No Dackels In Berlin!

Today we went out in an attempt to find a small wire-haired dackel toy. We searched high, we searched low and we could not find one dackel toy in all of Berlin! I saw many other things I liked, but the one thing I kept asking myself was, “Can I fit this in my suitcase?”. Usually the answer was no, and so Hubby will be happy to learn I have spent very little during this trip.

I am enjoying seeing what Weight Watcher items are in the shops. Today I found an entire display of their foods!

WW products

I wish they sold these in America! I would be a very happy girl!

ww close up

Uschi and I went to several Malls before I realized it was after 2 o’clock and I needed to eat. We stopped at the Food Court and I had a Curry Wurst and a nice cold beer! It was wonderful!


A choir was singing at the food court and it was really nice to listen to while we ate.


We headed home late in the afternoon and stopped to buy dear Volker some cakes to have with our coffee. Volker had stayed home with Noah, Uschi’s seven month old chocolate Lab puppy and the sweet Anneliese, who will be meeting Herr Isagrim on Saturday for their first tme together!

My favorite cake has always been Mohn Kucken. This is made with Poppy seeds and is wonderful to taste!

Mohn Kuchen

Now we wait for Anton, Usch’s grandson to arrive for the night! What fun it will be to have him with us! Tomorrow we go to a specialty garden and dog store to browse around.

Don’t forget to say Hi! I miss you all!!!

Shopping & Eating Sensibly

Today I woke to bright sunshine and warmer temperatures. So pretty, but a little sloppy when walking. Anneliese is doing well and she is being just the sweetest doggy with me.
Yesterday Uschi and I went out to a huge shopping mall in Berlin’s, Alexander Platz. The mall was three stories high and packed with shops and people. I bought a scarf to go with my jacket, but that was all.
On our way home we stopped at a grocery store and I roamed around the store. I could not believe the wonderful Weight Watchers food items they had there, including Fleisch Salat and salami and soups. Oh I wish we had these things in America!

WW meals

We took many pictures in the market before a woman came and said we were not allowed to take pictures! Why not? The store was beautiful, clean and well displayed. You would think they would want to show off. I took pictures anyway because it was so nice.

Feb 17 09 002

Feb 17 09 007

I must tell you that when Uschi and I are together we do nothing but chatter like two teenagers! It’s wonderful! Uschi’s husband, Volker has set me up with his computer and helped me along with any and all problems I have had with it. He also gets me my fresh baked sunflower seen rolls each morning! For my German readers, you know how wonderful those are!

Here is a little montage I have made from my first two days. I promise more pictures along the way. Meanwhile, don’t forget to comment so I don’t get too homesick for you all!



The Trip Over.

I wanted to write and tell you a little more about our trip over. We met some interesting people along the way, almost all were interested in Anneliese and her plight of being bred to a stranger! Lol!

In Boston I saw a man sitting next to me take out this very small machine. I asked him if this was a real computer? He said yes, then grumpily told me he didn’t want to speak to me because he was too busy!

Another woman was the twin of my friend, Heather! She was very nice. Eventually our name was called on a stand-by basis, and we boarded the plane for New York, LaGuadia Airport. I knew I would need to take a cab over to New York, JFK Airport, and I asked the flight attendant if she knew a cheap way to do this.

She told me that a flight crew was on board and they were going to JFK. She asked if I could share their cab and they said yes. They were so nice and we rode over with them and it cost only $6.00! That was great! It turned out that the Captain of my flight to Berlin was in the cab with me, and after that he made sure I got a good seat on his flight and that Anneliese was taken care of.

At JFK I spoke with 3 interesting men. First a computer genius who was on his way to lecture in Amsterdam and then on to Brussels. He was probably 10 years younger than me. He was very interested in Anneliese and her story about going to Germany to meet her husband. He asked me  many questions and we spoke for the nearly 2 hours it took me to get through both check in and security.

Oh yes. A big thank you and cheers for the fine security people at both Boston and Kennedy Airports. They were wonderful! I simply asked what they would like me to do with Miss Anneliese and they happily guided me through and helped me with my luggage!

jfk airpört

I met a young man (age 15) on his way to visit his father in Milan. His parents are divorced and he lives with his Mom in the States, and visits Milan for vacations with his father. He was very polite and very handsome! I bet the girls in Milan think he is adorable!

