream and escaped from their attention.

But first, we had Schnapps running around.

Nov. 6 Schnapps2

And of course she was running with Fritz at first and her brother Calvin ran along as well.

Nov. 6 Fritz Schnapps and Calvin1

Here is Calvin in mid-jump.

Nov. 6 Calvin2

Fenway and Wally were playing under our patio table.

Nov. 6 Fenway and Wally20

Here is Wally

Nov. 6 Wally13

And Fenway.

Nov. 6 Fenway22

Curt seemed to be moving along quite a bit. I had trouble getting his picture because he was following me.

Nov. 6 Curt16

So the pups are ten weeks old now. Their AKC Registration papers came today. They are all set. Next Friday our first puppy leaves for his new home. Then on Saturday 3 more. Curt will be with us a little longer. Amazing, isn’t it?

Happy Saturday!

Oh, How They Have Grown

I was thinking today, as I looked at the puppies, how much they have changed in the last few weeks. They came into this world totally helpless little creatures and slowly day by day they grow, and they begin to change.

I wanted to share this in a very meaningful way with you, by going back and finding their baby pictures and putting them side by side with a picture from this week.

First, here is Curt.

Sept. 2 007 Curt 1

Then there is Wally. Now here is a great frontal shot of his head at birth, and then today.

Sept. 1 003 Wally

And Fenway

Sept. 4 045 Fenway


Sept. 1 005 Oct 26 Schnapps33

And Calvin

Sept. 2 002 Calvin

On Monday the Breed Warden from my dachshund club will be coming to inspect the litter and to tattoo their right ears. They are tattooed with my kennel number and then their pup number. Here is a picture of Anneliese’s daughter, Baerbel getting her tattoo.

July 4 09 Baerbel

It is quick and a permanent marking that is required but our parent club in Germany.

Tonight I went into the puppy room and sat down and they climbed on me, curled up around me and I snuggled each one. They are all such sweet dogs and although I will not miss the work, I will miss them.

Puppy Pictures & A Movie

Today we had the pups out again. The day was a beauty. Sunny, but cool, so after a while they started to get cold and we had to retreat back into the house, but they got a good run around, and so did we! (lol) I snapped a few pictures and got a short video as well, because I know I’ve been slacking off recently and it is not fair for all of you to have to suffer because I get camera lazy!

Nov. 4 001

Here is Curt rolling down the hill.

Nov. 4 Curt1

He came to a stop and righted himself!

Nov. 4 Curt4

Here is Calvin running.

Nov. 4 009

And Schnapps.

Nov. 4 011

And here is the movie with Fritz. He just loves those little guys and I think he will be lonely for them after they leave.


The puppies are pretty much grown now and ready to go. Often buyers ask me why I keep them until they are 11-12 weeks old, especially when it means a lot of work for me?

Take today. The puppies were in rare form. They spent quite a bit of time outside running around, before I brought them in. Usually they have their dinner and go to sleep. Not tonight. Tonight we had the shredding of newspaper, the chewing of sibling ears and toes, and general madness and mayhem! Even Greta wanted nothing to do with them.

I thought I might go mad as well, with the swirling newspaper and yelps. However, this is why I keep them. Yes, there is a reason.

You see the puppies learn about proper dog behavior from me and from each other. They learn how much they can bite their sibling before it hurts and they learn about what is a toy and what isn’t. I took the newspaper from their little mouths and put mini rawhide bones in there for them to gnaw on. Eventually I got them settled, and could put up my feet, but it was a challenge.

However, I really am pleased with this group of pups. They are sweet dogs and so friendly with everyone. They have learned so much in their short 9 ½ weeks on this earth.

I found out today that they will get their tattoo’s on Monday, and then the following weekend we bid adieu to most of the pups! I cannot believe how quickly this litter went by.

The Time Changed

Our day began early. Since our clocks changed back an hour on Saturday night I’d hoped for a little extra sleep. Of course, no one explained this to all 9 dogs. So at 6 AM I was up with the dogs. I walked them all, one by one, cleaned up the puppy room, and then sat down with some coffee. The worst part was, there was absolutely NOTHING on TV to watch!

I contented myself with the computer and waited for three hours for Hubby to wake up! Then I made brunch for us.

By late morning we decided to take the pups out with Nanny Fritz to play in the yard. I have to tell you that little Schnapps is really head over heels in love with Fritz and follows him everywhere, with a look of such adoration!

Fritz and Schnapps!

Nov. 1 Fritz and Schnapps22

Fritz and his babies.

Nov. 1 Fritz and his babies37

Also, if the pups begin to wander all we need to do is holler to Fritz and he goes and rounds them up.

Nov. 1 002

Greta came out too, and of course she nursed them.

Nov. 1 010

You know, it’s a very good thing for these pups to remain close to Greta and slowly be weaned. Later in their lives they will be well adjusted little creatures, and they will know their birth mother loved them dearly.

Here is Calvin

Nov. 1 Calvin14


Oct 29 Curt26


Nov. 1 Wally25


Nov. 1 Fenway24


Nov. 1 023

So, there they are. 9 weeks old and full of life and spirit. They all know their names, they use either the grass or the newspapers now and they sleep through the night. The time is drawing near, my friends. Soon they will go to their new families and my job as “Puppy Granny” will be done.


Halloween was a fun day. My daughter, Mandy came up to visit bringing along her sister, Allyson. It was so nice to play with the puppies, run around outside, and have a nice lunch together, where we chatted about what Mandy and Allyson are up to. Mandy is busy with work and Allyson is busy at school, as this is her Senior Year of High School.

Later after they left, Emily arrived for a little visit with us. She played with each of the dogs. All 9 of them!

Here it was, Halloween and we did not have one Trick or Treat-er!

The clocks change tonight. Fall back!

Lack Of Sleep

My day, on Friday, began at 4 AM. Anneliese woke me with the desire to get up and play. One thing you should know about me, I do not play well at 4 AM! I grumbled and placed her under the covers and then I was able to sleep for another hour or so.

After that I gave up and got up with all 9 dogs. I let Anneliese and Greta out in the back yard and before I knew it, they were running up our driveway (500 feet) in my night gown and a fleece jacket! Oh yeah, I was not a happy camper.

I corralled the girls and led them back to the house. Then I set about cleaning the puppy room. Let’s just say, they outdid themselves overnight.

I fed them, and then sat down with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Oh thank all that is good for a great cup of coffee!

Hubby slept in and part of me wanted to hold that against him, but by the time he did get out of bed, I was past that and happy to see him.

The day was gray and although we both got a lot done, the puppies seemed to sleep an awful lot. I guess we all have our sleepy days. Of course when they were awake, oh my did they cause their fair share of trouble!

Oct 29 037

Oct 29 029

Oct 29 039

They are sleeping like little angels as I write, and soon I will be too.

Oh yes, Happy Halloween!!!