The Magic Of Grandchildren

My weekend with the kids really was great. I love being their Oma and spending time getting to know them more and more. We read, we played, and we snuggled and watched a few kid shows.

Savannah ran a fever on Saturday and so she was a lot quieter than usual. And the sweetest thing happened while she was curled up on the sofa with her blanket. Quinn cuddled up next to her in the afternoon, both Saturday and Sunday, and fell asleep. He napped for about an hour each time happily nestled up to his sister.


Savi is a great big sister, and she really loves Quinn. And he in turn loves her too. Their affection for each other, makes my heart swell.

Of course, they play too hard sometimes, and they accidentally get too rough, but then they apologize and life goes on.


It pulled at my heart strings to leave them yesterday afternoon. I just love being with them, watching them, listening to them chatter with each other. My heart belongs to them, and it always will!

I always knew my relationship with my own Grandmother was special, but I never understood how deeply one can love their grandchildren until now.

What a blessing these two wonderful children are to me.

I am so very lucky!


Off To See My Loves

See these two beautiful children? Well by the time you read this I will be on my way to have a fun playtime with my two lovies! My bags are packed and so is the car. I have all sorts of plans for a thrilling time and I am happy to go.

You know I am not just head over heels in love with my grandchildren, I really like them too. Both are really good kids and both are sweet and loving.

So think of me, and I will be posting pictures as soon as I can. I hope I can get a bunch of really good ones.




Being An Oma

I am still basking in the afterglo of time spent with my daughter and grandchildren! On Sunday morning before I left, I played Barbies with Savi and dress up with both Savi and Quinn and then we did these selfies! All of this reminds me that I am a very lucky lady.


I spent a lot of time with Savannah as she was growing up from baby-hood to child-hood! But with Quinn, I got sick just before his first birthday, and I feel like I missed a lot of that age 1-2 years. In the last few months I have tried to get down more and the funny thing about Quinn is that he knows exactly who I am, “OMA” and that I am his!


I really am so very lucky to have these two wonderful kids for grandchildren. I not only love them, but I like them too. And like all grandparents that I know, I am just crazy about them!


My Loves

I went down to visit with my two grandchildren on Saturday! Those are always great days. Savannah comes running when she hears me open the door, and today, when Quinn saw me he smiled and said OMA!

You know, it just doesn’t get much better than seeing how happy the mere sight or your presence can make your grands. They sure make me smile, and fill my heart with love, warmth and happiness!


Now I had a few funny things happen with the kids. I wanted to play a song to Amanda that I’d sort of discovered. Now, it’s an old song, but I wanted to have her hear it. Well, Savi thought the music was really old fashioned, which made me laugh, because it was from my High School Years!

Then I played Savi and Mandy and Quinn a song. Mandy knew it, but it was new for Savi and Quinn. It was called “The Might Quinn”. Done years ago by Manfred Mann!

 The kids really got a kick out of that, especially Savannah, who kept asking if they wrote this song about her baby brother, Quinn!

While Savi was in dance class, Mandy, Quinn and I did her grocery shopping. Quinn loves to be part of the experience. He started in the cart, then helped to push the cart, then was on Mandy’s shoulders, and then while we checked out, he and I played puppy-boy! He was so good, and so darn cute!

After lunchtime, I left to go home, while stopping along the way to grocery shop for me, and get gasoline for my car. All was going well until I got just north of Concord and the traffic came to a sudden halt. Where it stayed for about an hour. Later I learned that there had been a bad accident, which is why I was stuck.

I had my Ipod with me, and so I plugged it into my speakers in the car, and just went to town, singing, swaying to the music and just otherwise passing the time.

I shopped, and made it home shortly after 4:00 PM. Tired but very happy. My grands always make my days so much better!!!