The Friday Five ~ August 26th

Friday FiveWow, this week sure sped by for me. I feel that the summer is slipping by and soon the air will become crisp, as the leaves fall. So here are the things I am thinking about this week.

  1.  I had two appointments this week. One with a group of my friends to chit chat, and the other with my friend and hairdresser to style my hair. She did an awesome job!
  2. I finally finished watching all 15 seasons of ER. I started watching when I was struggling with round two of Covid. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
  3. This week it was pleasantly quiet here in my town. No big traffic jams and no crowded stores. I’m sure this weekend will be crazy wild, as the end of the summer nears. Many people come up so they can close up their camps for the winter.
  4. Last night I was walking the dogs and Lili took off up the hill. Thankfully, I had Heidi on a leash and didn’t have to worry about her. I did worry that Lili would meet up with a porcupine or skunk and life would be instant chaos. Luckily, she came back in short order.
  5. This weekend is the usual. Laundry, cleaning and napping. Oh, how I love a good nap!


The Friday Five ~ August 19th

Friday FiveOnce again, the week flew by. I had only one appointment, and other than that, I spent time cleaning and visiting with my sister and brother-in-law. So here’s this week’s Friday Five.

  1. My sister arrived on Monday and luckily, we have an area to park their camper. We got it all set up and they have their own little spot!
  2. I made a big dinner on Tuesday. An oven-roasted beef. Along the lines of Prime Rib. We got local corn on the cob and my favorite California New Potatoes. Yum!
  3. Wednesday I had my appointment and that went well. Mel and Ron also made dinner which was great! Honestly, after two years of doing all the cooking, I am grateful when anyone else but me does the cooking!
  4. I have a Contractor coming on Saturday to look over the exterior of our house. I know I need a new roof and I also need repairs done to the trim and porch windows. I’m determined.
  5. Heidi has been so sweet to me. When I am sitting or napping, she is right there with me. By the way, she will be a year old on October 21st.

Have a great weekend!


The Friday Five ~ August 12th

The Friday FiveThe week flew by and now here we are and it’s Friday. Wow! That sure went quickly! I could write an encyclopedia about the week, instead, I will select the top Five!

  1. My Cell Phone finally arrived and after trying to get the darn thing to work, I went to Verizon, and a nice young man got all my stuff transferred. Yay! I will say, this whole phone replacement from the Insurance Co. was more of a pain in the neck than simply going out and buying a new phone. *Groan*
  2. The heat finally broke on Thursday, but not before leaving me with a heat rash that has exacerbated my Eczema.
  3. Today, Friday is a very busy day for me and Heidi. I’m driving Heidi to the Doggy Beauty Salon near my daughter. Mandy uses this woman for her American Eskimo Dog, Winter. So I am hoping all will go well and that Miss Heidi who hates to have her nails clipped, will enjoy a good pedicure.
  4. While Heidi is getting beautiful, I go to see my Glaucoma doctor for an exam. Then off to see my Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. And since the eczema is bad, I’m swinging in to check with the dermatologist. (Also my yearly skin cancer exam.)
  5. I will stop to get Heidi, and then we are off to Mandy’s house for a visit with the kids, Matt, and their two dogs. We’re staying overnight and I’ll come back home on Saturday.

So that’s the week that was. Hope your weekend will be a great one!


Friday Five ~ August 5th

Friday FiveThis week sped by. Not only that, but it is now August! Now how did that happen? Here we go with this week’s Friday Five.


  1. It has been so dry and so hot this week. Perhaps that’s not the best way to put it. The humidity has been on the same level as Florida (super uncomfortable) but we have had very little rain. In any case, I am grateful for our air conditioners!
  2. I had to drive 57 miles down to the VA for blood work on Tuesday. And then 57 miles back home. The blood test was important, and the news about my blood levels is great, so it was worth the drive.
  3. It was beautiful that day and I enjoyed the ride. I stopped to pick up groceries at Market Basket. They were having a sale on two of Jack’s favorite soups, and I was able to stock up. At our local store soup has risen to $3.25 a can. That is crazy and unacceptable. Market Basket had this soup for $2.25 a can!
  4. I also got gas. I paid $3.82 a gallon. I was feeling a bit ticked off because after 20 years they have come up with a new traffic pattern. There were no signs directing you either. I drove around and around until I finally figured it out. I did complain and explained that they need a new sign which reads “Gas: New Traffic Pattern“. You see, they are the cheapest place around for gas and they are inundated with customers.
  5. Lastly, a few days ago I took my cell phone out of my purse and the phone screen had a crack! I drove to Verizon and discovered the Screen Protector was two months out of warranty. I called a local Mr. Fix It, who wanted $150.00 to repair it, and then I called the insurance I have through Verizon who offered me a $29.00 repair, (but my phone would be gone for over a week) or a replacement for $150.00. They would ship it to me overnight. That was my choice.  This morning I got an update. My new phone is delayed. Ugh!

