TBT: Sibling Love

Since Facebook was down all day yesterday, I did things like, read a book, cook a splendid dinner, and make the picture I am posting!

3 years

This is a collage of my two grandchildren. It starts the day of Quinn’s birth, March 7, 2016, and then shows them each year since. Three years of Sibling Love!

And they really do love each other. Here is a great example. I was babysitting for them, and Quinn fell off the chair onto the floor. It was a tough fall and knocked the wind out of him. I asked if he needed me to make it all better?

“No”, he said, “I need Sissy”. He went over to her, climbed in her lap and she sang to him. Then he was fine!

That was just the sweetest thing I have seen.


On Saturday I was up bright and early, my bags were packed and I had Christmas gifts for my cousin to bring down to my daughter’s house. I was on time, and even got a nice bottle of water for the ride.

Everything was going well until I got out of my car at my daughter’s house, went to get my overnight bag out of the back seat and found I’d forgotten it!

Yeah, call me stupid. I have never done this before. Especially since I take two very important medications that I cannot go without.

Oh well, I told Mandy and Matt to go on out and I would bite the bullet and drive home in the evening.

I’m not a fan of driving in the dark. I don’t see all that well, and so I really avoid it. Lucky for me, when it came time for me to drive back, the traffic was light and I did just fine.

But I am still annoyed with myself!

I did get to see Savannah perform at her ballet class Christmas show. And she was wonderful and adorable and this Oma was thrilled!

Here Savannah is waiting with her classmates to perform for us and for Santa.
She was so adorable and knew all her steps and little hand gestures!

She sure can jump high!

Savannah really loves Santa and is always good for hugs, snuggles, and cuddles!
When we got home Quinn was playing with his Christmas Tree. Fun to watch!

Our weather today was splendid! Our temperatures were close to or right around 50 degrees! And the sun was shining! All in all, a great day.

If only I hadn’t forgotten my medications!


Fall Back For Fun!

Sunday was a fun day! I do not usually say that on the Sundays after the clocks change, but today was different.

I woke up at 6 AM which was actually 7 AM. I turned on the coffee, and then I grabbed my robe, hat, gloves, and coat, and walked the dogs. It was still pretty windy, and now the cold had set in. 27 degrees! Brrrrrr!

I got myself cleaned up, did my hair, put on a little make-up and was out of the house by 7:45.

I had to stop and tank up the Highlander, and then I proceeded to pretty much fly down the road to South Nashua where the closest Trader Joe’s is. I wanted to get there first because I was looking for a certain item, and last year they sold out the first few days of November.

As soon as I got into the store I went right to the area where they keep the item I was interested in. I turned the corner, and there it was!


They had three boxes of Stollen with Marzipan (a personal favorite from childhood!) and I quickly snached all three of them. I saw the manager and asked him if there were more. He told me that the Stollen came in on November first and those were the last three boxes!

I recall last year I went in around Thanksgiving and they were sold out. I’d decided that since I was going to be in the area…and a good thing I was. Not only did I get what I wanted, but the sale price was perfect too! I’m still floating on clouds!

Next, I went to find the Nurnberger Lebkuchen. I love these. Many people like sugar cookies at Christmas. Not me. I was raised eating these German delights! Aunt Hedwig made them, Grandma made them and so did Mom, although these weren’t her favorites.


When I checked out of the store I was walking on air. All these things are packaged to remain fresh until Christmas and I am so very happy!

Next, I drove over to the LL Bean Outlet. I’d hoped to find something for me, but there was nothing. However, they did have two beautiful shirts for Jack. So, I bought them for him!

After that, I stopped at a place called The Christmas Tree Shop and I purchased napkins for the Thanksgiving table. They are cute with a spray of Thanksgiving flowers on them and a turkey. A little hokey, I know, but they are nicely made and will be pretty on the table.

About 11:30 I started to feel very hungry and I looked around for something to eat. I saw a Chinese Buffet and so my car steered me into that. It was an amazing place with an abundance of food. They had 10 steam tables with food. Honestly, it anyone left there hungry it was their own fault.