Then there was John. I spoke to him the longest. As we sat waiting at the gate we talked about life, family, dogs, and the universe. He was a fascinating man. So John, if you are reading this now, a big hello to you!

I was the second person in line off of the plane. I got to Security and Immigration and the woman looked at my passport picture and then at me with a questioning look. I laughed and said to her, “I know, bad hair cut in the picture!” She smiled and said “Yes!”

And then we were through the doors and there was my Uschi! I put Anneliese down in her bag and just held onto Uschi and felt the tears come in my eyes!!! I cannot explain how wonderful it was to feel her arms around me after all of this time.


So today is catch up on some sleep, and try to stay in the time zone. I cannot believe that it is snowing here and we have had about 3 inches of white stuff! It’s so pretty, but I think I must have brought this with me!


On The Plane

When you read this, I will probably already be in Germany with Anneliese. We will have gone through the airport craziness and then flown over 3500 miles to Berlin! We’re ready!


The last few days Anneliese has been such a great little traveler, that I am hoping that this BIG trip will have gone okay. As soon as I get to a computer, I will write and send pictures!

Meanwhile be sure and leave a comment so I know I am not talking to myself! LOL!

Now The Fun Begins

I spent most of the day doing laundry, making appointments and confirming reservations for my trip to Berlin with Anneliese. I’ll be leaving on the 14th and getting back 2 weeks later.

The best part for me will be the time I get to spend with my friend, Uschi. It’s been nearly 5 years since we have seen each other and that is just too long!

I will be posting each day, so I can bring you all with me. I’m taking the new little camera that I bought Hubby for Christmas, and so far have found that I use it far more than he has. I just love my (his) little mini Cannon camera!

Besides making my travel plans today I was scheduled for a dental visit. I needed to have an old filling replaced. There were three things that depressed me about this. First, I hate going to the dentist. I get such anxiety attacks! And second, my mouth hurts like heck tonight after having the old filling drilled out and the new one put in. And lastly, I’m depressed because I am old enough to have a filling that actually needs to be replaced because it is old!

I came home and was all set to make dinner, but my rotisserie oven has bitten the dust! Shoot! I love that thing!

Then the ultimate, I couldn’t eat dinner because my mouth hurt!

Now I’ll spend the next few days finishing up the preparations for the journey. Anneliese goes in for her physical on Thursday and will be all cleared to go, I am sure.

Break out the suit cases!

Shopping For Thanksgiving

When we arrived home last night the first thing we noticed (after our herd of happy doggies), was that we needed food. The local grocery store was closed, so I scrounged around this morning and was able to make breakfast for Hubby and myself. However, the cupboard was bare for anything that might pass for a lunch.

A new grocery shop opened in our town, so today we decided to get our food and the last things needed for Thanksgiving.

It’s just going to be Hubby and me for turkey day, but since I love Thanksgiving more than anything (I LOVE cooking it), I am more than excited that it is almost here!

In other news, Greta is at the height of her heat and driving Arnie wild/ It got so bad today that we finally had to put Arnie in a crate at the other end of the house with the door closed. We had to listen to the howling, the barking and the call of the wild for a while, but finally, thank goodness, it is quiet!

I do miss the laziness of the cruise ship. How lovely it was to wake up in the morning and have coffee and breakfast all ready for you.

Nov. 19 Bonaire 003

We would sit next to a window and sip our coffees and enjoy the beauty all around us. Yes, I miss that ship!

Now onward to Turkey Day!

St. Thomas/St. John

St. Thomas was our last stop.

Nov. 22 St Thomas 005

We decided that instead of touring St. Thomas we would take the ferry over to St. John for the day. What a beautiful island! We got a cab with a group of women, also from our ship and Smitty showed us the sites of this small island. Not only does this have a beautiful interior, but some of the prettiest natural beaches that I have ever seen.

Where did this last week go?


We were up quite literally with the sun. We needed to shower, dress and go upstairs for breakfast, then be down on the pier by 7:15 AM. No worries, really, the sun rose and woke me and then the wake up call came and we got into action.

Breakfast was the usual, and then we grabbed our things from the room and got down on the pier nice and early. We were on the Dominica’s Favorites tour with Mr. Gary (driver) and Cori (our guide).

First we all were a tad wet because it was raining like crazy when we got off the ship. Let’s just say I was very glad that we packed our umbrellas and rain ponchos, as today we had another day filled with rain. (Although as I write this, the sun has come out and things are drying up a bit.)

