The Friday Five ~ July 14th

The Friday FiveThe week has ended. One part of my life has ended, and now I must turn and place my foot forward and begin again. So, my Gentle Readers here is this week’s Friday Five.

    1. Yesterday, I was taking care of the kitchen and family room, and then today was a run to the Vet to see about Heidi’s eyes. She is fine and just needs a little ointment for a few days.
    2. I stopped to get the mail, and then we came home. I thought we might go out for dinner, but a very kind friend brought me Chinese Food!
    3. Everything came to a head today. I need to start signing up for Social Security and Medicare A & B and find out how to retain my Delta Eyecare and Dental. I felt myself calling out to Jack. You rat, you left me to deal with all of this!
    4. Beautiful flowers arrived while I was napping.356976265_5894300810671260_1641660618651355372_nCream and Yellow Roses. My favorite! I felt so loved.
    5. Finally, this weekend brings me peace and quiet.  I plan several days of light music, lots of naps, and a lot of solitude!


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The Friday Five ~June 30th

The Friday FiveIt’s begun. I suppose I knew all along that it would, but is anyone really prepared? Oh well, here we go, this week’s Friday Five.

  1. When I married Jack, he was 49, and I was 29. He was full of life and planned so much for us to do together.001b (3)
  2. We ran 10k road races, we sailed the ocean blue, we climbed Mount Washington, and we traveled and saw so much of England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, and France, and all seemed right in our world. Newlyweds. We laughed, we smiled, and life was very good.
  3. Jack flew out the remaining years of his career as a pilot, first with Pan Am and the last with Delta. We traveled everywhere and saw so much.
  4. When Jack retired, we moved back to New Hampshire. We built a lovely home which we have lived in since 1999.
  5. The slowdown came faster than I thought. He became an expert napper, and, little by little, he just stopped doing things. In the last 12 years, he occasionally fainted. Recently it has been a true passing out. The recovery comes much slower, and there are times it takes a while for him to be fully awake. He has had 3 of these in the last nine days. He is not eating or drinking much. And as much as the doctors want him to be in the hospital, he refuses to go.
  1. + So here we are. Getting close to the end. I never thought it would go by this fast.


The Friday Five ~ Plus One ~ June 23rd

The Friday FiveThe last two weeks have been rather crazy for me I will try to put down the top 5, but really there could be a dozen more happenings here. I will try to keep it down but this may become a Friday Five plus…

  1. My mammogram showed a 6 mm mass that was not there a year ago, or two years ago…I had further testing, and the doctors seem to think I can be followed up in six months, but I am very uncomfortable with this. My Mom had breast cancer, and well I am always convinced that I have one foot in the grave. I’m going to talk to my Primary Care Doctor and get her opinion. It just doesn’t seem right.
  2. I have a failing root-canaled crown. I’m going in August for dental surgery. Since I am a big chicken and a dental-phobe, I am really not looking forward to all this. But it must be done. Here comes the hit to my checkbook.
  3. Lili had her teeth cleaned. They were also able to give her a full physical.2022-04-01_11-08-51Lili is truly, “Leaping Lili” which makes it hard to examine her. She is 75 healthy and happy pounds!
  4. Jack wasn’t feeling too well this week and he gave me quite a scare. I’d gone out to walk the girls before bed and I came back in to find him passed out on the floor! He roused quickly, but he was deadweight for me to try to lift. I tried to use my head to figure out a way to lift him up and after a good 30-plus minutes I was able to get him in a chair and I got out his walker. I finally got him in his recliner, walked the dogs again and collapsed onto my recliner, and fell asleep.
  5. My goal today is to do some grooming on Heidi. She looks a bit shaggy right now. I’ll take some before and after pictures. Hopefully, she will be cooperative.

Plus 1. I got my hair layered today. Back to curls. It’s a little shorter and easier to handle. Right now I feel overwhelmed with a lot of things. My hair was something I can take care of easily.

sneakyAnd have a wonderful weekend!