After that, I drove over to the High School where they were having the Play. The place was huge! I looked around trying to decide where I should park. Needless to say, I parked in a really bad spot and walked a lot to get in. No kidding. And might I just add that whoever designed this parking lot is a moron!

I found the auditorium, and eventually got in and located seats, Mandy and Matt and his folks all showed up right after, as well as some of Mandy’s and Savi’s friends.


The play was “101 Dalmation’s Kids”. They all did a great job and it was a lot of fun to watch them.


This is Savannah’s headshot for the cast roll. I swear their photographer is very good. They always get such cute pictures of the kids. I love this one because it shows all of her lost teeth!

All too soon the day down south ended and I needed to hit the road and head home. There wasn’t much traffic and I made great time. Best of all I got in before the sun set.

It was a wonderful day and I must say that I really enjoyed myself, and Savannah was truly wonderful!

Oma & Savannah’s Adventure – Day 2

The second day of our grand adventure started with a breakfast here at the hotel. Savannah had scrambled eggs, pancakes and apple juice and I had some eggs and a raisin bagel. Oh yes, and lots of coffee. This proved to be a good thing, as this is probably the most active I have been in a few years!


We decided to do the tourist thing and shop around the town. I wanted Sweatshirts for Savannah and Quinn that said Falmouth, and I wanted one for myself. I wanted them in Falmouth High School’s colors of maroon and white. I found them for Savi and myself, but I was having trouble finding one for Quinn. In the very last store, we went to, I found one and I was thrilled!

We met the Chef at my favorite restaurant while we were walking uptown, and he promised to cook especially for Savi when we came on Wednesday night!

We also wet to Walmart, where they were having the end of summer sales, and we got several things for Savi, such as 2 dresses, underwear, socks, and a few toys and sneakers.


Then just before lunch, we went to the beach When we arrived at the parking lot the young man announced that parking was $15.00 a day. OK, I said, “Do you take Visa, American Express or Diner’s Club?” I must be getting old because he did not get the joke!

We set up our chairs, our umbrella, got out our swim shoes, and then enjoyed the day. Mel and Ron arrived and helped me with my umbrella and we swam with them too. Seagulls tried to get food from Savannah.


We swam and swam, Savannah more than I, and Savannah made a ton of new friends We stayed most of the day until it was time to go back to the room, shower and get ready for dinner.

Dinner was magnificent! I had a stuffed quahog and scallops with a mushroom souffle! I also got an India Pale Ale on tap from Salem, MA. It was very good! And as promised Chef Ricky made Savannah her Parmesan Noodles!


After dinner, we went to the Carousel, where Savi had a great time riding the horse and then we went to the playground where Savi met a new friend. It was almost instantaneous, but she and this young man became instant friends. It was wonderful! His name was Aran, and he was just the nicest young man.


They played until darkness began to fall, and then we walked back to our room. Right now we are winding down before bed. Tomorrow we go to the beach after breakfast, bringing along clothes the change into at the beach house, and at about 1 PM we will head home. Too soon. But maybe we will stay longer next year!

Oma & Savannah’s Adventure-Day One

I picked up Savannah pretty early on Tuesday.  Mandy and Matt both advised me to wait an hour before heading to the Cape to avoid the traffic. So we left at 9 o’clock and moved right on down the road.

The Adventure Begins!

As we drove along Savannah sang her songs, and played with her iPad, and I could hear her sweet voice. It was that very moment that I decided that Savannah is the perfect riding companion. Part of me fell in love with her all over again.


Her sweetness, her funny jokes, and her laughter were wonderful. I listened, I marveled, that I was lucky enough to be Savannah’s Oma. And that she is my granddaughter.

We arrived in Falmouth about 11:15 and since I was passing the Town Hall and knew I would need a notarized Birth Certificate, as well as Marriage Certificate, I swung in and got copies of both. An old friend, from long ago days is the Town Clerk and it was so fun to see Suzanne after all these years.

