The Beat Goes On!

Well, here I am on Monday afternoon, planning my week. The next two days will be very busy and a bit on the nerve-wracking side.

After seven years, the scar on my brow from cancer surgery has become painful. Well, it’s actually been painful for a while (a few years) but it has reached the point of causing me discomfort each day.  It’s like having two beans under my skin. When I put on make-up, it hurts. When I wash my face, it hurts. Finally, my Dermatologist suggested I see a Plastic Surgeon for a revision.

Eye brow swelling

The reason I am nervous is that although I have good insurance, it will be the decision of the Insurance Company whether or not I really need this.

I have said for many years that it was NOT our Healthcare System that needed to be revised. No! It is the Insurance Companies that need to have their systems revised and curtailed! Imagine some account manager for XYZ-Insurance Company being able to say whether or not you get care!

Unfortunately, the Insurance Companies have a lot of Lobbyists and they have controlled our healthcare system and availability for years! And now, as I wait to find out if I can have a revision, I must ask myself if my Insurance Company will deem it necessary.

After that appointment, I will be stopping at the grocery shop. I have a lot of things to buy.

Of course, once I get done with the shopping, I will need to come home, put all the groceries away, and make dinner! Long day.

Wednesday I have my ladies meeting in the morning, and directly after that, I am driving to get my hair done.

After that, I have no plans for the rest of the week. We pulled the last air conditioner on Monday and now we are officially in Winter Mode. I need to check the fuel oil and set the thermostats.

Yes, busy, busy, and then some quiet.

Have a great week everyone!

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I find it extremely amusing that once you are over 50, Mother Nature often tosses you curve-balls just to see if you are awake and knows who is boss!

It is so with my body today. Ugh!

I woke at 1:00 this morning, sat up on the side of my bed, and like I do every night stepped off to go to the bathroom. When my left foot hit the floor and held weight, pain shot through me, and I fell.


We have nice cushy carpeting, so my fall did not injure anything but my pride, but as I sat there on the floor I realized that my Plantar Fasciitis was back in full force in my left foot!

I got up, and finished my trip, and returned to bed. As I lay there I tried to rub my foot and release the pain, but no. I’m afraid it’s going to be around for a while. For those of you who have had Plantar Fasciitis, you will know immediately the pain one can get!

In the real normal world that we once lived in, I would have called my Podiatrist and gone in and have him wrap it with sports tape and designed a game plan for lessening the pain.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the real world anymore. Due to the Covid, I would need a referral from my Primary Care doctor, and then who knows how long it would take to get in? I may call her on Tuesday and see what she can do for me.

As I said before, dealing with an illness or injury during the dastardly Covid, is not easy at all.

This morning the foot is no better and after my shower, I got out my shoes with my orthotics and I am wearing those, but limping pretty badly.

Ah yes, getting older is not for sissies!

Maribeth Dackel

Life In My Sixties

In just over a month I will celebrate my sixty-second birthday! I’m thrilled to death. Many people I know have long since stopped counting birthdays and groan when their day arrives. Not me! Here is why.


I never felt good in my skin. I was so insecure. I didn’t really know myself and my reality is that I married far too young, finding my only value as a wife and a mom. But let’s face it. Getting married at 17 is a crazy thing, and I had no business doing that. The divorce broke me and the entire thing was just plain bad. I’m fortunate to have mended fences with my former husband, who I now count as one of my friends.

Feeling I had no self-worth after the divorce, I married my friend. I was the Captain’s Wife and tried to find my value and self-worth there. I’ve been the Captain’s Wife now for 33 years. But over the last ten years, I have discovered something really amazing.

I am truly a unique and loving woman of great value and it is not tied to anyone but myself.


You see, I learned that I needed to develop my own personality, I needed to grow and find my own way in this world, and as I approach the age of 62, I can look at that woman in the mirror each morning and smile.

Oh, I am not perfect, and I still have a ton of flaws, but you know, I have learned to love with my whole heart and after a lifetime of not listening, I have closed my mouth and opened my eyes and ears.

I also have discovered what having friends is all about. I was not always the best of friends with people. I tried, but seeing as I felt little self-worth, I did not feel I had much to offer.

When WW dispanded up here, the back row crew just couldn’t survive without each other. There are twelve of us, who meet each week, and we sit socially distanced in a parking lot, and go over the important things in our lives and in our weight-loss goals. It’s getting cold, but we are still meeting!

