The Friday Five November 6th

The Friday FiveIt’s been a crazy busy week and as I sit here on Thursday night, I see a weekend filled with even more fun and exciting things. Here we go.

  1. My sister has given me’s package for my birthday. I believe this is her last attempt to disinherit me, but we will know in a few weeks. I mailed my spit in today and they will email me the results soon enough.
  2. Meanwhile, I have started doing the genealogy on their website. My sister has done a lot and I have linked to her site, but I have also been working with my husband’s family, and while researching I discovered a child that no one ever talked about in Jack’s mother’s family. I imagine this child probably died young.
  3. Anneliese seems to have perked up since starting the Gabapentin. I am hopeful that it is helping her.
  4. A week ago I ordered 25 spanking new Spice Bottles.20201105_123637I cleaned the entire stove, the shelf in the back, and I took the fan screen down and cleaned that too. Then I filled each container and used the labels provided. Now my stove looks so good!
  5. And lastly, my incision is healing very well. I think once the inner stitches dissolve, the area will be less puffy and will lie flat.


So, that’s all for this week. I hope you all have a good weekend!

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The Friday Five October 30th

The Friday FiveThis week is finally over. I’m glad. It was a somewhat tense week, but it is done and I made it through. So here’s what’s happening.

  1. We all know Monday was my surgery. It went so well! I am so fortunate to have found Dr. S. and that he got me in so quickly. Looking back on my surgery, I have to say that I am pleased the doctor did such a great job and that he was really interested in my tumors!
  2. I’ve managed to keep myself fairly quiet all week, which has helped with the healing process. Luckily, I never did get a black eye, just a headache between my eyes, like I’d been kicked by a horse. All manageable with Tylenol and Motrin.
  3. I used to be scared of so many things. I was not brave at all. But here I am nearly 62, and I am one very brave woman! I feel very strong!!!
  4. My dogs have been a great source of comfort to me. They are on my lap. or snuggled next to me, or on my feet (Lili loves to sleep on my feet or near them when she can). How lucky I am!
  5. My stitches come out on Tuesday and I am excited about that too! I was looking at my face this morning and I realized that with my tumors gone, and the eyebrow fixed my face is once again balanced!

Oct 29So that’s it for this week. We are now Past-Peak with our Autumn Leaf colors and now rain and cold seem to have set in. It’s my hope that wherever you are, you can find warmth, happiness, and good health!

Maribeth Dackel

The Friday Five October 23rd

The Friday FiveThursday found me attempting to get a handle on all the house-keeping stuff before my surgery on Monday. I was crazy busy, and here I will list it all, so you can see that perhaps I should have slowed down. Thursday’s activities are why I plan to do very little this weekend.

  1. I got up on Thursday early. I immediately stripped my bed and started the laundry. I did six loads of laundry, hung out some of it, and folded and actually put away all of it, and remade the beds! Yes, this found me running up and downstairs and back and forth in our home all day long.
  2. I decided to make Eggplant Parmesan, and in the middle of removing the cooked eggplant, Jack put a can of soup on the counter. I was reaching for a pot for his soup when I brushed my index finger on the cookie sheet that had just come out of the 450 degrees Fahrenheit oven and burnt it!20201023_075615I mean, really burnt it! I iced it down and after a bit put some burn creme on it. Ugh!
  3. We took the last Air-Conditioner out of the Office window. This was going so well until the rain-water began running all over my shoes, down my legs, and soaked me. Worst of all, in the end, Jack lost his grip on the air conditioner and I was left to finish placing it. Oh, my aching back!
  4. I poached boneless, skinless chicken thighs for the dachshunds. Since they both are getting older, I like to spoil them a little. They love it and occasionally Lili gets a bit too!
  5. Tonight I am doing an easy dinner. Leftovers for Jack and of course, the Eggplant Parmesan for me. I already know that bedtime will be early tonight.

