Friday Five: August 26, 2016

So here we are. It’s Friday. Life has been busy, somewhat stressful, but we keep going on and somehow Hubby and I manage to smile at each other, at the beginning and the end of the day. Here are the five things going on that have gotten most of my attention this week.

  1. The roof! Oh I thought this would be easy. I liked the contractor, but last week when we had the driving rain storm, the roofer had not covered his work area well enough, and at 2:30 in the morning, I had Niagara Falls in the master bath! Talk about scary and horrifying all at the same time.
  2. We had the roofer crawl up into one of the crawl spaces and pull the batten insulation, so we can dry it completely. We also mopped the ceilings and set a dehumidifier up. Yeah, stress, with all capitol letters!
  3. The “new skylight” is not the correct one. Once you put the screen in there is no way to adjust the shade! It will need a retro-fit repair.
  4. My vanity in the master bath had a back splash. I say “had” because it is damaged, beyond repair! I am heart sick!
  5. And so far the other work we contracted to get done, has not been finished. No, we have not made the final payment, and we will not until all the issues that were caused by the roofer are resolved.

So yeah, a tad stressful. But, here is the good news, My grandchildren are coming on Saturday and I have all sorts of things planned. Including swimming and playing in Oma’s Lake!

Friday Five

This weeks Friday Five has me looking back, over the years, at all the time spent with members of the graduating class, at Falmouth High School in 1976.

  1. I was born at the mid point of November in 1958. Back then you had to have turned 5 by the first week of that month, or they held you out a year. I had gone to Mrs. Marshall’s Nursery School with so many of my classmates, yet when school started, I was held out a year! Talk about miserable. I could read some and write and when all my friends went to school I was at home.
  2. The following year I did start school, and really, I had a blast with the kids in my grade and as we went forward, I settled in, but I also managed to keep track of the grade ahead of me.
  3. In High School, I fell in love with a classmate in the next class. We became inseparable. Like Frick and Frack. My only problem was that we wanted to get married, but I would have another year left of school. So, that summer between my Sophomore and Junior year, I took four courses at Summer School in order to have all the credits I needed to skip ahead a grade. I actually loved Summer School, and I think I learned more. I had wonderful teachers, and class size was just a few kids in each class. At the end of the Summer of 1975, I entered school as a member of the Class of 1976. Right back where I belonged!
  4. My first husband and I married that December, and recently I learned that we caused quite the scandal, as my sister was told we “had” to get married. This made me laugh like crazy because although I did get pregnant a few months later, Mandy was born the day after our first wedding anniversary!
  5. So many of these men and women, I have known well, since I was a baby, and many more became friends through Drama Club or the band. But for me, in the end, graduating with the Class of 1976 was just right!


Friday Five

This has been an incredible week. So many appointments, and so many things to freeze and put up from my garden. So here are five things from the week that was.

  1. My MRI showed a few problems. One I will most likely need surgery on, but the other was good news! It seems the bone graft took and has grown the way they wanted it to.
  2. My garden has been so fruitful this year. So many beans and peas and zucchini and summer squash.¬† I’ve been blanching and freezing and canning everything I can before we are off on vacation.
  3. I’ve done two full batches of pickles.

    Bread & Butter


    Moon Glow Pickles cooking.

    One Bread & Butter and one Moon Glow. They both take a ton of cucumbers and since my pickling cucumbers came in all at once, we were very lucky!
  4. I got my hair cut very short once again. Last time it took me three weeks to get used to it. This time, I am happily enjoying the freedom that short hair allows.
  5. I finally know I am addicted to the Showtime series “Homeland”. Hubby and I were talking about our friend’s Great Dane and I said her name was “Brody”. Hubby burst out laughing. Her name is Bronty, Brody is a character on “Homeland”!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, enjoy the sunshine and the lazy, hazy, crazy, days of summer!

Friday Five

Yesterday I was over for a check-up with my neurosurgeon. I’ve been having a few problems, and I was glad for the chance to go in and start the process of discovery.