When I arrived last Wednesday, I looked at these beautiful women and I said, “You know ladies, I just love US!” And I really do.

It’s my hope that in the years I have left on this earth, that I will be able to love, share, and offer a shoulder to those who need it.

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Being Sick In The Time Of Covid


Summer has completely disappeared now and our temperatures have dropped to the thirties at night and fifties during the day. When I woke on Sunday morning it was a chilly sixty-two degrees in the house. As much as I hated to, I turned on the heat until I brought the temperature up to 69. Then I shut it down. The sun is up and shining on our house, and it will sustain the temperature for the rest of the day.

On Friday I woke feeling sick. I had a slight fever, but I knew I had a UTI. I called my doctor. I needed a urinalysis and antibiotics. I was not sick with the Covid, it was a lady problem, UTI and I mean, come on. I needed some simple doctoring!

Well at the Women’s Clinic I go to they would not see me because I was sick, and I had run a slight fever of 99.6! I needed to find an Urgent Care Center and go there, lest I bring the Covid to the Women’s Center!

My feeling is this. I was sick with what I knew to be a Women’s issue and needed some simple care. Sending me to an Urgent Care Center was almost more dangerous as they do see Covid Patients there!

I was perplexed. What do I do? In the end, I decided I had no choice. I selected an Urgent Care in an area with no new cases of the Virus. I wore a mask, used hand sanitizer, and prayed a whole lot!

I tinkled in the cup and then waited to see the Nurse Practitioner. Sure enough, I have a raging UTI, which required antibiotics and a drug to coat the urinary tract and help with the pain.

I asked if they’d had any positive Covid patients recently and he told me the last one had been over two months ago. I felt slightly better. However, when I got to my car I washed down with disinfectant wipes and changed my shirt.

After finishing up there, I drove to the Pharmacy in my daughter’s town, as I was on my way to see them. Their Pharmacy was a nightmare and I am glad I live in a small town.

Tomorrow I will write about my visit with the kids and my new grand-dog, Winter!


Coffee, Peaches, & Beauty!

Yesterday I woke up and made the coffee, and as I went to prepare my cup I noted I was out of Splenda Sweetener. That’s okay, I thought, because I had just purchased a box of Splenda packets to carry in my purse.

So, I got that out, added it to the coffee, and took a wonderful sip. Oh, yuck! It tasted like cardboard!

Thinking I may have added too much, I poured a second cup and then tried it.  Yuck!

Then it hit me. The lack of taste! Oh my God! I’ve got the Covid!

I ran to the fridge, grabbed a peach, and bit into that. Sweet, delicious, yummy, and with taste! Oh, thank the Lord! No Covid here!

I went back to the grocery store and brought the box. I explained the situation, and they refunded my money, while I picked up fresh, loose, store brand, Sucralose. Happily, I drove home and made fresh coffee and had a cup.

This morning all is well. The coffee was good and the temperature outside is actually warm. The sun was rising and I snapped this picture looking across our Lake.

20200927_071056It’s a wee bit cloudy and we are all praying for rain as we are in a drought right now. We need rain. A lot of rain!

Happy Sunday everyone!

A Gift

Some days you go out into the world and everything that you see or touch goes to holy heck! Other days, like Friday was for me, is a gentle gift from God, and leaves me smiling. So, here we go.

I left here on Friday in the morning for my appointment with my Primary Care doctor. It was my big physical since my disaster physical last year. I was dreading it really because the last time wasn’t all that good, and she warned me that I was cutting short my life. The point was well taken by me and on January 1st I started the total reform package!

57 pounds later…

My Cholesterol levels are good. Certainly within normal limits. I do not need any medications!

My liver function, which was showing signs of stress and disease had completely turned itself around. In fact, my Liver Function test was perfectly normal!

And my thyroid levels were right where they are supposed to be. So my medication level does not need to be adjusted.

My A-1C test for diabetes last time showed me as a pre-diabetic at 5.9. This time, my level was a perfectly normal 5.3!

Looking back at the last nine months, I realize that I have saved my own life!