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The Friday Five October 16th

The Friday FiveWhat a beautiful week it has been. Despite a little rain, the leaves are still bright and the skies returned to blue. Yes, a lovely Autumn we are having. So, here we go, this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I’ll start with the weather as that has been rather crazy. We’ve had several touches of frost, a lot of rain, and then beautiful warmth with blue skies. Not bad for the middle of October!
  2. Because I get bored easily, I decided to crochet another afghan. I let Savannah pick out the yarn and in the end, she will probably get it. I am working on it when I sit to watch the TV and the yarn is soft, chunky, and will make a wonderful, cuddly, blanket.
  3. I had a strange week on the diet front. I was doing everything right and managed to gain a small amount.scale-cartoon1I was upset at first, and I weighed myself several times to be sure it was correct, and it was. Ugh! At first, I was upset, and then I decided to look back in my food journals and then see what I was eating. I have made a few adjustments and I hope to see some movement on Tuesday!
  4. I received my small 5-inch cast iron pans. Many people use them to make big chocolate chip cookies, but I have made baked apples in them and they have been great!
  5. Thursday I loaded up the car with all the garbage and took a trip to the Recycling Center. Arnie rode along with me and we had a great time! Now that is done, I was able to clean the garbage cans and my garage is also smelling sweet. Well, like bleach, but that’s a vast improvement!

So, my gentle readers, I hope that you can enjoy the weekend. Stay safe, and enjoy the little things in your life. Hopefully, this darn Virus will be over soon!

The Friday Five October, 9th

The Friday FiveWell folks, the first week in October has flown by! I cannot believe how quickly time is going right now. In the early days of the Covid Virus, time seemed to almost standstill as we all stressed and tried to hold it together until we knew more about the virus. Now, here we are several months down the road, and we know if we are diligent we can avoid getting sick. Okay, enough of that. Here are this week’s Friday Five.

This week I decided to make the most out of each day and although I wasn’t Wonder Woman in my accomplishments, I did get some things done and I feel good about that. Some weeks are better than others.

2. At our Ladies Group Meeting (In a parking Lot in Lawn chairs with blankets as it is getting cold!) one of our gals made us all table runners! Oh, my goodness, they are all beautiful!


R is so talented and each runner looked professionally made. I am thrilled with mine! Isn’t it beautiful?

3. I made the absolute best standing rib roast beef this week! The recipe is easy and the roast was fabulous for two meals and I think I have more meal of it for Jack. Score one for me!

4. Of course, I also had a cooking fail, trying to make Apple Crisp, low-fat, lo-cal. It was a total failure. Back to the drawing board!

5. And for #5 I will leave you with this beautiful thought. Happy Weekend Everyone!


The Friday Five

The Friday FiveWelcome to October, Ladies, and Gentlemen! Here we are in the rather beautiful month of October, just eighty-four days from Christmas! Now that we are well into Covid, the year is going by rather quickly. So, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Since WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has abandoned us up here in the wilds of New Hampshire, there were friends of mine from class who decided that we needed each other. We needed that support. What we have learned is that WW actually doesn’t get it anymore. Covid or not, they have let each and every one of us down.
  2. So, I went to my Ladies meeting today and I have to tell you, meeting outside, socially distanced with each other, talking about our wins and losses with the scale have helped us so much. Our little group is about more than just the scale and I feel so blessed to have these twelve women in my life.
  3. Tomorrow I am going to see my grandchildren. We are all Socially Distancing and keeping a very small bubble.120136703_10224178630755175_1687620010511326482_nI will be meeting my new grand-dog, Winter Molly, and of course seeing my wonderful first grand-dog, Freya.
  4. So my little  Echo Show 5 arrived and I set it up. It is wonderful! The clock part is just what I wanted. Now I know it will take me a while until I figure it all out, but so far, so good!
  5. Well, my Steak Fajitas came out okay. Really, it would have been better if we could have grilled the steak, but it was fine. I think I actually enjoyed the Chicken Fajitas more.

So that’s this week’s list. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!

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The Friday Five September 25th

The Friday FiveThe summer just packed up and left us about a week ago. It’s been cold and damp and windy! I actually had to turn on the heat! Ugh! Anyway, here we go with this week’s Friday Five!

