Dolphins & Turtles, Oh, My!!!

I woke early on Monday, as I was feeling so excited about meeting my dolphin friends!

Hubby slept soundly, but around 7 AM the alarm call came, and I happily leapt from the bed and started my day.

We went to breakfast, threw on our bathing suits, and headed to the tenders to get to shore. I have to tell you that the seas were so choppy, that I was really worried someone would get hurt. We all grabbed a seat, and then prayed that we would get to shore.

Our tour was met by our guard, who drove us out to the Dolphin Encounter. He did his very best to explain ting to us. The first is that Grand Cayman best resources are the large bank accounts here. The second is tourism.

We finally made it out to the Dolphin Encounter, where it was once again, raining.

March 5 051

March 5 049

Now we didn’t allow a little rain to spoil our day, and we both enjoyed the time spent with the dophins!

March 5 017

March 5 044

March 5 089

March 5 079

I looked at Hubby and told him, who cares. Getting in the tank with these special creatures would find us getting wet anyway!

I raced through the gift shop and right out into the pen area, seeing the trainers feeding them for the first meal of the day.

My heart fluttered so, as I saw those beautiful creatures swimming so effortlessly. If they let me, I would have just jumped right in!

Alas I had to wait until the trainer was done and then he came over to talk.

We had been told that no pregnant woman would be allowed to swim with the dolphins. Well, this just piqued my curiosity!

“Okay, so why can’t a pregnant woman swim with the dolphins?

Well, you see, they use sonar to feel things around them. If they sense the baby inside the mother, all the dolphins will focus on protecting the mother and baby. Even if this baby is human.

March 5 053

We all participated in the event, and I felt a real sense of peace out there with those beautiful, gentle, creatures!

Then we went to the Turtle Farm, and I was amazed. There were many species of turtles, and I was allowed to wade in and pick up one of the babies.

March 5 183

Our tour was so short. I could go back and back and back, and play with the dolphins! That was the best ever!!

One more thing to cross off my “Bucket List”!


We woke fairly early today. I’m not exactly sure why, because we didn’t have any place to go or pups to feed! I guess our internal clocks are just set to 7 AM.

We wanted to get a few things done today, as this is a sea day. One was to do some laundry and the next was planning our activities. Tonight is the show in the Crown Princess Theater.

The theater review shows are really fun to watch and we’ve always enjoyed them. Also tonight it is formal night, which means I need to wear a nice dress (the only one I brought!) and poor Hubby must once again don his suit!

Breakfast this morning was quite good. Eggs and half a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon! The best of all, we had lots and lots of coffee.

Sunday also proved to rain on our parade…quite literally. Just after we finished breakfast, the seas got very rough, and the winds blew and then the rain fell. It’s not a big deal because; we both have books to read, and things to do, like eat! Lol!

Our room is wonderful and our Steward, Apolonio is also a super nice man. He always seems to get everything done, without us knowing he has been here!

Last night we met out table mates. I thought it very amusing that they are also from New Hampshire, just about 50 miles from our town! Yes, it is a small world. The other couple are a young British couple, and they are very nice. As we are on The Crown Princess, (the


As you read this, I will be fulfilling a lifelong dream…swimming with Flipper the Dolphin! Growing up, one of my favorite shows was Flipper. I’m sure I never missed an episode. Putting this part of my trip together, I thought I would remind you all of what Flippers theme song sounded like.

I’ll report in later on, about woman meeting Dolphin!

First Day On Princess

Saturday morning, as soon as we could, we got out of that horrible Hotel. We arrived at Princess Cruises, and people began welcoming me back to the ship. You see, I am a frequent cruiser, and I have a little button letting people know this. And they sure do. I felt special as people smiled at me and made me feel welcome.

Once we found our room, and settled in, we headed for the buffet lunch. Oh, my goodness! The desserts were fabulous! But, I have given cake and cookies up for lent, so I did not eat any of those. I had scallops, lima beans and a few home fries.

We sat with a lovely couple. He was German and she was Danish. Now they live in Canada and cruise often. They were real delights and I hope we run into them again!

I still need to go down to the Internet café and arrange my Internet times. I also want to get some sodas for Hubby and I to have in our room, as we both are very thirsty being in the warmer climate.

I have also found that as soon as I did my hair this morning, my little ringlets popped out. So, actually, I’m having a good hair day!

We will be attending our “Muster Drill” shortly so that we know where to go, what to do and how to get off this ship in the event of disaster. Trust me, I plan to go and take careful notes!

We’ve now had our safety drill, so no one needs to worry abut me. One thing I have always thought is how safe I have felt when I am on a Princess Cruise!

They’ve set sail, and I stood at the balcony and watched us drift off, away from Ft. Lauderdale, and the USA. How relaxing that was.