So that was my week. It looks like the next few days will be hot, hot, hot, with a side of spot showers.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are!


The Friday Five ~ July 29th

Friday FiveIt’s been quite a week for me. No big appointments, but it seems that I kept myself busy. Here’s how it went.

  1. We had some beautiful weather this week. Perfect temperatures, robins egg blue skies, and just perfect conditions all around. I looked up one morning and I could see a jet plane flying along. And after several minutes I could hear it. I’m not sure why this thrilled me, perhaps it reminded me of a time that I traveled all the time. I truly enjoyed that. Seeing new places and meeting new people. It was wonderful.
  2. I was able to go out to the local shops. The tourists were not too bad, but I still chose to wear a mask. I am still trying to figure out where on earth I got Covid at the start of the month.
  3. My recovery has gone well, I am just tired. Remember back when naps were a punishment as a kid? Not any more! I love my little naps.
  4. I decided that since I am sick of my cooking I would try a few new dishes. One night was Chinese food. Pork fried rice, Chinese pork slices, and a mix of stir fry veggies. I also had Shrimp spring rolls. It’s not quite right, but I will keep working on it. The other was ravioli night. I thought it was good, but it was a fail for Jack. Oh well, the salads were good.
  5. Lastly, this week was a lovely rainbow that arrived at dinner time on Thursday. It was a nice way to end the week.

2022-07-28_08-11-50Have a great weekend everyone!


The Friday Five ~ July 22nd

Friday FiveThis was a crazy and wild week for us weather-wise. It was so hot and humid with storms. It was great to be out again, but it’s even better to get home to Heidi. I am still amazed that she can sleep like this.


Here’s what else is going on.

  1. I finally got a negative Covid test. Despite that, I was still wearing a mask when I went out. My first stop was at the grocery store to stock up my pantry.
  2. After just getting well, I was shocked to see so many people without masks, especially a very pregnant woman.
  3. I was huffing and puffing due to my asthma and the crazy heat at the grocery and a man came over and with a snide tone to his voice said I should take off my mask. I told him I’d had Covid and I was just getting out, and how did he know I wasn’t still contagious? He shut up and I finished my shopping.
  4. One thing I have noted is that my asthma has been worse. Last night I had to use my inhaler during the night.
  5. Thursday afternoon and early evening we had major storms blow through the town and around the big Lake (Winnipesaukee) and other areas of New Hampshire. With many trees taken down and serious car accidents, our power went out again. It was early enough so that it was still light and I was able to do my prep work for dinner.2022-07-22_07-49-47

    All homemade Chinese food. Mostly it was ok, but I am still learning.

So this was my week. I’m praying for a break in this heat, but the weather reporter said it’s going to be a while. I’m trying to recall why I moved back from Florida?

Dackel Shopping

The Friday Five ~ July 15th

Friday Five

  1. A few years back I was online shopping on Amazon. My old Merrell Clogs were falling apart and I was looking for a new pair. Since I have terrible arches I almost always use these clogs as indoor and outdoor slippers. These gray clogs were on sale and I snapped them up even though I didn’t like the style. (I will say, I have grown to love them and their sort of funky style.)merrell-women-castlerock-encore-kassie-slide-wool-clogs-mules-sandals-merrell-724usacom-men-women-clothing-shoes-accessories-online-shopping-492651-10-B Over the years I was wearing them more and more until the other day when I realized that their days were limited.
    71Bq6wc5Y9L._AC_UL1500_So, after a couple of weeks of shopping sales (I refuse to pay top dollar for anything!) I found these cute Clogs. I’d ordered the black pair first, but I liked them so much that I decided to get the brown to use as slippers. The black I will use when I go out.
  2. The next favorite thing on my list is a video picture frame. I’ve loaded up a bunch of pictures and each time I walk by the frame I glance down at this frame and the assorted pictures.

    2022-07-10_03-16-59I think this is one of my most cherished gifts! It’s made by FRAMEO.