The Friday Five ~ June 9th

The Friday Five Do you ever have a week where you are so busy driving great distances, that by the end of the week, all you want to do is close your eyes and put up your feet? Well, that was this week for me. I have one last event today, but that is some relaxation for me, as I get my hair done. So without further adieu, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. This was the week of tests and doctor’s appointments. I drove to Laconia (not bad), then to Manchester on Tuesday, and then drove over to Vermont and back on Wednesday. I woke on Thursday, tossed everything in the car (crate, Heidi, picnic lunch, and Jack), and off to Manchester we went again.
  2. My appointment Monday needs further testing. Ugh. It means next Thursday I will need to drive to Concord.
  3. Tuesday found us going over to Vermont for a follow-up on Jack’s Kidney Stone. Guess what? He has another one!
  4. While Jack was having a test I walked all around the VA parking area. I encouraged Heidi to make friends and be a bit more open. She did great.
  5. Thursday we got the results of some of Jack’s tests. Not much can be done for an 85-year-old.

Well, that was the week that was. I sure am glad that it is over! Have a great weekend everyone!


The Friday Five ~ June 2nd

The Friday FiveHappy first Friday in June! Can you believe it? In a few short months, me and a bunch of my friends will have our 65th birthdays, thus joining the retired “Baby Boomer” generation. The last week has been crazy, but as I reach Friday, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. A week and a half ago after experiencing the Blue Screen of Death on my Dell Laptop,received_160654043470439

    I sent it in to have my Computer Guru wipe the hard drive. He started off trying to run a few programs. After he got the Blue Screen of Death when he had actually wiped the hard drive, he got this cute screen.


    He tried to go further, but when he saw this, he knew that my old Dell was good for nothing other than chopping up the hard drive with a sledgehammer.


    Well, it got both of our attention and we decided that a new computer was in my future.

  2.  Since it’s been a while since I purchased a laptop, I wanted to get a good machine with upgraded features. Again, the industry has flown by me and I needed help. Fortunately, my friend helped me pick a new machine. I ordered a Lenovo and it is unbelievably fast, And it seems to suit me.
  3. Due to the long weekend, the machine didn’t arrive until Tuesday. I could hardly wait and I have spent the last few days programming it. Later today I will add my purchased programs.

  4. Lili is doing fine now after her bee sting. I have never seen such enormous Bees! And Poor Lili suffered from the sting and from being sensitive to Benedryl.


    Heidi knew she was unwell and she lay beside her until Lili was better.

  5. I am on a German Wirehaired Dachshund webpage on Facebook. We are all devoted to our little beings and enjoy their special personalities. While dusting my bookcase I came across a book that had been written and illustrated by a man named Martin Blank.

    20230526_192035Martin Blank and his Dackel, Schluffi.

    I had taken two pictures from the book and mentioned that I knew Mr. Blank had died, but I felt the need to celebrate his creativity. Some time passed and his wife (who is also on the list) replied. I was so happy.

That is all for this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that a little sun shines and the temperatures are wonderful and warm.


The Friday Five ~ May 19th

The Friday FiveIt was a pretty crazy week for me. So much going on and I felt like I just couldn’t complete things in a timely manner. Somehow I did, so here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Last weekend I thought I had “fixed” my electric recliner. After cleaning the connections it worked right up until Tuesday night at about 10 o’clock.

    20190222_145642The loveseat when I first bought it.

    It was then I went to put my feet down and nothing happened! I checked what I could, but decided on two coarse of action. 1. See if the furniture store I bought it at could recommend a repair man,  or 2. worst case scenario, buy another recliner.

  2. On Wednesday I stopped at the Furniture store and they were amazingly helpful. They had all the records from the transaction and assured me that the repairman could get to me this week.
  3. Thursday morning at 8:30 Tim the repairman called, and fifteen minutes later he was here. Half an hour later my reclining loveseat was fixed! Call me one happy lady!
  4. It’s funny, Heidi loves the recliner.20200221_181423

    We have a special blanket I put over my knees and Heidi is always asleep between my knees. This is a blanket I had crocheted and never cared for. But Heidi loves this afghan.

  5. We had an honest-to-goodness frost last night. When I took the pooches out at 5 AM the grass was crunchie! And the thermometer read 28 degrees!

I am nearly caught up with a million little things around the house and since we are due for rain this weekend, I am hopeful that I can actually check things off my list.

2022-06-09_02-26-22Have a great weekend!

Friday Five ~ May 12th

The Friday FiveWell, Happy  Friday, Everyone! It’s been a crazy week, but as I slide into the weekend, here are the five things I am thinking about.

