Friday Five

Another week has flown by and there is so much going on. So here are the top five things happening this week.

  1. I have been working in the office and have, probably two more days until all the work is done. Finally, after many years, I have actually been doing a deep cleaning! It’s looking great in there!
  2. I also went back to Weight Watchers on Wednesday. It was not pretty. But I went and weighed in, and started their new Smart Points program. I’ve made it through two whole days, without cheating once.
  3. I realize that I will need to be on this healthy eating plan for the rest of my life, as I am quite simply, an over eater. I love to cook and I love to eat. That is a bad combination.
  4. I decided this morning that I needed to clean and organize my closet. I still cannot wear my turtlenecks, so I folded them all up and put them in a container. We will see next Autumn if I can take the pressure on my throat.
  5. We built a nice fire in the fireplace, and Miss Greta took up residence right in front. She’s an old lady, and she likes to warm her old bones by the warm of the fire!


Friday Five

The week has gone by pretty quickly. I’ve been trying to take things a little more slowly, as I think maybe I have been pushing myself too quickly, for a recovery. So here goes, my week in five.

  1. I had put Greta out for a little walk in the yard fairly early in the morning. We have a long driveway, but recently marked it, “No Outlet”, hoping that the average driver would read this and not think our driveway went through to the beach.
  2. I was monitoring Greta from my bedroom window, when a car came tearing down our driveway! I lifted the window and started to wave them down frantically, as I could see Greta in the drive! They never slowed down!
  3. I ran from my room, grabbed my jacket and ran out the door to save Greta!
  4. I ran down the stairs, and missed the last step, and went flying through the air. Landing on my knee and hands.
  5. The car backed up, missed Greta and the man got out and helped me to my feet. I told Greta to go up the stairs, and I followed. Where my Hubby hollered at me for doing something so stupid as to run down wet stairs made of cement. But I’m okay, so all’s well, that ends well.

The Friday Five

It’s been a quiet week since I came down with my first cold of the winter. I have slept a lot, gone through more tissues than I care to count and drank so much juice, I felt like I would float away. But here are 5 things that actually felt good during my recovery.

  1. Naps. Naps are good! I took a one hour nap each day and it was just enough to make me feel a little stronger and a little better each day.
  2. Tea. Honestly, is there anything that a good cup of tea can’t cure? I think not! I just love tea.
  3. Kleenex plus lotion. These tissues are treated with a drop of lotion, so that my nose has stayed perfectly unchapped and not red at all! This was an accidental buy, but I will keep a box in the house all the time to have on hand for colds.
  4. It’s been frozen and icy and I have felt no reason to go out in this weather. Best part, I do not feel like I have missed anything!
  5. I just need to take the next few days to finish recovering from this cold, because on Tuesday I go to see my Neurosurgeon for my first post operative visit. I can hardly wait!

Friday Five

Another week has gone by. I’m now four weeks out of surgery, and doing pretty well. I have discovered a few new things and here is my list.

  1. I cannot sit in a hair stylists wash chair and lean back to get my hair washed. It seems my neck doesn’t bend that way any more.
  2. I was able to kneel in the chair and hold my head over the sink, but honestly, that was tough too.
  3. Holding my arms over my head for more than a few minutes is painful! I’m just not there yet.
  4. I am cooking, doing laundry and feeding the dogs again.
  5. And the office…yes, the office will be finished next week. Then I start on the next room!

Friday Five

After over a month away from regular blogging, I am trying to get back into blogging each day. It’s nice, because after the last month, I actually have a lot to write about. The best part is that 2016 has started off with such positive and healthful results!

So without further ado, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I have been out by myself two times this week! As in, in a car, off to Weight Watchers and to the Post Office, and the grocery store. Trust me, it’s the little things.
  2. I actually did my hair, put on make-up and dressed in normal clothes. Like a normal person. It’s been great not to spend day after day in my pajamas.
  3. I’ve cooked dinner for the last 5 nights. I know that there is one person in this world that is very happy about this. My Hubby! What can I say, he likes my cooking!
  4. Today I begin part of my unofficial New Year’s Resolution. I decided to work 1-2 hours per day in a room in the house, until I have gotten the entire place deep cleaned! This includes throwing away all those terribly old books on Windows 95… Yes, it’s time to clear the shelves!
  5. I am also planning to make some sort of wonderful dinner. Something soft, something easy to swallow, and something that will give us leftovers for the weekend.

