Puppy Training

I’ve been working with the puppies to make them respond when I am outside with them and they are off the leash. I want them to come when I call them. In the past they ignored me and just went on their merry way, but I have learned a little secret.

You see, I have these horrible smelling liver treats that the dogs all love. They will do just about anything with the hope that they will get one of these things. So before I take them out, I fill up my pockets with these things.

The puppies will run around, they will even start to go to the big field in back of our home, but one call to them now reminds them of the liver treats in my pocket and they come running back!

Today I tried a little test. I walked up the hill to our neighbors house, with the puppies off leash. They followed happily and played in the yard. Whenever I noticed them starting to stray, I would call out “TREATS“, and they would come running back to me.

I know I cannot trust them in the yard. I still have to watch them like a hawk. I am, however, feeling pretty good about how their off leash training is going.

Looking Back

I just reread the puppy category. I read all through each experience and happening. I looked at the films, and the pictures and relived those wonderful moments.

Dec 10 034

For many years I wanted to do just what I am doing. Have a really beautiful German female wire-haired dachshund and find her a nice “husband” and introduce these incredible creatures to New England.

I discovered a few things.

1. This is even better than I imagined it would be. The miracle of birth, watching Greta become a Mommy and helping to teach the puppies to be proper little dogs.

2. My heart grew bigger than I ever could have imagined raising these little beings.

3. Sleeping on the floor, on a mattress with my hand stuck in the whelping box for the first two weeks, probably made these pups really people oriented. At least this is what I tell my still aching back! (LOL)

4. Raising the puppies showed me how very different dogs can be. Each of our puppies were so unique .

5. I do plan to do this again. Greta should go into heat in December/January and then two months later give birth.

6. I will raise wire-haired dachshunds for as long as I can. They are the most wonderful breed of dogs and if I can breed healthy and happy puppies I will feel as though it is all worth it.

So it’s a good thing, this puppy love business. I can’t wait to do it again!

Dackel Princess News

It’s a big day here in Dackel Princess Land. Today two packages arrive from Germany. The first contained all the Pedigrees for Greta’s litter of puppies. Now I can mail these to the new owners of the pups.

Long ago the AKC Pedigrees came, and I was a bit worried that the DTK pedigrees wouldn’t arrive in time for the German Dog Show, however, they did, so now I know I can show the dogs in September at the yearly Zuchtschau.

The other package almost means more to me. It is the German book of dogs, litters, breeders and kennels that the DTK publishes each year. My name is in there, along with the Dackel Princess name. When I think of how proud my Papa would be, it makes me get very emotional. Papa loved America very much, but he held onto his German heritage all of his life. I think he would be happy.

The next item of news isn’t quite as wonderful. My eye exam didn’t go quite as I had hoped. I will be seeing my Retinal Surgeon up here in New Hampshire. I have a little problem with the Vitreous Gel in my eye and this means I need to see him, pronto. You see once you have had a Retinal Detachment, the odds of it happening in your other eye actually does go up. I was able to make an appointment for Monday at 4 PM.

Hubby came in from working outside feeling under the weather. I’ve put him to bed and will try some chicken noodle soup on him in a while.

Fritz, Greta, Arnie and Anneliese are all fine. At the rate we are going, we had better get those Wills changed so that we leave it all in trust for the doggies! LOL!

Happy Friday to all and have a great weekend!

20 Weeks!

Can you believe the pups are 20 weeks old? I was watching them today, as they frolicked and played and I realized how grown up they’ve gotten. Arnie is 14 1/2 pounds now and Anneliese is 11 1/2 pounds. Anneliese is 99.9% house broken now, and Arnie is 75%. Yes, he is a little slow, but we still love him. He is 100% paper trained, so even if I don’t get him outside for the big event, he will run into the puppy room and use the papers. Not perfect, but it has saved me a lot of time cleaning my carpets with the big green clean machine.

They’re both sweet little sleepers too. They love to cuddle
April 29 024

or stretch out in the sunshine
April 29 013

and just be close.
(Arnie (blue) Anneliese (red))
April 29 001

They cuddle with each other still and I wonder if this closeness they share will be life long? They both adore their Uncle Fritz.

April 26 007

Greta still watches over them, but in many ways she keeps her distance too. Although today she played a wicked chasing game with the puppies until I thought they might tear up the rug! But it was so much fun to watch

Five months old. Wow! This is going so fast!

April 29 017