TBT: Sibling Love

Since Facebook was down all day yesterday, I did things like, read a book, cook a splendid dinner, and make the picture I am posting!

3 years

This is a collage of my two grandchildren. It starts the day of Quinn’s birth, March 7, 2016, and then shows them each year since. Three years of Sibling Love!

And they really do love each other. Here is a great example. I was babysitting for them, and Quinn fell off the chair onto the floor. It was a tough fall and knocked the wind out of him. I asked if he needed me to make it all better?

“No”, he said, “I need Sissy”. He went over to her, climbed in her lap and she sang to him. Then he was fine!

That was just the sweetest thing I have seen.


My daughter put up two pictures today of my darling grandchildren, Savannah and Quinn. As I gazed at their beautiful, happy, faces the world became a better place and I felt even more excited about the trip I am about to start this week with them!

Beautiful Savannah!


Handsome Quinn!

I look at their faces and I am so thankful that I am their Oma! These two kids are not just my much-loved grandchildren, but they are both really nice, interesting children, that I enjoy spending time with.

I’m looking forward to going on the rides, watching their faces when they see the different Disney characters, and even watching them crash out in the evenings after we are done with the theme parks for the day.

Stay tuned for pictures and a travelogue which will begin on Saturday Morning on this blog. The activities will all be one day after, and I will try to write and post each night before I crash.


Christmas Eve


Can you believe it? Here we are. It’s Christmas Eve! Here in New Hampshire, our ground is nearly bare of snow and they really are not expecting any significant snow by Christmas. In fact, Christmas Day is forecast to be cold and sunny. Which is fine by me, as last year we drove through a big snowstorm to get to my daughter’s home to celebrate the big day.

I’ve always loved Christmas. The people, the fun, the food, and then something totally magical happened in my life.

I became an Oma!

Suddenly, the magic I knew when my children were little, is back and in many ways even better than before. My appreciation for all that I have in my life is so much greater than when I was young. Each person, each love, brings a smile to my face and makes me anticipate sharing Christmas Day with them.

48405328_1136175726560925_5215264030301618176_nThe wonder of watching their happy faces as they open their packages fills me with sheer joy!


Today I will visit the Post Office for the last cards and packages before Christmas Day.


I will pack the car, and decide what I am wearing Christmas Day and lay it out. Our day begins early, as we breakfast and prepare for one very special day, spent with those that I love.

Have a blessed Christmas Eve!



On Saturday I was up bright and early, my bags were packed and I had Christmas gifts for my cousin to bring down to my daughter’s house. I was on time, and even got a nice bottle of water for the ride.

Everything was going well until I got out of my car at my daughter’s house, went to get my overnight bag out of the back seat and found I’d forgotten it!

Yeah, call me stupid. I have never done this before. Especially since I take two very important medications that I cannot go without.

Oh well, I told Mandy and Matt to go on out and I would bite the bullet and drive home in the evening.

I’m not a fan of driving in the dark. I don’t see all that well, and so I really avoid it. Lucky for me, when it came time for me to drive back, the traffic was light and I did just fine.

But I am still annoyed with myself!

I did get to see Savannah perform at her ballet class Christmas show. And she was wonderful and adorable and this Oma was thrilled!

Here Savannah is waiting with her classmates to perform for us and for Santa.
She was so adorable and knew all her steps and little hand gestures!

She sure can jump high!

Savannah really loves Santa and is always good for hugs, snuggles, and cuddles!
When we got home Quinn was playing with his Christmas Tree. Fun to watch!

Our weather today was splendid! Our temperatures were close to or right around 50 degrees! And the sun was shining! All in all, a great day.

If only I hadn’t forgotten my medications!


Home Again

On Tuesday morning I drove back to Meredith after getting Savannah off to school and waiting for the plumbing and heating guys to work on Mandy and Matt’s furnace.


Savi waiting for her bus! As I watched her waiting, and then getting onto the school bus, I recalled her mother and standing and waiting with her. Wasn’t that just the other day? It’s crazy really. As I keep saying, the time has flown by, and so much has changed, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


My beautiful and sweet grandson, Quinn, using the Ipad. I am amazed at his brain to hand dexterity.  I watched him as he learned numbers and letters and used his fingers to put things in circles and boxes.

As I drove the one hour back to my home, I noted that most of the pretty foliage was gone. I wondered about this until I learned that the night before a cold front moved through with high winds. The news reported that there were trees down and power outages. Thus the end of our leaf season was upon us.

I was greeted by my husband and dogs as if I had been gone for several years instead of just a couple of days. Jack said the dogs all showed signs of depression during my absence. I still believe that they are a completely different pack of dogs without their fearless leader, Greta!

So I am home, feeling happily tired and with a big smile on my face. Time spent with my grandchildren is always a good thing. I can hardly wait to see them again


Time Is Flying

Tonight Matt took the children and me out to Red’s for dinner. It was so good and we really enjoyed it.

I had a wonderful steak with mashed potatoes and roasted green beans.  It was all great and best of all, I didn’t have to clean up after!

Mandy gets home tomorrow and I will head back to my home. I do enjoy spending time with the kids and watching them grow.

I walked Savannah to her bus stop on Monday, and as I stood watching her get on and take her seat, a lump caught in my throat. Where has the time gone? Just yesterday she was a baby and now she is a growning school girl. And Quinn is amazing. At just two and a half he has an amazing vocabulary!

Once again, if you can leave me a comment so I can see that you can, or email me at dackelprincess (at) metrocast.net, so I will know if there is still a problem.


Summer Love!