  1. I’ve been eyeing an Echo from Amazon, and this morning I went on to order it and the price was up $20.00! Now, after living with Jack, the cheapest man on the earth, I refused to complete the transaction. I am hoping that Amazon will have a sale before Christmas. Then I will buy this gift for myself.
  2. I am on my way today to have my yearly physical. I had my bloodwork done, in hopes that my Cholesterol Levels would be closer to normal. I mean, I’ve lost 57.2 pounds and that should be good for something, right? Unfortunately, it appears my levels have not changed at all. Ugh!
  3. I am sick to death of all the hate on Facebook. So, I joined two groups. One for ABBA fans and one for Dackel Lovers.
    I’ve set up my reader so I am seeing less and less hate and more puppy dogs and ABBA Songs! So much better!
  4. For those wondering, I really love my Pampered Chef Air Fryer. It’s perfect!
    I’m still learning, but one thing I do very well with is reheating Pizza for Jack. It comes out perfect every time!
  5. My young friend’s entire family has Covid-19. She and one of the kids feel pretty lousy, while her husband and their year-old baby, although positive, are fairing better. Please people, wear your masks, isolate and be patient. One day we will look back and this horrible plague will be past us.

Maribeth Dackel

The Friday Five ~ September 18th

The Friday FiveThis was an odd week for me. I mean, some very strange things happened and somehow, I made it through.

    • I went in on Tuesday and had my hair refreshed and trimmed. I’m really enjoying having slightly shorter hair.MB copy2 It makes my hair prep time down to about 5 minutes each day. This, I like!
    • I had my Ladies meeting and I cannot tell you how good this is for me. It’s my one day to see the special people in my life and I get so much support there.
    • I also made 32 jars of Heavenly Peach Jam. I like the first batch best, and Jack likes the second batch best.20200914_132956

It’s sort of funny because although I followed the same recipe, it was the ripeness of the peaches that made all the difference!

  • On Wednesday night about 10:50 PM, we heard two large explosions. And the lights went out. Jack woke me as he feared our deep freeze would thaw and he wanted to get the generation going.
    So up I got, and we got the generator going, which was good as the lights were out until 3:40 AM. It turns out that a car had flipped over on the road below us and taken out a phone pole strung with electrical wires. Upon returning to bed, I only got a couple of hours of sleep before the dogs demanded their breakfasts. Needless to say, as I write on Thursday night, I am exhausted. The bed is beckoning me!
  • And lastly, It was a very good week weight-wise! I feel so blessed that I have found this lifestyle change and that it has worked for me! I feel like a whole new woman!


September 15

The Friday Five

The Friday FiveWell here we are, the first Friday of September. It’s hard to believe that the year is slipping by so fast. It’s been a very full week for me. I am quite tired and I hope for a little down time. In any case, here are 5 things going on.

  1. On Wednesday I was early leaving for my doctor’s appointment, so I stopped at Talbot’s at the Outlet and bought a pair of size 14 jeans! At the start of the year, I was wearing a size 20 and they were tight! So proud of all my work changing my lifestyle.
  2. I also stopped at Jockey and bought myself new underwear. My old ones were all stretched out and were giving me constant wedgies!
  3. I had my first steak this week in over 8 months! Boy, was it delicious!
  4. We’ve had quite a bit of rain and so everything has greened up around here. It’s quite pretty.
  5. We are interviewing people to take care of the snow plowing this winter. Jack was very unhappy with the people we had last season.

So that’s it. I did do a lot of driving and even got my tetanus shot. Next on my list is the Super Flu shot.

Have a Happy Weekend!

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The Friday Five ~ August 28

The Friday FiveAs many of you know, this has not been the best of weeks for me. So, instead of rehashing what you already know, I will make this week’s Friday Five about Five things that make me smile.

  1. 118282163_3436378323092700_1160574978881143670_n
  2. Meredith Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee, in my little town.MtWashLndng

    This is The Mount Washington Cruise Ship that takes Tourists around our beautiful lake! Lake Winnipesaukee is New Hampshire’s largest lake with a surface area of 72 miles and around 200 miles of shoreline. At 9 ½ miles wide and 28 miles long, the lake is home to (what some estimate to be) 365 islands of which 274 are habitable. I love our big Lake.

  3. This is another view of Meredith. I would think it was taken from a Drone.117830406_3381271955258006_468635519791066344_o

    This Town, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  4. My home. It is not perfect, but the views of our smaller Lake, Lake Waukewan are beautiful.49953034696_7cf0b83b28_5k

    We’ve been here 21 years now. I think that’s the longest I have lived anywhere.

  5. Sunsets on my little lake are so lovely. I can look out our front windows, or sit on our screened porch and watch the sun go down.August 20 009

    This always brings a smile to my face.

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