I woke this morning and walked out into the kitchen to discover that poor Lili had been sick in the night. I mean, really sick. She had somehow managed to hit every throw carpet in the kitchen, and almost every inch of the floor.

Before I even had my first cup of coffee, I had to clean everything up and mop the floor after. I also got all four rugs into the washer and then I came up, washed up and sat down with my coffee.

Despite knowing I had done a thorough cleaning, all I could smell was dog sick. In self-defense, I lit a candle and sprayed Fabreeze and prayed for a change in the wind! LOL!

Fortunately, Lili recovered quickly, and none of the other dogs got sick. I suspect that Lili has been drinking out of the Spring on our property. Not exactly good for her tummy!


As I write Lili is curled up next to me. She was so upset this morning and acted rather ashamed of herself. Tonight she is acting so sweet and loving. I think this is her attempt to make it up to me. I’m just glad she is feeling better!


Happy Birthday, Lili!

Today our Lili is four years young! Hard to believe it! Time has flown! Our little St. Patrick’s Day Pup will get a special dog food molded cake with four mini dog bones for candles! Bless you, Lili, you really are a gem.




We found that Lili would have been great fun in a Circus. She loves to run and jump and run some more. Winter is her favorite time, as she enjoys being able to leap through the snow at full speed. It’s like watching a deer.

Lili is the sweetest girl and has developed a wonderful relationship with our smallest dachshund. The two are devoted to each other and sleep curled up together a great deal of the time at night.

She is amazingly intelligent. She follows commands and has become a retriever. Let me explain. If one of the dachshunds is out and is taking too long, I will say, “Lili, go get Anneliese” and she will run off and herd her back to the door. She seems to love having jobs to do.

Likewise, this year my husband had to have part of his foot amputated, and since he returned home and has begun going outside to exercise and of course do some snow shoveling, Lili will go with him. She never leaves his side and keeps a close watch. She is closely attuned to him.

While I am crocheting in the evenings she is either at my feet or in my loveseat next to me. She follows me everywhere I go and she is so loving, at times it brings tears to my eyes.

She is also the most beautiful White Shepherd we have ever had. No kidding. She is nearly completely white, with a fabulous black nose and nails. Her eyes are perfectly brown and her coat is a full, shorter, with soft fur.

Her best little friend is a three-year-old girl that is our neighbor’s grandniece. She will stand on their balcony and call “Lili” and Lili happily runs to greet her, pulling up just before she gets to her, so as not to knock her over.
She also loves our two grandchildren who wanted Bolt Dogs for Christmas that looked like Lili.

So here we are, our darling Lili is four and all grown up and settled down. Knowing she is the last large dog we will have, makes her all the more special to us.

The Lovely Lili

I have to tell you all about our wonderful Lili. Lili will be turning four years old March 17th. Yes, she is a St. Patrick’s Day girl! At nearly four, she is a real beauty, and we have found, she is smart as a whip. And we didn’t even know this!

IMG_0684 (2)

During this cold, cold, winter, when we have had snow and ice and sleet and rain, the dackels still need to go out and do their thing, and Jack will snow-blow a path for them,  around the house, as well as in the back yard. Greta and Arnie pretty much stay in the back yard, but every once in a while Anneliese either takes too long, or runs around the house to the garage.

It’s a difficult thing because it’s been below zero and I do not want the dackels to freeze out there, but having a fever, I am not always up to running out to bring them back. Although I have done this a time or two.

What we discovered is that Lili has a special gift. She is a herding dog! If you command her, “Lili go get Anneliese!” She will run out the door, follow the path and herd Anneliese (or Arnie or Greta) back to the house to come in.

Not only does she do this on command, but if she cannot find the dackel in question on her first pass, she will keep circling until she either finds the dackel in question, or we call her in.

This morning it was Anneliese. She had gone around the house and then she came up the stairs shortly after I let Lili out to go get ’em. Well Lili was frantic to find the little dog. She ran the path twice before I could get her attention and get her in.

The first thing she did was go over to Anneliese and sniff her to make sure all was well. And this really amazed me.

Lili really is an incredible dog and she loves it when you give her jobs to do. Do you think I can teach her to do the dishes?

A Little Lili Story

I had a shocking thing happen to me today when we returned from the grocery store. I had walked the dackels first, when we got in, and later Hubby was breaking up ice on the patio and Lili went out to be with him.


I set about to put things away, and I went into our bedroom and I glanced out the front window in the bedroom and there was Lili running around on the frozen lake below with two people!

I was so upset! We had this happen years ago when Fritz was young. I had put on my robe, boots, coat, hat and gloves, and marched down carrying a leash and clipped it on Fritz’s collar, dragging him home, yelling at him and telling him what a bad boy he was! After that incident, Fritz never left the yard.

Today, I was preparing to get mad at Hubby for not watching Lili, and had grabbed my coat, when I went to the back door and opened it. To my complete shock, in walked Lili! I swear she was smiling!

The dog down on the ice was not Lili at all, but another dog (an impostor I think!). Or maybe it was a memory, I thought!

Then I heard from my neighbors who saw Lili down on the ice. I hated to break it to them, that in fact, Lili had been home the entire time!

Lili has gotten to be an amazing girl. Almost all the time now she stays right at home and she never goes down near the road.

What a great friend she has become!