We Are In Florida!

What a day! It started at Oh-dark-thirty in the morning when we both opened our eyes just before the alarm clock went off. We were pretty much ready for our departure, but as we dressed and made coffee, I noticed that the three dackels were still in bed! We got them up, one by one, and made them face the start of the day, even if it was 3:30 AM!

We managed to get out the door by 4 AM and head toward the airport. We’d been driving for 15 minutes when I suddenly was struck by the fact, that I might have forgotten my cell phone! Oh, what would I do without my beloved and much used cell phone?

I climbed into the back seat, dug around in my bag and located the phone, my wallet and my extra glasses. Thank goodness!

Our trip to the airport went unbelievably well. The roads were clear, and no one was out. We parked at the airport, and then off we went to the terminal.

Hoping to make the Atlanta flight out of Manchester, NH we were unlucky enough to miss by two seats! We looked at the schedules and the loads on them, before deciding to go to Detroit where we had an abundance of choices.

I’m here to tell you that those choices were not so very good!

We flew on a CRJ 50 seat airplane from Manchester to Detroit. Then we waited and went from gate to gate to gate to gate. The Terminal A is the largest one I have ever seen! And we were rushing trying to wait on standby for a seat!

We arrived in Detroit and went in to a gate in the C concourse. Naturally, our flights south would be on Concourse A. From one end to the other.

Concourse A with 1.5 miles of moving walkways serves American Airlines. Additionally, the Express Tram stops at the South station near gate A11, the Terminal station in the center near the water feature, and the North station near gate A67. Concourse A has to the left gates A1-38; to the right gates A40-75, and at its center the tunnel connecting to Concourse B to the left and Concourse C to the right.

By 2 o’clock, there was a lull in the flights, and as we walked down the concourse, I saw it…THE GOLDEN ARCHES!!! I hadn’t had much to eat all day and by two o’clock my blood sugar suddenly did a nose dive. We went in and got a cheeseburger, fries and diet Pepsi! You know what? It tasted so good!!! I haven’t had a McDonald’s cheeseburger in YEARS!

We waited for yet another Fort Lauderdale Florida flight, and at 5:30 in the afternoon, we made it!!!

As I write I am currently sitting in the back of a 757 heading south. It’s been a bumpy ride with a little two year old behind me, whose poor mom doesn’t know what to do. I think this kid has her all figured out and is running the show!

But I do not care! We will get to Florida tonight, and be there to get on the ship tomorrow!


All day Thursday found snow falling. I must tell you that nothing makes me worry more than snow falling the day before I am supposed to fly. Why, at this late date, do we have snow?

We still had a few things left to do, like banking, going to the post and finishing packing. Oh, and for Hubby, the added bonus of plowing the drive. All day, the snow fell (and at 7:15 PM it is still snowing!), so you can only imagine how much snow has fallen.

I hope by the time you all are reading this, we will be happily in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Safe, sound and warm!

More to come!

Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill Ins

Friday Fill-Ins are sponsored by my cousin Janet. Come on and join the fun!

1. When I heard we were due for heavy snow, I was upset and nervous.
2. 70’s and 80’s pop music makes me want get up and dance.
3. Get going!
4. My home is where my heart is.
5. Hands clapping.
6. It’s so wrong to put anybody down.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to an early night’s sleep in Ft. Lauderdale, tomorrow my plans include setting sail on The Crown Princess and Sunday, I want to spend my first day at sea, relaxing, and sipping a nice tropical drink!

Thursday Thirteen

The Cruise Edition

Nov 23 024

This week I will tell you about our upcoming vacation. Our house sitter is ready, but we have not told the dogs as they all seem to go into a little depression the first few days we are gone. Thank goodness we have such a great sitter, as she gets them feeling good and by the time we get home, they have hardly missed us.

  1. We are taking a cruise in the western Caribbean. Places we have not been before.
  2. Here is a picture of the itinerary. I think it will be fun to have two sea days to rest and relax. Hubby is not so sure.
  3. Crown_7DayWestCarib011-12_R1

  4. We’re going to fly down to Miami to see an old friend of ours. We have not seen Benn since Shubi became ill six years ago.
  5. I will be going swimming with the Dolphins in Grand Cayman. I plan to get a small waterproof camera to take pictures. Yes. Me and Flipper!
  6. Both Roatan and Belize are places I have wanted to go and see. We’ll be taking tours at both places.
  7. We are going out to the Ruins in Cozumel on a tour. I hear they are really amazing. Don’t worry I will take a lot of pictures!
  8. The Ship we are sailing on is The Crown Princess. And before you ask, yes, this is the ship that has had so many cases of Noro-Virus.
  9. However, I am choosing to be positive. Hubby and I will be just fine!
  10. I did visit Rite Aid yesterday and purchased Pepto Bismol, Imodium, and hand sanitizer. I understand that kleenex is also helpful, as is antibacterial soap and a nail brush!
  11. I got my mail yesterday and found a Jury Summons for the end of my cruise. I went right down to the court house today and I have asked for a deferment. I sure hope they have pity on me!
  12. Hubby and I really need this vacation. It’s like a little breath of fresh air!
  13. When I get back, we start the count down to grand-parent-hood!
  14. Okay cruise! I’m ready for you! Are you ready for me!!!