  1. I’ve had a discomfort, that has slowly turned into pain when I swallow. In seven months I have been unable to wear a turtleneck or anything that fits closely to my neck.
  2. They found that the plate in my neck has moved. Thus accounting for the above symptoms.
  3. I had a thorough neurological evaluation during the exam, and they found a loss of sensation on the left side in my fingers, arms, etc. I’ve been having pain there too.
  4. The x-rays show, a few suspicious areas. And the P.A. I was seeing told me he wanted to talk to my surgeon and get back to me. But I had an odd feeling, as he walked me out, he kept telling me to be very careful, no heavy lifting, no dog walking, just to lay low. He said he would talk to me on Friday.
  5. I was half way home when my cell phone rang. It was the P.A. and he had already spoken to my surgeon, who wants the MRI done quickly and then he wants to see me after. So the P.A. told me the secretary would call on Friday with my appointment.

So I am trying to lay low, and stay calm, but I admit to being frightened by the prospect of more surgery. Oh well, I guess until I know, there is nothing I can do, but wait. I have never been a good wait-er!

Friday Five

This was a slightly odd week for me all around. I found I had so much to do and not always a lot of time to get it done. So here we go, a wrap up for the week of July 11-15, 2016.

  1. We are still in the midst of a muggy, sticky, heat wave. Hubby and I have taken turns watering the garden and the patio pots, but some days, the poor plants really looked wilted.
  2. Weight Watchers was really good this week. I feel like  I have clicked into place and it seems easier to follow the plan. I have currently lost 13 pounds and I am feeling strong in my determination.
  3. Lili had her yearly Veterinarian visit, and it wasn’t nearly as horrible as I thought. She weighs 72 pounds, and is in very good health, despite having yeast infections in both ears. We will work on putting drops in her ears and hopefully get that under control. Then we need to figure out what she is allergic to.
  4. Anneliese was with us because my poor baby girl is having terrible skin problems. Her problems are also allergy, but not food related. She is probably allergic to grass, or pollen or something like that. She got a shot of Prednisone, and a prescription of antibiotics.
  5. I am off to see my grands today and to babysit. This is my favorite thing to do. My grandchildren are so special to me, and I feel so blessed to have them in my life.




Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and enjoy summer up here in the north! While our friends down under in Australia are freezing!

Friday Five

This week I am thinking about Weight Watchers and how to make the plan work for me. I didn’t do particularly well this week at class, but not because I didn’t stick to the plan, but more, I think, because my choices need a little revamping.

  1. Ice Cream. I found a wonderful sugar free ice cream, and I really enjoy it! I measure 1/2 a cup and eat it in the evening. I think perhaps, I need to make this a twice a week treat and not an every night one! Change one.
  2. Pop corn is another munchie favorite. But both the sodium in the brand I like, and the carbs, may not be good for daily consumption. So I plan to limit this to every other day.
  3. I stopped at the grocery store on Wednesday and bought three different melons. I plan to make a fruit bowl/salad of these melons and some berries.
  4. I also bought some flash frozen Cod Loins. These are wonderful. They are nice hunks of Cod, that were frozen right on the ship, after being caught and cleaned. BJ’s have them in their meat section in a frozen food freezer, in the center isle.
  5. I also plan to work several hours each day to clean the formal living room, and take all the clothes, shoes, and coats, I have stored there to be donated, down to St. Vincent DePaul. Working in there, will count to a large extent, some extra exercise this week! Thus making it a part of my overhauled WW plan!

Have a great, happy and safe, holiday weekend, here in the States.


It’s our 4th of July, and I bet the traffic up here in the Lakes and Mountains of New Hampshire, will really pick up!

Friday Five

Here we go. Another week has flown by. The beginning of summer, complete with high temperatures and an explosion of growth both in the orchard and the garden. Here’s what else is happening.

