The Friday Five ~ January 6th


Here we are the first Friday Five of 2023. This week sped by, and I wonder if 2023 will as well. So here is this Week’s Friday Five.

  1. Last year I began using Storywoorth to write down many of the stories of my life. I started with my grandparents and worked forward. I included some of my favorite stories and recipes.2023-01-05_08-48-08
  2. I originally was doing it just for Mandy, but my family and friends asked for copies. And I also made copies for Savannah and Quinn.
  3. Several people told me to write Book #2! More stories and more recipes. And on January 3rd, 2023 I started Book #2!
  4. Then I went to the Post Office and a book written by Davis Paton arrived from Scotland. Here’s a little more about him.
    “David Paton first gained recognition as the lead singer and bassist of the group Pilot, writing their hit songs, including ‘Magic’ and the number one ‘January’ in the mid-1970s. He then went on to collaborate with various major artists such as Kate Bush, The Alan Parsons Project, Elton John, and Paul McCartney. He has always had a genuine passion for writing, playing, and producing all types of music, with an emphasis on collaborating with other musicians. Still highly active in music, he lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.”
  5. Christmas is over and the few decorations I put up are now down and put away for another year.


The Friday Five ~ December 30th 2022

20200206_160117Here we are the last Friday Five of the year. It seems that the older I get the faster time is flying by me. So, here we go!

  1. I got all the wrapping done, loaded my car, and drove to my daughter’s house. I’m not sure who was more excited on Christmas morning. Me or the kids.
  2. Heidi was a good girl and did not have one accident at my daughter’s home! Call me happy.2022-12-29_08-40-45Over the last year if Heidi gets excited she wee’s just a little. Those days appear to be over now!
  3. I was lucky with my travels. On the way down I think I saw a dozen cars. Mostly, I just moved right along. The same coming home.
  4. This year I did not go out for any after-Christmas sales. Just not in the mood.
  5. I think this weekend I will put away all my Christmas items. Time to clean up, dust, and get the house back to normal.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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The Friday Five ~ Harry & Meghan

20200206_160117I was making an appointment for Heidi to go in for a grooming, and the woman said, yes next week on the 19th. The 19th? Is December really almost gone? Oh well, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I will start with having watched Harry and Meghan’s little docu-drama. I recall many years ago some said to me that if I wanted to have a good life, a life where people did not see me as a victim, then I had to stop playing that part. Meaning, keep your private things private and for goodness sake get along. Neither Meghan or Harry did this.
  2. I fear that Harry has the worst case of sibling rivalry, and Meghan will never get over the fact she will never be Queen despite the fact that she came this close to telling Harry she hates his brother.
  3. After several years of not seeing their children’s pictures, apparently, if you pay them millions of dollars they will show you. Cute kids
  4. I did find inconsistencies in what they had said in previous interviews. (Hello Oprah) so I am unsure. I watch Judge Judy all the time and she says, “Just tell the absolute truth and you will never have to worry.”
  5. I wish them nothing but the best. But now that they have had their say, it is my hope that they will stop doing things to make trouble. They can easily go off and live happily ever after in the mansion. Meanwhile, I just filled my oil tank to the tune of $974.00. If we are lucky it will last 6-8 weeks. This is not something H and M need to worry about, I am sure.

So that’s the Friday Five. All about Harry and Meghan from my point of view. I am not a professional, and these opinions are strictly from my observations.


The Friday Five December 9th

Well, here we are the end of another week. in just 21 days the year 2022 will end and we will start 2023. I am hoping and wondering what the New Year will bring. So let me give you this week’s Friday Five!

  1. It’s now official. I have finished Christmas shopping for my family! I am so happy. I worry and fret about the gifts and making them happy.
  2. Today I was returning some wonderful Merrell Winter Boots. For as long as I can remember I have worn a solid 10. Today I felt like the ugly step-mother in Cinderella who was trying to shove her foot into the glass slipper and could not. So, back they went.
  3. I brought Heidi with me when I went to return the boots at the UPS drop off point, and I carried her in. First I think my girl is getting a little chunky, but when she saw my friend she was so excited she wee-wee’d all down the front of my coat and troussers.
  4. This meant as soon as I got home, both Heidi and I had to shower and my winter coat went into the wash.
  5. This weekend I have planned to watch Christmas movies while I wrap presents. I found the best wrapping paper. Santa flying through the air being pulled by a team of dachshunds! So very cute.

