Hubby and I went to see this charming movie on Friday. Make no mistake, it is dealing with a difficult subject (teen pregnancy), but the film offers hope in a way I didn’t think was possible. The acting was superb, the writing and directing were outstanding. We laughed, we cried and we fell in love with Juno and her friends and family.

For those who have a chance, go see it. If it is not near you yet, you can preview the movie here and here.

I think many mothers of teenage daughters might worry about allowing their girls to see this, but I must say, take them and then allow the movie to open a dialog between you and your daughter about the emotional and physical changes that occur from an accidental teenage pregnancy. It just may help you to start a conversation on a subject that many people find hard to talk about, and also help your daughter to avoid a pregnancy when she is not mature enough to handle the results.

I cannot remember seeing such a wonderful movie in a very long time. Take your daughter, your sister or a friend. (In my case, Hubby came with me, and he loved the movie too!) You will not be disappointed!

PS: I was trying to remember the name of the song that is sort of the theme song of this movie. (All The Young Dudes, by Mott The Hoople) It was making me crazy, not being able to remember it. Finally I called my cousin, Janet and sang and hummed the part I could recall. She is a genius! She remembered it right off and solved the mystery! Thanks, J!

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More Pictures

I’ve been playing with the camera again. Learning new things and so I thought I would share them with you. The first one happened when Anneliese was looking out the window this afternoon. I noticed the flash didn’t go off and so she appears in silhouette.

Oct 25b 008

Then I put the filler flash on and took the same picture again.

Oct 25b 009

I was pleased. Then I watched Anneliese and took this picture with a 75% zoom.

Oct 25b 015

The clarity on that last one just amazed me! I can’t believe that the screen shows up so well!

Then I decided to get back to the macros, so I set up the new earrings I got today, on the scarf I will wear with the new outfit Hubby bought me. I found these earrings quite by chance and knew they would go perfectly!

Oct 25 009

And with that I will end this post before I have bored you all to tears!

A New Toy!!!

I will probably be boring you with pictures before we even leave on our trip. Why, you might ask? Because we bought a new camera today. We’d been talking about it for a while, and the other day when we were down in “the big city” we looked at them and tried some out. My biggest problem is due to all my eye surgeries, I really need a camera that gives you a good normal view finder to work with. I also wanted lots of pixels and a super zoom! Yesterday we made up our mind what we wanted, and this morning in the Sunday newspaper there our camera was, “on sale”!!!

So we drove down today and bought it!

So as soon as I finished dinner I was snapping pictures trying it out. I think I have a long way to go! There are so many settings, and so many buttons, that I haven’t discovered even a fraction of all the things that this camera does!

Here are a two pictures from tonight.

Stay tuned for more pictures!!!