  1. My darling Greta is really slowing down. The pain medication is working well to keep her comfortable, but my dear pup gets gray/whiter, by the day. I’m not a happy camper when it comes to my doggies getting older.
  2. Hubby was busy all day caring for the fruit trees. He came in to eat his lunch, and dinner, and now at 8:30 PM on Thursday night, and he is finally done.
  3. I went to the grocery store today and there was a display of fresh corn on the cob. One of my favorites. I went over to check it out, and the husks were moist and fresh looking. I lifted an ear up to my nose, and I swear to God, it smelled fresh!
  4. I brought two home and cooked them for dinner. Hubby was teasing me the entire time about the ears smelling fresh, but once we tasted the corn, we knew! Fresh corn on the cob!
  5. I will end this week’s Friday Five with an interesting movie I saw this week. “The Age of Adaline”. I had heard that some people really liked it and some did not.
    After seeing it, I suspect it is mostly a chick flick. It is slow and steady and full of special, intimate, moments. Good acting, good story and a sweetness not seen in many movies these days.

Friday Five

My Friday Five is dedicated to the men who shaped my life, as I was growing up.

  • 1. My Dad. He was an amazingly talented musician and he passed along his love of music to me. Dad was devoted to our community. He played the organ at both the Congregational Church and the Catholic Church in North Falmouth.


    He was the Music Director at Highfield Theater for many years. He also was a summer police officer in our town. And when we went to local parks for cook-outs, Dad was the burger-meister! He has been gone a long time now, but I still think of him often and miss his wry sense of humor.

    2. My Uncle George. He was the father who taught me everything growing up. How to swim, how to dive, how to bowl, how to care.


    When I was about 7 years old I cut my toe badly at the beach and he carried me all the way home! He was not a loud man, but in his quiet loving way, I just knew that I was one of his special kids. In fact, when Hubby and I married, Uncle George walked me down the isle. I miss this sweet, loving, wonderful man!

    3. My Uncle Bob. He was fun to be with. But, he required that I act like a mini adult too. That was fine.

    uncle bob

    I did a lot of things with him and his wife, Auntie Cynthia. I remember being on his boat, or when they took me to their home in Quincy and to museums. And I recall my Uncle once got a monkey. Cute, but it didn’t last for long.

    4. My Papa Fred. Another quiet man, who was quite old when I lived with him and Grandma. But he showed me something important.


    What real love between a man and woman was all about. I would watch Papa and Grandma sitting on their sofa watching Lawrence Welk. Papa would hold Grandma’s feet in his lap and stroke them gently. He simply adored Grandma, and had all of his life.

    5. My Papa Sam, my Dad’s Dad. I didn’t know him as well, but I remember him taking me to the Prudential Building in the summer to listen to the Barbershop Quartets sing.


    I remember sitting on his lap and listening to him sing along. He had such a beautiful voice.


    These 5 men helped to shape the woman I grew up to be. Each special in their own way, and now, each greatly missed.

    Happy Father’s Day! I remember you all with love and many memories that make me smile!

  • Friday Five

    Another week has come and gone. This week I have been wrapped up with skylights. Here is why…

    1. Sunday we arrived home after a Christening Party to find our kitchen skylight was leaking. Not super badly, but enough to cause a long running drip on our ceiling.
    2. Luckily, by the next morning, the skylight seemed to have sealed itself, but both Hubby and I could see the writing on the wall.
    3. First thing on Monday I began making calls to get quotes on fixing the skylight.
    4. Today we had a bunch of contractors over and the news is not good. We had a lot of damage from ice jams, and a large portion of our roof as well as the skylight must be replaced! (groan!)
    5. The initial estimates are not promising. Looks like we will have to cut back on everything (like food and medications), for a while!

    Friday Five

    Busy week for me, as I drove out to my Veterinarian’s Office twice, and then splurged and got my hair done on Thursday.

    1. Greta started the week off with being in pain. I wasn’t sure if it was another bladder infection or what, but in the end, she is having some kidney problems, and we have her on medication to keep her pain free. She is doing well.
    2. Next, I went to Weight Watchers and lost another pound and a half. I’m working the program really hard.
    3. Then Anneliese went to the Vet’s today. She has been having a skin problem for a while. Blood work was drawn and I now have her on medication too. As well as special shampoo. Arnie and Lili are both fine and dandy. (Knock on wood, this continues!)
    4. The next few days will find me consumed with laundry. Somehow I got lazy and it has piled up!
    5. Thursday also found me getting a hair cut! It’s a slightly longer Pixie cut. Not sure how I feel. Mostly good, but I think it will have to grow on me.

    IMG_0371 (3)