Happy 4th Of July

It’s The Fourth of July here in America. The day we celebrate our Independence from English rule. I think we have also moved toward celebrating our freedom. Most families celebrate with barbecues and general gatherings. And of course, fire works!
The fireworks start several days before the fourth. Neighboring towns will coordinate so people can go to all the events in their area. My sister can go to a fire works display for three of four days! Fun stuff!

Quite a few years ago, when my daughter and Hubby’s daughter were with us on the fourth, (they were both in their early teens) I set about to teach them safe handling of fire works. They loved sparklers and so that was what I selected.

I showed them how to hold it at the very base of the stem safely.
Well, you know me. Nothing ever really goes the way I plan. I lit the sparkler and it malfunctioned and blew up in my hand, burning me pretty badly.
I ran inside and grabbed a bag of peas and off we went to the Emergency Room. Where they cleaned and dressed my hand. And I got a lecture on fire works safety.

It was then I realized that I needed to never handle fire works again. And I haven’t. I have been very good about letting the professionals do all the display work. You just never know when you might get a bad one and have it explode like that.
So to everyone out there today celebrating the fourth, please be careful and safe.
Happy Independence Day!!!!