A Cat & Mouse Story

Ok, I admit it. I do not like mice! So last night, when I opened the door to let the cat in out of the rain, you can imagine my horror when Bear came running in to the house carrying a mouse! He then preceded to drop it, I am guessing to play with it, alive and kicking,  and as I stood there, momentarily frozen, I  started to scream!

It was not a pretty scream. In fact I sounded quite shrill. I glanced over at my two grandchildren sitting together on the sofa, and both were laughing like crazy! Apparently they found Oma’s screaming at a mouse really funny!

Now, I will admit, my fear of mice is great and I was terrified!

The cat followed the mouse into the kids playroom and I tried to steel myself and go in and catch that thing. I even called Jack to ask what to do! Simple, he said, close the door and leave the cat inside with the mouse.

Simple  he says, but that still meant dealing with a decapitated creature in the end.

I paced back and forth, until Bear meowed at the door to get out. Then I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. Sure enough, there it lay. Gone to another world.

After I disposed of the body,  I came back in the house, and sat down with the kids. My heart was still racing!

I settled Quinn and came back down to Savi. I looked at her and told her I needed a hug! She smiled and threw her arms around me!

All I can say is, I am so glad it’s over!

And yes, I know I am a chicken!

Oh yes, I don’t like snakes either!

My Cooper’s Hawk

On Sunday morning I was sitting here in my chair, with the last of the Olympics on, and my computer on my lap. You know, the usual killing time stuff, often done on the weekend!

Suddenly, I her a very loud thud behind me. I was fairly certain that a bird had flown into my window, as often happens, and was either dazed on the ground or dead from a broken neck.

I jumped up, and ran into my bedroom and pulling up the front shade saw one of the largest birds I have seen this close in many years.


I rushed the dogs from the room, grabbed my camera, and went back in to take as may pictures as I could, but also to determine if he was injured and would require me to call the Fish & Game Department.


He looked dazed, but I could not see any breaks in his wings, or legs. His eyes looked confused, and he sat there, taking stock of the situation.

IMG_0440 (3)

Hubby came in and looked the bird over, and we knew right away that it was a Hawk, but what kind we could not be sure.

IMG_0433 (3)

When I was a little girl we rescued a Red Tail Hawk with a broken wing. We rehabilitated it, until our neighbor called Fish & Game and we had to surrender the bird. That was a heart breaking day for me, because I loved that Hawk.

IMG_0442 (2)

So, I knew it wasn’t like that Hawk, and after conferring with y friends we decided that it was a Cooper’s Hawk. Fairly common in the northern parts of America and Canada.

Then, my Hawk, shook his head, and flapped his wings, and in a moment, he was gone. I watched him as he flew away. His wing span so long and graceful.

He soared and so did my heart!