Nov. 21 Dominica 012

Dominica is truly an island rain forest! With the highest mountain measuring 4750 feet. They get a lot of rain here, as well as hurricanes, so the entire island is lush and green and is quite beautiful.

The roads were terrible, very narrow and at times with sheer drop offs on the side. I was glad that Mr. Gary was driving.

First stop was Morne Bruce, an old military garrison, that afforded us some splendid views of the city. While there, I met the sweetest little native doggy. I never asked his name and he never told me, but it made me miss my four dogs a great deal!

Nov. 21 Dominica 015

Nov. 21 Dominica 014

We stopped for some drinks and a bathroom break and were rewarded with singing and dancing in the classic West Indies style.

Nov. 21 Dominica 018

Next we drove to Trafalgar to the smaller waterfall viewing area. I’m certainly getting my exercise on this trip as we walked (yes we walked in the rain about 15 minutes both to and from a lovely waterfall.

Nov. 21 Dominica 001

Nov. 21 Dominica 005

As you can see by the pictures it was really raining quite about, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse we drove to the rain forest to see the waterfalls in the Trois Piton Park. It was another 15 minute hike in and out, but I wanted to see this waterfall area as it dumps into the Emerald Pool, thought to be the true “Fountain of Youth”. I did not get in, but this woman did.

Nov. 21 Dominica 022

And to think, she is actually 100 years old! LOL!!!

You can see how hard it was raining there. It was one of those times when even an umbrella doesn’t help!

Nov. 21 Dominica 020

As we walked out of the park we saw this crab just crawling along the path. I was so surprised that I quickly took this picture!

Nov. 21 Dominica 035

Our tour lasted from 7:45 until noontime when we were dropped off at the ship. Hubby and I came in and had some lunch and then went out to walk around the downtown area. We walked the crowded streets and poked our noses into different shops. Then I wandered around a bit more while Hubby walked uptown to a church he wanted to see.

Nov. 21 Dominica 025

Nov. 21 Dominica 039

Tonight is our second formal night. The last time I wore my cream colored Ann Taylor sheath, but tonight it is a silk Liz Claiborne top and skirt. I’ll also be wearing the new shoes that I searched high and low for.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be in St. Thomas for the day. We have a tour planned to St John Island, so perhaps we will poke around St. Thomas in the morning.

I simply cannot believe that the trip is nearly over! It has been such a wonderful break for me and for Hubby too.  I think that turning 50 has given me a little perspective on life. More than once along the way I have not had thinks work out the way I thought they should. Instead of getting upset or obsessing with them I have created a small list of things that simply are not worth getting upset about. This has made our trip truly a restful time!

Oh yes, cruising for me is the ultimate vacation as well as the very best of birthday gifts!


Nov. 19 Grenada 002

Today we arrived about noontime in Granada. The winds were blowing hard and the rain was falling, but that did not stop Hubby and me from having an enjoyable day!

We were greeted by our tour guide, Pam and her driver, Lloyd. They took us all over the Island showing us the natural beauty of Grenada. One thing many people don’t know is how many spices are produced here. Nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and mace.

Nov. 19 grenada 013

We went to small pull-overs where we could stretch our legs and soak in a little of the local flavor as well as some of the warm, wet, rain. We stopped on the Atlantic side of the Island and saw the beach of black sand.

Nov. 19 Grenada022

We went to the rain forest and met a Mona Monkey, which is indigenous to the Island. I was lucky enough to get quite close to him for this picture. Isn’t he beautiful? He was very friendly and I think he has discovered a way to get snacks all day long! He just acts sweet and people start giving him bananas and then he is a happy little monkey!

Nov. 19 Grenada 048

We were stuck in traffic for a few minutes due to a land slide across the road. Our guide told us it has been raining there for the last week and the ground is so saturated that it was letting go. As we sat waiting this cute little dog stood above the bus looking down on us. I sure do miss my doggies back home!

Nov. 19 Grenada018

We returned to town and stopped at a few shops before heading back to the ship. As we neared our ship we saw a fantastic site. Two sister ships side by side! Hubby grabbed the camera and took this photo.

Nov. 19 Grenada 032

Tomorrow we are in Dominica, and we must be up early to make the tender boats to shore. We ate our dinner early and now we are getting ready for bed.