So that is the week that was. I am thrilled with gratitude that members of my family are feeling better after contracting Pneumonia and Covid.

Christmas is coming and I am really psyched!


The Friday Five ~ December 2nd

Friday Five 1Here we are, December 2nd! Just a few more weeks until Christmas and then we bid 2022 adieu. So here we go. Our first Friday Five of December 2022!

  1. I saw the most lovely Christmas Cactus at the grocery store. It was so beautiful that I had to bring it home.2022-12-01_08-46-04

    Currently, all the buds are opening and I am enjoying it even more!

  2. Heidi has this new game. She likes to sit close to my laptop computer and touch the screen with her nose, thus throwing off whatever I am writing about. Heidi is a little imp!
  3. Tomorrow I will begin doing my Christmas cards.  I’m not doing a letter, I will just write small personal notes inside each one. As it is, I am sending out fewer and fewer.
  4. I have decorated for Christmas in a small way. I used to go the whole hog, but now I have a small tree and some decorations.
  5. Lastly, I bet I will work all weekend on the cards, laundry, and some cooking. Jack has said I can cook anything, just not turkey!


The Friday Five ~ November 25th

20200206_160117This week was a very busy one. I worked all day and fell asleep early in the evening and managed a few naps too. In the end, the turkey was wonderful and it made all the prep work worth it. So, here goes.

  1. Monday I drove home from my daughter’s home. I’d gone down on Sunday to watch, “The Wizard of Oz” starring my two grandchildren! This was six-year-old Quinn’s first play. He played Toto and can I just say nothing is cuter than a six-year-old in a puppy suit?

    20221120_142930                           He did a great job and I felt so very proud of him!

  2. Savi had several parts with solos. She played the Coroner who declares the Wicked Witch of the East dead!2022-11-25_07-49-36

    She has a beautiful voice and I was so proud of her. She has been acting in plays since she was about 5 years old.

  3. I had a chance to visit with my daughter and Matt’s Mom before and after the play, and both Heidi and I enjoyed spending the night. Monday morning we were up early, said goodbye to the kids as they left on the bus, and on the way home I stopped for last-minute groceries and gas.
  4. Then the work began. I cooked all day Tuesday, and Wednesday, thinking that this would make Thursday easier. I was like a cat on a hot tin roof. By the evening, after two sets of dishes, I collapsed in my chair. Just around nine o’clock, Jack wanted dinner. I swear I wanted to scream. I made him soup and a sandwich. I then walked the two doggy girls and went to sleep.
  5. There was sadness for us this Thanksgiving. The day before I was watching our local news when I saw our old farmhouse.

    44455246_448598172341163_7920581647068561408_n(It was the cover on the New Hampshire calendar in 1993)

    I quickly turned up the volume and listened to the story. There was a fatal shooting there. It was later on that I learned that the man who purchased the Farm from us was the victim. He lived there alone as his family has passed away. We don’t know all the particulars yet, but it appears that the perpetrator was looking for a car and guns. Sadly the 83-year-old man trusted someone he should not have.

I lived there for several years after marrying Jack. I loved it there. The home was very old but had such character. It was built in the early 1800s this was really historical and quaint.

So, sadly this man has died, but thankfully police captured the culprit very quickly.

Today is make the soup day and clean out my pantry. I also watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” which is a reminder to me that as tough as life gets it is always wonderful.

The Friday Five ~ November 11th

Friday FiveThe week sped by and suddenly it was Thursday night. So as we listen to continual episodes of Law & Order, I sat down to write.

        1. Well, I was busy doing the dishes on Thursday and heard the telltale noises of a dog retching. I stopped what I was doing and ran toward the sound. There was poor Lili throwing up on my bedroom rug! Ugh! I tried to hurry her outside, but she only made it to the family room, where she threw up again on another carpet!

