First Snow

Tuesday found us getting our first measurable snow. It was quite pretty and really left only about an inch on the ground.

20191112_160550It’s just that time of year and we are forecast to have really cold weather for the next few days. (Between 15 – 20 degrees F) This is crazy and far too early for mid-winter temperatures.

I was worried about my fine feathered friends, and I made sure their suet feeders were full. We had a few come in quickly and get a little suet and seed and fly off. But my Downy Woodpecker came by and really went to town on the seed.

PB110010 (3)He really enjoyed the suet and seed and stayed for quite a long while. Ah, my little friend!

Meanwhile, I worked on washing sheets and cooking meals and repairing my old afghan that I crocheted thirty years ago! Then I sat down to drink a little tea but got preoccupied with a thought about dinner. I’m making Lamb Chops tonight with German Bratkartoffeln (fried potato slices with onion and bacon) and red cabbage. I figured if I go to WW tomorrow to start the new plan, I might as well eat my “last supper”!

Well, off to WW I go. I hope that the new plans make sense to me and that I can find one that works for me.

Fall Back!

Today was one of those days where I found myself pondering life. Never really a good thing for me because I have always been a half-empty glass, type of gal. Although I really try not to be.

Still, as the winds blew and the leaves fell, and the trees returned to their winter skeletal form, I began feeling a bit melancholy.

I put on some music, and got out my crocheting, and tried not to dwell, but my brain would not kick-off, and I felt a heaviness in my heart.

So, I called my sister and talked for a while and that seemed to help. But I think the shorter days, the fact we have had a lot of rain (not much sun!) and there has been so much going on, has me out of sorts.

It’s time to “Fall Back” time-wise so don’t forget!


The Peak Is Past

I looked out today at the lake and everything was still. It was also a simple burnt brown and yellow and the vivid reds and orange and corals are done.

PA210019 copy

Still, it was beautiful, and so when I went to get the mail, I took my big camera and took a few pictures. The one below was when the sun was shining. So beautiful!

PA210020 copy

Soon the trees will be bare and the blustery winds of November will be upon us. With just the skeletal remains of the trees blowing eerily this way and that.

PA210017 copy

It’s strange but my favorite time of year is Autumn when the colors are bright. The month of November, my birthday month, the weather, the colors, tend to be rather grim.

Yet, November holds two things I am looking forward to. My 61st birthday and Thanksgiving. My personal favorite holiday!

People ask me what dish is my favorite during the Thanksgiving meal? Hmm. Let’s see, turkey, stuffing made with roasted chestnuts, mashed potato, cranberry sauce, butternut squash, green beans, gravy, rosemary crusted hot dinner rolls, apple pie, pumpkin pie, or mince Pie? Umm, yes! All of it! LOL!

The Long Weekend

Our long weekend was not a bad one. I am still fighting this blasted cold, but I went outside in the warm air and all the beautiful leaves. It’s good for the soul to be surrounded by such beauty.
PA120005I think even when you are not feeling your best, the beautiful Autumn colors can turn your day around. And so it was with me.

The train went by again today, as it was the holiday. I checked their schedule and determined that next weekend is their last foliage train! Too bad. This year our Autumn is about two weeks late, so there would have been plenty to see at the end of the month.


This is another quiet week for me, which is a very good thing. I keep hoping to shake off this cold and being able to take it easy and do a few crafts and rest is really helpful.

At least this is what I am telling my immune system!

Autumn in New Hampshire

Here we are, midweek in New Hampshire. The foliage colors are getting prettier and stronger, but we have another two weeks or thereabouts until we have peak colors.

Every day, busses of tourists from all over the world travel through the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and further north to see our beautiful leaves. I have always taken it for granted, but this year, I am enjoying it so very much!


I took this as I came down my driveway today. You can see a little of the change of color, but also that we still have a lot of green around.


I was out today driving around, and I got my hair done. It came so pretty. I’m just loving what my hairstylist Becca is doing for me!

In the next few days I want to slow things down. I have, what I hope are just Autumn Allergies, a slight sore throat, and stuffy nose. Fingers crossed it is nothing at all.

Redd Foxx

On Tuesday I found a new animal in my Yard-Zoo. Why I have Deer and Wild Turkey’s, a plethora of Birds and Geese, a Duck or two, Squirrels, Chipmunks and Ground Hogs, and now I can add a handsome and seemingly healthy Fox.

P9170008 (2)I think I will call him Redd Foxx!

P9170006 (2)He scampered about the Orchard in our yard grabbing Pears, Peaches, and apple and munching on them. I knew something had been in the yard, I suspected Bears, as frequently Lili wakes up around 2:00 AM barking at something. I usually stumble to the bedroom door and tell her to be quiet! Then stumble back to bed!

Now I know, it’s Redd Foxx!

Since he/she looks healthy I am thrilled with the new addition. It certainly makes life interesting!

Isn’t that just wonderful!


Usually, I cook and can my Heavenly Peach Jam in early August. But for us, this year, our peach crop is still not completely ripe.

Our Spring was very wet, very cold and very late. Our Apple and Peach trees blossom in mid-May, but this year it was the first week in June!

Thus the Peach Crop is small and late. We have all the supplies that we need to make the Heavenly Jam, but it will be the weekend before I can even start.

It got me to thinking back to when my friend Emily lived next door. She would come over and the three of us would work, Dipping the peaches in boiling water for a minute, tossing them in ice water and then peel off the skin and then we would take out the seed, and chop the peaches.

Em and MeEmily and I back in August 2006.

Yes, Jack, Emily and I were a great team and the prep time went fast and we talked and joked and had fun. Below you will see some of the Jam we made together.

24 Jars Of Heavenly Jam & A New Hair Cut

I sure miss Emily and I wish that she lived closer! Of course, she and her husband are expecting baby boy #2 any day now, so I don’t think she would be up for jam making.

So on Wednesday I will be preparing the peaches and setting the Jam to rest before cooking it up on Thursday and canning it.

The Recipe can be foundĀ HERE

A little aside, if you share this recipe, I am all for it, but please be sure to credit me. Recently someone “borrowed” one of my very own recipes and took credit for the recipe. For the first time in my 60 years, I felt bad. Perhaps it was because I’d worked hard to create that recipe. In any case, use whatever you would like and please don’t forget me!