Over the weekend I had the chance to spend time with my two grandchildren. I always love and value this time. I learn more and more about my grandkids, each time I am there. Right now at the ages of two and six, the kids are changing every day, sometimes hour by hour!

We swam in the pool and Savannah is a little fish. She loves to swim and never stops. She loves the water! Quinn does very well with his little swimmers, but still has a ways to go with is self-swimming. If our season was a bit longer, I think he would get it, but since our season ends soon, he will more than likely learn next year. He sure loves being in the pool!

Case in point. my little guy, Quinn was fascinated by the selfie stick I brought with me. He watched himself in the picture, with no adult sharing the screen.


Savannah thought it was pretty cool too.


The only problem I have with the selfie stick is that sometimes I don’t hold it as steady as I would like. It’s something I need to work on. If my old hands keep shaking, at least this selfie stick is also a tripod and I can set up for some better pictures.

While I was there, I sat down with six-year-old Savannah and she read to me, 40 pages of her Dick and Jane book.  Some of the words she knew, but some were new to her and we worked sounding them out, and because the stories use these same words over and over in the story, by the end of the story she had learned at least three words. Not only was I proud of her, and Mandy was proud, but Savannah was proud of herself, and that was a marvelous thing to see!

I also worked on Savannah’s hair on Monday, to get it into pretty braids for her audition in the Community Theater.  Savi was so sweet as I braided her hair. She talked non-stop.


Her chattering with me is something I simply adore! I remember holding Savannah on the day she was born, and telling her I could hardly wait until she could tell me everything she was thinking!

And now, here she is. Six years old and telling me everything that is on her mind. And she is such a smart and interesting little girl. I just love talking with her!

All too soon, our time together came to an end, and I started on my trek home, via the grocery store. The trip seemed long, and it was very hot, and I was so happy to arrive and get settled into a cool home with all the dogs either on me or around me!

Yes, Summer Love!



Sunday Sunshine!

I drove down to Mandy’s house yesterday for a visit and a swim. The weather was perfect and I was in the pool with Mandy and the kids for about 3 hours! It was the perfect day as our temperature was close to 90 and the water was so soothing!

After we dried off, we watched the good old Disney movie “101 Dalmatians”. It was wonderful to watch my grandchildren enjoying a movie that I also loved as a child.

After that was dinner, and a bit more TV time, and then I sat down with Savannah and got out the “Dick and Jane” beginner reader book and Savi read 40 pages all by herself!

How great is that!


Today I babysit for half the day and then it’s grocery shopping on my way home.

Have a great Monday!

Lucky Me!

I was thinking today about my grandchildren. I do that a lot you know. I was thinking about the miracle that brought them into our lives and the fact that at times I get overwhelmed with love for them.


They’re really wonderful kids. I’ve watched Savannah grow and here she is at six years of age and she is so interesting.


She loves to run, swim, dance, and act in community plays. She loves to be read to, to cuddle, and to help out with anything that we happen to be doing. She is mostly cheery and really seldom has a bad day. I sit and marvel at what a great girl she is, and how lucky that she is part of our family.


Quinn is a bit different than Savannah. Oh he is just as active as his sister, and he loves to be read to and to play with his trucks (this boy was born with a love of anything with a wheel!), but here is something that is so cute and funny about him.

When Quinn wakes up, he wakes with a very serious little face. It’s very funny because he is so bright and cheerful otherwise, but he got the “I don’t like to wake up!” gene and it shows so clearly on his little face. It makes me laugh, (but never out loud!) when I am watching him.



Once he is awake, his whole personality changes into a happy and sweet little guy. In fact, I am head over heels in love with this adorable boy. Last year his teachers at the Pre-school he attends sent Mandy a picture of Quinn on the tricycle. A year later they sent her an almost identical picture showing how he had grown!


Now isn’t he just the cutest little boy you have ever seen?

So forgive me if I share a little of my being madly in love with my grandchildren. They are the lights in my life, the joy in my heart and I feel so blessed and grateful to be a part of their worlds!

The Loves Of My Life

When I think of all the blessings in my life, right at the top of the list are my two grandchildren, Savannah and Quinn. In life, I’d always hoped for children of my own, and I was pleased to give birth to two beautiful baby girls.

What I never expected was how wonderful it would be to become an Oma, and have these two terrific children as my grandchildren!

I listen to other people talk about their grandkids and I smile because it really is a special bond that you have with these, your own grandchildren. You absolutely adore every hair on their heads and would do anything for your grandchildren. It’s a feeling that fills me with such joy!


My darling Savannah!


My sweetheart, Quinn!

I love going into my daughter’s home and calling out and having the children come running into my arms, calling my name. There is such love at those times and I feel like the luckiest woman on the face of the earth!

I love the way Savannah sings her little songs to me and how she uses her imagination when she is playing with her dolls. She makes each doll have an individual voice and it is the cutest thing.  But the songs, yes, her made up songs, are so dear to my heart. She is six now and a total delight!

Quinn is so funny. He is all boy. I swear he was born with a car, truck, or plane in his hands. If it has wheels or wings, he is happy. When we were out one day at Cracker Barrel for dinner, I told him he could pick out his toy. He went around looking at everything and then went right to an airplane (also had wheels!). That was what he wanted. He is also working so hard to get his words down, and at two and a half, he speaks amazingly well.

I am not just head over heels in love with my grandchildren, I also really and truly like them. They are a pleasure to be with.


I give all of the credit to their two parents, Mandy and Matt. They have been raising these kids to be good, kind, polite, loving, children. How lucky these two children are to have parents that love them enough to be raising them to be wonderful people.

Yes, all around, I am blessed!