  1. In just about six months I will have my 65th birthday. This means a major upheaval for my medical care, as the VA will no longer allow me to access my doctors. I’m bitter about this as I feel I’ve finally found a medical care unit that works for me. But, such is life.
  2. I’m actually sort of freaked out about turning 65. I recall my grandmother, and mother turning 65 and I thought they were really old! Aside from aches and pains, in my mind, I don’t “think old!”. In fact, I think at this time in life I’ve realized that I have lived more than half of it. There is no climbing the road of life up. At this point, I’ve hit the peak and I am now on the other side, wondering how many years I have left to wander this earth.
  3. Jack is still recovering from the kidney stone. I think I can safely say it knocked him down.
  4. Our window air conditioners go in today. Yay! It’s getting to the point that we will need to use them. Well, at least I will be. Jack is always cold.
  5. Spring has sprung up here. Flowers are blooming and trees are leafing out! Just lovely.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine


The Friday Five ~ May 5th

The Friday FiveWell, this week did fly by. It started with a trip across the State of New Hampshire which allowed us to see all the flooding that we have had. It’s a ride I used to make often, but haven’t since 2018. Anyway, hold on and here we go with the week’s Friday Five!

  1. Jack is still not free of that dratted Kidney Stone. We saw a specialist on Monday and right now I am trying to get him to drink copious amounts of water. I really do not want him to have surgery.
  2. It was Jack’s birthday yesterday, but he is so ill he cannot eat. He has lost a lot of weight I hope his appetite returns soon.
  3. My little darling, Heidi is doing great on her special food. Apparently, she does have allergies to things in common foods. Thankfully, Purina Veterinary Care Diet works so well for her.
  4. Our Fox has returned after being hidden during the 2The Fox is pleasingly plump and its fur looks thick and healthy.
  5. I need to get a pair of sneakers. After being shut in and wearing slippers most of the time during the Pandemic, my old sneakers just do not fit right anymore.

Well, that wraps up my week. This weekend is the usual laundry and cleaning. Have a good one, wherever you are!


The Friday Five ~ April 28th

The Friday FiveQuite honestly, I am glad the week is over. Jack is feeling better and life is moving forward. As Friday dawns on us, here are the things I am happy about!

  1. As I said, Jack is well, and although he is still weak at least the pain is gone.
  2. I’ve been able to keep up with my meal preparations and some laundry. Over the weekend I want to curl up and take some nice naps, as well as finish up the throw rugs, washing and hanging them outside.
  3. Heidi is doing so well on a new dog chow. I am so pleased. I was worried about her, but it seems the worst is over.
  4. I ordered a pack of three doggy toys. They are just like the one that Heidi came to us with, which is her favorite. I gave her one and gave one to Lili. The next thing I knew Heidi had Lili’s toy, her new toy, and her old toy all in her mouth! Oh, it made me laugh!
  5. Yesterday was the 14th birthday of Anneliese’s pups. Baron, Bogart, Baerbel, and Birgit (Ali). All four are still with us. It makes me so happy because I know, I bred good hunters who were also very healthy. All the pups from three litters made it to 14+ years old. And one, Angelika in Greta’s first litter lived until she was almost 15!

So this wraps up another week. I hope you are enjoying the days wherever you may be.


The Friday Five ~ April 14th

The Friday FiveThis week found me attempting to plan to get all my medical appointments in. As it turned out, I was required to do all of this in one day! Wednesday. Which was just crazy! In any case, here we go with this week’s Friday Five!

  1. My first doctor’s appointment was to adjust the prescription for my glasses. That was at 8:00 in the morning on Wednesday.  It did not take long, and soon I was on my way back home.
  2. The next appointment was at noon with my dentist I had no cavities, but I have an infection in a small area on my gums, and will need oral surgery to clean it, and close the area. I asked if this would hurt and the answer was a noncommittal yes.  I will get a date soon for that. Ugh!
  3. My last appointment was at 3:00 and since it was an appointment online I was able to get nice and comfy before starting.
  4. Of course, I needed to make meals and I tried to use up my Easter leftovers. In fact, tonight will be the last meal of Lamb.
  5. Heidi is back on her medication and continues with her special food. She is doing well but will need to rest her gut for a while. While picking up Heidi’s food at the Vat, I met the most adorable mini puppy. It was 5 weeks old and just a pound. I’m not sure I have ever seen a puppy that small, who wasn’t a newborn!

So that’s my week. I hope you all will have a warm, wonderful, and relaxing weekend!