      2. Get a dog they said it will be fun they said!

      2022-05-09_08-37-003. 45 minutes later, I cleaned up the carpets and floor and settled poor Lili.

      4. Heidi was worried about her big sister and slept next to her.

      5. Lastly, this weekend the Christmas Fairs return to my little area. I will be going to two of them. I have missed them. Crafts, Christmas music, and neighbors. And a slice of normality returning.


The Friday Five ~ November 4th

Friday FiveI woke this morning and realized it was Friday and I had not written a Friday Five. More than likely this is because this week I have been crazy busy. So here I am in the early morning hours of  Friday writing.

  1. Although I did not want to, on Wednesday I spent the day going into a larger town with a cheaper grocery store, food warehouse, and gas.
  2. It was a good trip, and I was able to stock up on canned goods and jarred sauces, jellies, and gravies.
  3. We have had the most beautiful weather this week. Sunny and warm and although the leaves are now off the trees when the skies are this blue it almost feels like Spring!
  4. I had my hair done on Tuesday, and that felt great, although the Eczema is currently bad on my scalp. It is both itchy and painful.
  5. Lastly, Heidi had her hair done and it came out so well. She still has a lot of her puppy fur, but we’re working to bring her coat into a full grown-up coat.2022-11-04_07-20-06

    We are lucky to have found Christi, who knows how to strip a wire-haired coat!

Have a great weekend, wherever you may be! It is supposed to be a very nice one!

The Friday Five ~ October 28th

Friday FiveThis week was rather unsettling for me.  I was faced with some things that brought the dire circumstances our country is in, into my very little world. So here we go.

  1. We got the bill for having a new pump installed into our well. $3400.00! Yes, you read that right. I almost fainted when I saw the bill. All they did was open the cap, pull out the pump, replace it and then close the cap and it was done. They tell me the biggest problem is the near-daily increases in pump prices. In my next life, I am coming back as a plumber!
  2. I stopped out at the local grocery store to buy supplies and I happened to notice that several items had increased in price. Jack’s coffee cake is up $2.26 in price. It is now $6.25. A year ago it was $3.99. His cookies have increased by $3.00! The cookies went from $3.99  and it is now $6.99. And the bakery bread at the store has gone up a dollar. I was shocked that in less than two weeks prices have skyrocketed.
  3. This means I will be driving 25 miles or so to another store that has better prices. It is a bit of a trek, but I simply cannot afford the prices at our local store.
  4. I have not had any more run-ins with the bear. We know he is out there, but not coming close to the house. But I have to tell you, I take one dog out at a time, and I use my super flashlight and talk loudly to the dogs.
  5. Heidi brings joy to every day of my life. She is so good-natured and a real cuddler. I am so lucky!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the last days of this warm Autumn!

2022-10-27_08-30-06Heidi age one year!

Friday Five ~ October 7th

Friday FiveThis week flew by. I was here, there, and everywhere, And aside from today, I had appointments all week. So, let’s go, here is this week’s Friday Five!

  1. On Monday, we met up with our Financial Advisor. We always enjoy these visits because Elena is such a kind and knowledgeable woman. Everything is set for the next year.
  2. Tuesday was Jack’s Primary Care appointment. He did okay but he needs to return in three months. His doctor is a military doctor and is quite good, and a no-nonsense type of doctor. This was also the first time I have left Heidi with Lili for an extended period of time. I am happy to report that they did just fine!2022-10-07_08-44-32
  3. Wednesday was grocery day. I went to two different stores and stocked up on different items.
  4. Thursday was an appointment for me with my Pharmacologist. She is a delight and helps me make sure that my meds don’t conflict with each other.
  5. Then it was onto my dentist. No cavities but I do have one tooth way in the back that needs to be scaled and deep cleaned below the gum line. Somehow I am thinking that this is going to hurt.

So this was my week. Busy. I plan a weekend filled with laundry, and I am actually going out to lunch with my dearest friend. I hope you all have a great weekend!