  3. Amanda and the kids gave me a Scentsy Dackel warmer for Christmas. Isn’t this the cutest thing?9a76df91bf56d19197d88a3dac740dae
    I love it and it’s near enough to me that the scent drifts my way making me very happy.
  4. My case of Covid is getting better. I think the weird thing is that the exhaustion has lingered on. I seem to sleep massive amounts. I am also using my inhaler a lot. The fever is gone, and most of the time so is the cough. My advice is to avoid getting this at all costs.
  5. This brings me to my last comment of the week. I was finally able to go out to get groceries yesterday, and I was one of the only ones wearing a mask. I live in a vacation destination and so many people from the North East have driven here and well, brought their Covid germs with them. The advice given to me by my doctor was to stay as isolated as I can. Getting another virus would not be welcome at this time.

So that’s it for the week of July 15th. I hope your weekend is a good one and that your weather is as lovely as ours.


The Friday Five ~ July 8th

Friday FiveThis week will go down as the week where I slept more than anything. Even my darling puppy, Heidi, and old girl Lili find my sleeping excessive, but, it is what it is.

  1. I have 4 frozen dinners for Jack and two leftover meals.  He is not thrilled about this, but that’s too bad. With no appetite and no desire to eat a big meal, he just has to put up with this until I am well.
  2. I think for me, I will make good old Cambell’s Chicken Noodle Soup with a small dish of crackers. True excitement in my culinary world!
  3. Did you hear that Raphael Nadal had to withdraw from Wimbledon? I’m heartbroken because he was to have played the Angry Aussie, Nick Kyrgios and I really wanted Nadal to take him down a peg. The Matches I watched with Nick Kyrgios playing was like watching someone who has a serious mental illness. The boy ain’t right. He kept talking to people around him yelling and screaming.
  4. Once again I must tell you that Heidi is helping to keep me calm and quiet.2022-07-07_07-48-08

    Heidi is an amazing little girl!

  5. So my goals over the weekend will be to do some laundry and try to make some small furniture adjustments in my room. Quite honestly, if I can get the laundry done, I will be very pleased.


The Friday Five ~ July 1st

Friday FiveSo here we are. July 1st! Summer. Today’s forecast is for very hot weather, so I guess I will be staying in and keeping cool with the air conditioning. Here’s this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Tuesday was a busy day. Jack had appointments down in Manchester and Concord, so I spent most of the day driving. The day was beautiful, so the drive was a nice one.
  2. I had a nice conversation with a New Hampshire State Trooper. I was sitting at the Registry of Motor Vehicles waiting to get Jack’s handicapped placard, and he was walking by, and I’m not sure how, but we struck up a conversation.
  3. My Dad worked as a Summer Cop on Cape Cod and I was joking with him that every morning Dad would freak out my Mom about what had happened the night before. He laughed and agreed. Anyway, he was a nice man, and it helped pass the time.
  4. I went to the Post Office on Tuesday and while picking up my packages, a man, a stranger to me, began to bully me for wearing a mask. He claimed that it was destroying my health. I did not engage him in conversation. But I thought, who does he think he is? Then it dawned on me that a large portion of our population has become bullies.
  5. And perhaps he was fortunate that I did have a mask on, as I got sick later that night, and have been down and out since. Not Covid, but miserable none the less.

So that was the week that was. I’m still curled up with Heidi, sleeping and forcing fluids.

Have a great weekend, and to those of you here in the USA, Happy Fourth of July!


The Friday Five ~ June 24th

Friday FiveJune is nearly done, and I have had so many thoughts on my mind. Good thoughts as well as sad. But mostly I am holding my own.

  1. I am the luckiest woman ever. I have this delightful and perfect puppy, Heidi in my life, and without even working too hard at it, she makes me feel so loved and so important!20220622_175701
  2. She is so adorable, but she has one thing about her that none of my other dackels have had.

    2022-06-23_06-17-17A stripe like this is on both sides.

    Just below each of her shoulder blades. Almost like Angel wings. In fact, I think Heidi is my little Angel.

  3. I’ve been watching ER. With so many years, it’s kind of a binge-watching marathon! I remember almost none of it!
  4. This weekend I plan to chill out. Do some laundry and try to get some rest. Recently I am not getting enough sleep and all of that makes Maribeth a cranky girl.
  5. Last week I lost 4 pounds on my diet. I weigh in just before my shower on Friday. I hope that my weight loss is a good one.

Have a great weekend everyone!