We checked into our hotel room and unpacked. And then, met up with my sister Melodie and her husband Ron for lunch. It was fun and we enjoyed seeing them.


Mel mentioned that some old friends of ours were meeting at their rental house at 3 o’clock. Bob was my Guidance Counselor in High School. I have not seen him in years and it certainly was fabulous to see him and his wife.

We stayed for not quite an hour, and then we left, stopping briefly at a few places before returning to the hotel to change into our swimsuits. We decided to sit for a bit and unwind from our busy day.


Then we were there. At the beach of my youth, Surf Drive Beach. Looking out over the water, I could see a lifetime of moments spent there. And then, there was Savannah.


Running in and out of the small waves. Laughing in the surf, talking to the late afternoon seagulls, and building a sand castle with me. Those were quickly knocked down, as the tide was coming in. New moments being made in my life, with my dearest granddaughter.


Our day ended with a Happy Meal for Savannah of Chicken Nuggets, and a “Happy Meal” for me of Fried Whole belly Clams! We picked everything up and came back to our room where we ate, and talked to Mandy on the phone. The first day is going down in the books as an amazing success!

Footnote: While we enjoyed a hot sunny day here on Cape Cod, most all of Massachusetts and New Hampshire had flooding rains and high winds! I had asked the Weather Gods to bless me with good weather for my trip with Savannah and it seemed that they worked their magic!

Getting Ready

I’m taking a trip, in my car, to Falmouth, on Cape Cod, with my granddaughter, Savannah! I am very excited about this trip and have planned for every contingency. Sun, sand, cloudiness and rain. (Bite your tongue, it will not rain!)

I have my beach cart, beach chairs, umbrella, beach blanket and towels, cooler, sandwich fixings, (PB&J) drinks, (water and apple juice boxes) and best of all, beach toys for Oma and Savi to use while they play in the sand!


My super duper beach cart. Proving I am getting old and can no longer function like a pack mule!

Now you all know of my great love of Falmouth, and the beaches, especially Surf Drive Beach, so this trip is a big deal for me, and I hope for Savannah too!


Me at Surf Drive a few years ago. My how I love this beach!

I have side trips planned to the Woods Hole Aquarium, a great playground at the Mullen-Hall School, where I actually attended grade school, as well as to a special candy shop, where a good friend works. I will not go crazy, but I will allow Savi to pick out a couple of pieces of candy. Not much. Maureen, here we come!

There is a great Crepe Shop in town and I think I may take Savi there for a meal. What’s better than a nice thin pancake spread with peanut butter and jelly? Their crepes are so good and I think she will love it! There is a crepe there with brie cheese that is to die for, and Oma shall have that one! There is also a Dairy Queen and I can see at least one ice cream cone in our future.

My sister Melodie is down there right now and we will be spending beach time with Auntie Mel and Uncle Ron as well. They have plans each night, but that is fine. Savannah and I will do our thing and then we will go back to the motel for sleep.


So Sunday I plan to pack my suitcase. Making a list, as I put each item into my duffel bag. I must make sure to pack my rash guard shirts (these keep you from burning) hats, sunglasses and most importantly sunscreen! On Monday I will take the list and add to it as I put things into the Highlander. Then first thing Tuesday morning, I am off to get my girl!


Let the adventure begin!


The Graduate!

On Wednesday I drove down to Southern New Hampshire for Savannah’s graduation from Kindergarten! It was marvellous to watch our girl, in her little gown, get her medal and diploma for completing Kindergarten. My heart was full and I was so proud of her!


Her Class sand two songs. One in French and one in Spanish. It was wonderful to see these little children enjoying themselves as they sang their songs. And Savannah loves music and she was up on stage swaying to the music!

20180613_093911 copy

And then she got her medal from her teacher and posed so I could snap a picture!

20180613_095113 (2)

After the ceremony, we gathered in her classroom and watched a short video. We also took a few pictures. Here is my favourite one of Savannah and her Mommy and Daddy!