So that’s my Friday Five. My first Friday Five for the New Year.

Happy 2016!!!

Friday Five

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but today I finally feel like there is light at the end of this tunnel. In fact, as I write, I am actually smiling. So here is my Friday Five!

  1. I met a fabulous Neurosurgeon today. He was bright and calming, and made me feel totally at ease.
  2. He spoke with me (not at me) and discussed the various options that I had available to me.
  3. In the end we agreed that surgery is the best option. A frontal option, which sounds awful, but in fact is better and safer to do it this way.
  4. He has an opening next week and tomorrow I will get my date and time.
  5. I can almost feel the pain getting better!

Friday Five

The week is drawing to a close and what a wonderful week it has been. Without further ado, here is this weeks Friday Five.

    1. It was my 57th birthday this week. I was very happy about this. I feel good about myself, and my place in life. I love my amazing family and friends, and in turn, I am loved!
    2. I was given two beautiful bouquets of flowers for my birthday!  I love flowers and they have really perked up my house!
    3. My eyelid surgery is over, and is a complete success! Aside from a feeling of having eyelashes in my eye, I am doing well!


  1. My new mattress comes tomorrow! I can hardly wait!
  2. This past week Lili has learned about going out to do her business alone and coming right back when she is done. This is a big step! In many ways Lili is finally growing up!

Friday Five

It’s been a busy week, but as we come to the end, here are the top 5 things I am thinking about.

  1. This morning Anneliese was chewing on her belly. Upon examination, I saw that she was having some of the dry skin issues that she has had in the past. So,  I got out her moisture rich medicated shampoo and gave her a good soapy bath. While I was up to my elbows in bubbles, I bathed Arnie and Greta too. Grouchy old Greta was not amused!
  2. I had some great pork ribs to cook, so this afternoon I slow cooked them and then finished them off in the rotisserie oven. I will not torment you telling you how fabulous they were, but oh my goodness!!!!
  3. I ordered a jumbo size box of Twinings English Breakfast tea from Amazon. I love this tea, (bags individually wrapped) but when I buy it in the grocery store it is quite literally the most expensive tea there. I got a huge break on Amazon and I am thrilled!
  4. I saw the cutest Vera Bradley pocketbook on Tuesday. Now I am trying to track it down to a discounted price. I hate to pay full price for anything!
  5. I went shopping for a new mattress. I found one I love made by Sealy. Made in the USA. I have to tell you, I must have gotten on top of at least a hundred mattresses. I actually felt like the Princess, in the story, The Princess and the Pea. There are so many really bad mattresses out there!

Friday Five

It’s the end of another week. It’s been a busy one, but here are the top five things I am thinking about.

  1. I got the Prevnar 13 vaccine for pneumonia. Since my diagnosis with inflammatory arthritis, we’re taking every precaution to keep me well. Including the vaccines I need.
  2. The shot didn’t hurt at all when I got it, but in an hour the arm hurt like crazy!
  3. I’ve been living on baked apples!

    Sept 19 018

    Well, not really, living on them, but I have been making them every night for dessert! It’s the benefit of having all these apple trees in our yard!

  4. The air conditioners are all out of the windows for another season. Boy, am I going to miss the low hum of that machine. I sleep so well when the air conditioner is humming along!
  5. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving it just a few weeks away, then Christmas, and then the New Year! This year has just flown by!

Friday Five: Let There Be Turkey!

Anneliese has been assisting me in my efforts to photograph our flock of Wild Turkeys. She simply stands at the back sliding door and goes ballistic! I sneak out the side door and off I run, with the camera in my hot little hands!

My first attempts were pretty sad. It was raining, and the pictures came out very grainy. Ugh! But today, I was able to run out and get the pictures that I wanted in the bright sunshine.

So here are my Friday Five Favorite Turkey pictures!

PA290031 (2)

  PA290014 (2)

PA290034 (2)

    PA290012 (2)

PA290018 (2)

I’m not sure why I love these guys so much. Perhaps it is because I have watched them grow from the tiniest of poults into full grown turkey birds!

Perhaps it’s because they now know the crazy turkey lady and they allow me to get closer and closer without fear of my hurting them.

In their own special way, these turkeys are really quite beautiful.

You are probably wondering if I will still eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Yes, but it is not a wild one, and it will come from the freezer!