Safe Cruising

Nov 13 037

As you all know, I love to cruise. The events of the last few days made me want to write and tell you about my experiences with Princess Cruise Line. (I have not been compensated in any way for this report.)

Hubby and I began cruising together six years ago. I was a nervous cruiser at first, until I began to routinely go through Princesses safety drills. Hubby and I also spent time looking over the ship each time we would board one, to look for easy access to the life boats, and escape.

I’d always wondered about using a life boat, and then we used them to go ashore at several stops where it was too shallow for our large ship to pull in to the harbor.

Nov 21 016

The crews were well trained, and they all spoke English. They knew their jobs, and conducted business with a smile. As you can see it was not just the Life Boat drivers at the door, but Officers of the ship. (Dressed in white.)

Nov 21 083

I was also impressed by how professional these people were and how safe and cared for I felt.

Nov. 17 at sea 016

As you can see, the life boats are all well maintained and in top shape. Princess, goes out of their way to make sure that you are happy and that you are safe. I can, quite honestly tell you that from the moment we step on board the ship, we are treated like royalty and with great concern for our welfare and safety.

Nov. 21 Dominica 025

In this picture you can look down the pier and see staff members on the right under the umbrella passing out cool wash clothes, as we passengers return to the ship in the heat. I am half way down the pier with my trusty back pack, on the left.

I have met the Captain of each ship we have been on, either at a little meet and greet or one time in an elevator, as he headed up to the bridge. The Captains are all gracious, and well spoken.

The other Officers that I have come in contact with have been a credit to the Cruise Line. They take pride in their ship and the job they have on it.

We’ll be getting a mini suite again this voyage, so we will have a little more room to stretch out. Even the Stewards who take care of our rooms have been wonderful.


And I will use my anti seasickness patch so I enjoy every single moment of the trip.


So if you are afraid to cruise, just remember to be sensible. Be aware of your surroundings, read all the safety brochures and go to the Muster that they have to teach you what, you just might need to know. Safety first…always. It is the biggest reason that I cruise with a cruise line I feel confident.

Princess Cruises!

(Is there any other Cruise Line

The Dackel Princess would use?)


I’ve been looking forward to visiting this beautiful island since we made our reservations a few months back. It had been over twenty years since I last stepped foot there. I’d hoped that the island was as lovely as I recalled. I also hoped for good weather so we could walk around.

I was fortunate on both accounts. The weather was great and the island was just as wonderful as I recalled.

There are several things that make Barbados so special. First and foremost are the people. The Barbados people (called Bajans) are so friendly, warm and kind.

The city of Bridgetown is clean and the buildings well cared for, and traditions are maintained. Hubby and I walked through a beautiful old Anglican church and then out into the grave yard.

Dec 18 09 064

The church was lovingly tended to and as I walked around the church reading the columbarium plaques, I realized that the Yellow Fever plague had nearly wiped all of Barbados out. So many deaths, and yet those that survived had buried and marked each grave.

We walked all down their main street and then crossed over the river to the other side.

Dec 18 09 027

Dec 18 09 028

We walked along the river, which had a new sidewalk area and the railings were freshly painted. It was a wonderful walk.

Soon we came upon a center where the fishermen bring their catch to be cut and cleaned.

Dec 18 09 030

I started taking pictures. And one of the men saw me and came over with this beauty and posed for me!

Dec 18 09 037

When we returned to the ship for lunch, we noticed a huge yacht next to our ship. This is the yacht owned by former Microsoft CEO Paul Davis. I looked at Hubby and told him that I could live with that for my Christmas present!

Dec 18 09 079

Dec 18 09 081

Dec 18 09 082

We had a cocktail party with the Captain tonight. It was really interesting because the Captain did not come. It seems 6 passengers did not show up for the trip and he had delayed leaving port for as long as he could before taking the ship out of port. Thus he did not make the party he was throwing for frequent cruisers.

Dec 18 09 083

Dinner was great with out table mates. They had Beef Wellington tonight and we had lobster! I’m getting very spoilt here!

I told Hubby that when we get to our 25th wedding anniversary I would like to come back to Barbados and spend a week or 10 days. Of all the islands I have seen, this is the best one. My favorite!