Happy Second Birthday Lili

I was thinking about Lili the other day and realized she would be two on her birthday, which is today. St. Patrick’s Day!

Truthfully, I thought she was older, because it seems we have had her for a very long time. Lili, with all her health issues and challenges.

But she is doing better now on her grain free diet, and the fact that Hubby takes her out for hours at a time, where she can run in the field, and burn off all that energy.

Lili is a sweet dog. I don’t think there is a mean bone in her entire body. But, when she was ill with her grain sensitivity, she wasn’t fun to be around.

Lili Birthday Collage

So, Happy Birthday, dearest Lili.


It’s A Doggone Day!

The week came to an end, so I took Hubby and headed to the store to stock up on dog chow and food, so while I am gone I don’t have to worry about Hubby feeding the beasts.

The two lady dackels are feeling so much better and have returned to their energetic selves. Both have another 5-6 days on the medication, and we have actually found a way to get these big capsules down their throats. Hot dogs. You cut about a 1/2 inch piece, then put an X in the top of the hot dog. Place the pill in the middle and have another small piece ready. Now give the dog the pill/hot dog and follow it up immediately with the other piece of hot dog. Trust me, there is no spitting out of the capsule.

Have I mentioned lately that Lili is becoming a real delight? Oh it was such a rough start with that girl! Now we have her on grain free food and she feels good, and we have worked with her. She will now go out in the yard, and run around in the field while Hubby is working on the fruit trees. But she is always keeping her eyes on him. When he comes into the house, she follows.


If we let her out to do her business, I will put on my jacket and hat, and I talk to her and when she is done, she follows me too. The biggest thing for me, is that I cannot have her pulling me on a leash. I’ve noticed that since we have started working with her off leash, when we do use one she behaves herself!

And at the bottom of our list is Mr. Arnie Man. There is nothing wrong with him, he is perfect, comes when he is called, is in perfect health and is just a joy.

Well their all joys, but some days one is more of a joy than on others!

I’ve Gone To The Dogs!

Friday found me hunkering down to survive the cold. I woke early and at 6:45 AM it was -4 degrees F. Not even Lili wanted to be outside.

I came in and made coffee, and sat down. to watch the news and enjoy the heat of my cup of Joe (coffee).

The next thing I knew Anneliese jumped up and sat next to me. Probably out of a desire to suck up my body heat, but then, I don’t care. I love little dackel snuggles. She looked up at me and smiled. I tried to capture it because she has such a delightful smile!


Hubby got up and the next thing I knew, I had Lili in my chair snuggling next to me. Now you have to understand, Lili is a sweet dog and I really do love her, but…well, my dackels are my favorites.

But Lili, for some reason, adores me! And I’ll be darned, I really do love this dog. She is growing up, and she is getting easier to handle, and we can actually play with her outside.


Best of all, if we come in, she comes too. She doesn’t like being outside without one of us. In fact she runs right back to the door to follow us.

Lili will be three years old on St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps it’s the luck of the Irish that has her calming down at last!


Lili & The Vet

Friday was the big day. I had to drive Lili over to our Veterinarian’s Office, which is a bit of a distance. Here in New Hampshire, it is over the river and through the woods, like much of our driving around for services.

Lili was not thrilled to be in the car, but I recalled how as a puppy she enjoyed music, so I popped in a CD and she settled down in the back seat on the floor and was quiet. I sort of held my breath, waiting for her to flip out, but she didn’t!

We arrived at the office, and once again, I worried. However, she was an angel! We got her weighed in (she is 66 pounds of muscle!), and then the Vet did her exam, and gave her all of her shots. I was really thrilled with the appointment and with my excellent doggy companion!

Where was the real Lili?

We drove home and came in the house, and Lili crashed out on the sofa pretty quickly, and has remained quiet most of the day.


I’m just glad that something I have been dreading, went so well. She really is growing up and settling down!


We have had Lili for a year now. This first year will go down as one of the toughest puppy dog years of my life.

May 15 14 004

It’s not that Lili is a bad dog. Quite the contrary, Lili really has a good heart, and there is not a single mean bone in her body.

That being said, Lili has been tough to love. She came to us ill, and being a puppy, she just didn’t understand what was happening.

She became anxious and stressed, and then began to systematically destroy my house. Have you seen the movie “Marley and Me”? About a man and his wife who get a dog who destroys everything. That’s us. I have one entire room (The dog room.) that needs to be completely redone. That did not endear her to me.

I tried to take her to classes and she flunked. At that time I thought she had some sort of hyper activity disorder. Yet, here we are, Lili is over a year old now, and in the last week I have started to see a new dog.

She wants to please. She follows me everywhere. She is starting to play ball with Hubby, out in the back yard, and then when she is called for dinner she comes right in.

It’s unfortunate that we never really had that sweet, loving, puppy-hood, that I have had with my other dogs. Yet now, now I feel like the worst is over and she may very well become part of our family after all. So much time spent anxiously, on her part, but I think she may be through the worst.


She is a beauty, that is for sure. Perfectly white with the exception of the very tip of her tail, which looks like it has been dipped in light apricot paint. Her nose is jet black, not reddish in what the breeders call snow nose. And her eyes. Those two beautiful brown mud puddles. When she looks at me, I melt.

Yes, we’re making progress with Lili. Quite happily so!