It’s A Meme

A is for Age – 61
B is for Booze – Judiciously
C is for Career – Mommy, Dog Breeder, Oma
D is for Dad’s name – James
E is for Essential Item to bring to a Party – A good attitude
F is for Favorite Songs at the Moment – Old & Wise (Live Version)

G is for Goof off thing to do – definitely kill time on the computer.
H is for Hometown – I grew up in Falmouth, Massachusetts
I is for Instrument you play – Played flute when I was a kid
J is for Jam or Jelly you like – grape
K is for Kids – 2 daughters, 1 stepdaughter, 1 stepson, 2 grandchildren
L is for Living arrangement – My husband and the 3 dogs
M is for Mom’s name – Rosamond
N is for Names of best friends – Ya know who you are
O is for overnight hospital stays – too many to count
P is for Phobias – Crowded places. A concert to me is almost a cause for a meltdown
Q is for Quote you like – “You must make your own life amongst the living and, whether you meet fair winds or foul, find your own way to harbor in the end.” Captain Daniel Gregg The Ghost and Mrs Muir
R is for Relationship that lasted longest – not counting familial, friend My friend, Tracy.
S is for Siblings – a sister Melodie, brother Dickie who died of cancer
T is for Texas, Ever been? – Drove through. Big state
U is for Unique trait – I’m like the dog whisperer. Only with cats too.
V is for Vegetable you love – Eggplant
W is for Worst traits – temper
X – is for X-rays you’ve had – again too many to count
Y is for Yummy food you make – My cheesecake is to die for, but so is my Sauer Braten
Z is for Zodiac sign – Scorpio

32216247197_26de197829_o copy

My Loves

In the last few days, I have been driving all around New Hampshire. I got to spend time with Quinn and Savi and we played games and shared special times together.

I’ve been very careful about going out. I have kept myself very clean, worn gloves, masks, and used hand sanitizer. Likewise, the kids have been very isolated. So spending time together was a fairly safe thing to do.

The loneliness we have all shared has made us crave being together, and it was wonderful to hug them, hold them, and fall asleep with them cuddled up next to me.

Savi & OmaHappiness and smiles!

Imagine how much of a blessing our grandchildren are to us. Their love, their laughter, and their smiles are all so very real.

Quinn & Oma FunnyBeing silly is a very good thing!

Savi and I found a new word app game that gives you letters and you need to make words out of them. It’s pretty fun and we had a very good time playing it.

Quinn was fascinated with my Galaxy Tablet and the pictures above were when we were playing with the camera.

My visits are always too short with them, and then it was time to drive back home. The tricky part is that tomorrow I need to drive almost back to Mandy’s neck of the woods for a doctor’s appointment. Life is never dull.

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Life Is Never Dull

Dog Days of Summer

Sometimes all one wants to do is to curl up in the corner, with their dog and scream, yell, and cry at the frustrations in life!

It all started on Monday morning. I got my Informed Delivery Mail email, and saw that the check from the Pharmaceutical Company was in my mailbox! Hooray!

I grabbed a deposit slip and off I went to get the check and deposit it in our account. Easy peasy!

I got to the Post Office and went to my mailbox and there was no check! So, I went to the Customer Center and asked if they were done sorting the mail. Yes, yes they were. I showed the Clerk the picture of the envelope and he went back and did not see it. I was so upset, but there was nothing I could do but wait until Tuesday to check my mailbox!

Tuesday found me happily going to town to get my mail, and the check, that most certainly had to be in my box. I nearly skipped to the box and saw some mail in it! But, no check!

I went home feeling pretty ticked off about it, but I would need to wait until Wednesday to see if it magically appears!

I made a nice meal for our dinner. Scallops, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. The dinner was terrific and I enjoyed every bite. However, some of the corn was stuck in my teeth so I went to floss and suddenly…out popped my crown! I mean, it was just not the kindest way to end my day.

I woke on Wednesday and quickly showered and dressed and called my Dentist to get in to get my perfect crown glued back into place! My appointment was scheduled for 5:20 PM. Ugh!

So, I went to get the mail and hopefully the check, which I would deposit into the bank. I got there, and there was mail in the box, but once again…no check!

This time when I went to the Customer Center the Post Master was in and I was able to show him the piece of mail displayed on Informed Delivery, and he took down all the information. We chatted about the problem. He was going to make some calls, and hopefully, we will get our check by the end of the week, if not then we will need to contact the Pharmaceutical Company and explain the situation.

Life is certainly never dull.

Now I am waiting to get the tooth glued back on so that my life will go forward and I can chew without worrying about breaking that tooth. I will keep you posted on the missing check.

original-linear-image-dachshund-hearts-freehand-drawn-black-white-cartoon-79618182Postscript: I got in and my crown and the tooth were both unscathed. Both were cleaned up and the crown was cemented in. A perfect way to end my day!