20180613_100904 (2)

Now it is Official! Savannah has graduated from Kindergarten and is an official First Grader! Wow!!!!


Best Of All

Monday found me driving south for a medical appointment. It is a long way to go, but I like the doctor I am dealing with.

After the appointment, I headed to my favourite place. My daughter’s house, where I was greeted with big hugs and kisses from Mandy, Savi and Quinn. So much love! What a wonderful thing!


One of the best things about being with them on Monday was that I got to play with them on the swings and monkey bars, and we also played hide and go seek! I just spent the better part of an hour simply laughing and playing with the kids, and it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

Being surrounded by their love made me feel so blessed. I am so lucky to have them!

Best of all, despite the long drive for me, I will see them again on Wednesday and Friday! Wednesday Savannah graduates from Kindergarten, and Friday I am babysitting the kids as there is no daycare that day, and Mandy has an important work day. Long ride, but oh, so very worth it!

What a great way to start my week!

Birthday Dinner

The grandparent’s all gathered for Savannah’s dinner celebration on Friday night. She opened her gifts, enjoyed each and every one of us, and felt our special love!

34191632_10156415682861499_8893384880549789696_n copy

Savannah and Oma.

20180601_180843_42505121941_o copy

Savi and her grandfather, Bob.

20180601_170601_27634387957_o copy

Savi and her Nana, Mary.

(Notice Quinn photo-bombing)

Despite the fact that it was Savannah’s birthday celebration with her various grandparents on Friday evening, I managed to stay on the WW plan. Amanda bought the most awesome steak and marinated it, and Matt cooked them up on the grill. That man knows how to cook a fantastic steak, and I sure did enjoy every bite!

Dinner also included corn on the cob and Parmesan Cheese Noodles. Now I know that corn on the cob is a zero point food, so I had that and the steak (which does have points, but is really lower than you might think) and I did not eat the pasta. Now, I wanted the pasta, but I wanted a loss at the scales on Wednesday, more than I wanted the pasta yesterday, so it was an easy choice. I also wanted a birthday cupcake, so the noodles never even saw my plate!

I also drank…WATER…ugh, not a big fan of water, but once again, I am trying to make better choices. I knew I wanted that darn cupcake and so I made no other breaks from my eating plan and ate zero point foods all day before that dinner.

So when I got up this morning, I raced to the bathroom scale and hopped on, just knowing that I must have lost at least ten pounds for all my great planning (and sacrificing!). Ah no. It is also very humid up here right now, and in this humidity, I always retain fluid. (That is my story, and I’m sticking to it!)

Savannah’s party was great, all the grandparents are good friends, and we all adore our mutual grandchildren. We laughed and joked and lamented the fact that the last six years have gone awfully fast!

And then we looked up and there was the kitty cat Bear, the mouse hunter, with a chipmunk in his mouth! This time Matt was here to go out and rescue me from the creature.

I finally knew I’d better hit the road, as I was working under a time constraint. I needed to get home before dark (my car will turn into a pumpkin!) as I cannot see well at night, and the Friday night, summertime traffic can be a nightmare.

I kissed and hugged one and all, and off I went. No traffic and I managed to pull into the garage at 8:41 pm! I just beat the onset of darkness.

After the heat and humidity and two long drives, I collapsed into bed at 9:15 and slept like a rock never moving until 5 o’clock this morning!

Happy Sixth Birthday, Savannah Rose!!!

Today is my granddaughter, Savannah’s Sixth Birthday! I cannot believe how quickly the last six years have gone by!


The first time I held Savannah in my arms, I remember thinking how I couldn’t love anyone more than I loved her at that moment. But the wonderful thing is, that love continues to grow and grow!

I also remember thinking that I could hardly wait until Savannah could talk to me and tell me what she was thinking and feeling. Now, at the age of six, she is able to tell me everything, and how I absolutely love that!

So Happy Birthday, My Darling!