Growing, Growing, Growing!!!

We had the puppies outside a lot today. Not because it was warm, but because they just love being outside. In the morning while I scrubbed their room, they stayed in the pen, but in the afternoon, I just let them run, and I took over 70 pictures of them frolicking around the back yard. I put the cutest ones in a short montage, or you can go here, and view the entire package on Flickr.

The last picture of Greta nursing all her babies just warms my heart. In fact I will include it again as it is just too adorable and makes me go, Ahhhhhhhh!

Oct 19 078

They are growing so fast, and it won’t be long until they leave me (and Greta, of course)! Three weeks and counting!

No Sleep For Grandma!

Sunday’s are supposed to be my easy days. I sleep a little late, sip coffee, while reading the Sunday paper in my pajamas, and just not do much or think about much. Like the good Lord above, on the 7th day, I like to rest.

That was not to be the case this Sunday though. I should have known it was going to be a rough ride, as Greta woke me at 1:30, 4 and finally 6 AM. Fritz got me up at about 5 and so I’ve been operating¬† on a very small amount of sleep.

Since Anneliese is still in heat, we have been taking turns bringing either Arnie or Anneliese with us when we both have to go out. It’s worked out well too. Last night Anneliese got to go for a ride to our friends home, where we’d been invited to a birthday party. She wore her little sweater and snuggled in a blanket while we partied.

Oct 18 013

Today Arnie got to go with us while we grocery shopped. He wore his sweater as we are getting unseasonably cold weather here. Arnie was so cute. He would sit in my lap cuddling and then poke Hubby’s arm to make sure he knew that he was there.

Oct 18 012

When we got home, the dogs lay around, and watched the birds, people walking down the street and I got this picture of Arnie. He really is a handsome boy.

We had the puppies outside for about half an hour. The wind was blowing and the temperatures were so low, that I worried they would catch a chill.  That is crazy really because they wear little fur coats! But I froze!

Oct Schnapps2

Oct Curt

Oct Calvin

Oct Wally

And Fenway
Oct Fenway

Tomorrow begins another week. At the end of it, the puppies will be 8 weeks old. Nearly grown into self sufficient little puppies. Three weeks later they leave for their new homes.

7 Weeks Old

I simply cannot believe my guys (and gal) are now 7 weeks old! Where has the time gone? In just a few short weeks they will leave me for their new homes. Friday was a milestone for them, though. On Friday we opened the box, and gave them the free run of the puppy room. Of course we used the puppy gates to block the doorways, and we lay down new newspapers on the floor, and I added another puppy bed, and a lot more toys. The end result is 5 happy puppies, playing to their hearts content!

Oct 16 015

The new puppy room.

Oct 16 007

I left the box in and just cut down the side.

Oct 16 017

Puppies playing.

Oct 16 022

Look closely at this picture. Wally’s leg (green collar) is thrown over Curt’s body! Too cute!

Oct 16 026

And at the end of the day, the exhausted puppies climb into their new bed and fall fast asleep.

Probably the best thing about giving the the run of the room is that they are getting a lot of exercise now. I can also open the door to their outside exercise pen and scoot them out their while I clean up their room. It makes it great all the way around!


We have just one puppy left from Greta’s litter. He is Curt. Curt is a lovely, handsome boy with a coat very similar to Anneliese’s. He is good-natured, strong and is smart as a whip. At six weeks old he weighs 4 1/2 pounds. If anyone is interested in adopting Curt, please let me know. Next week we will be putting an advertisement in the newspaper to sell him.

Oct 12 Curt26

Oct 5 Curt8

Oct 12 011


Curt will be ready to go the weekend of November 14th.

My Tuesday

Tuesday was one of those days where you meet yourself coming and going all day. I knew it was going to be a busy day, and I really thought I’d prepared for it, but in the end I found I was on the run all day.

The puppies now demand and require a lot more of my time. Oh I don’t mind that. They are so totally precious, I really do not mind getting down on the floor and playing with them, fixing their meals or cleaning their box. Well, maybe cleaning their box, but the rest of it is fine.

I particularly love to watch the pups now that they are running and jumping. Here is Fenway.

Oct 12 Fenway80

They now leap and jump! I love this shot of Curt!

Oct 12 076

And this one of Schnapps, too.

Oct 12 074

I got my hair done. Check. Picked up the mail. Check. And attended a meeting for the Library Trustees. I am in the running to fill a seat vacated by a woman who has moved to Florida. I wasn’t sure I wanted it that much, but it turns out, I do. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Now I am sitting, feet up and blanket across my knees. Cold weather has come to New Hampshire. I’m afraid winter is on it’s way.

6 Weeks!

The puppies are six weeks old now, so today we took them to the Vets for their first shots. It was quite a trip, with all five puppies tucked into the puppy crate (which Hubby carried) and Greta on a leash.

All the way over to the office the puppies were squealing in the back seat. They sounded a little bit like sea gulls, but without the soothing sound of the ocean waves blended in.

It went very well, with all of the puppies getting their first shots, and passing their first little physicals. I’m telling you, it was the cutest thing in the world to watch.

Oct 12 002

While the puppies were being examined, I played with the others.

Oct 12 067

Wally wasn’t sure if he liked all the attention.

Oct 12 028

And Fenway took the time to flirt with the Vet Tech, Ashley.

Oct 12 051

Schnapps had her shots gently rubbed into her leg.

Oct 12 036

While Calvin was reassured.

Oct 12 Calvin64

And Curt peered around nervously.

Oct 12 Curt6

But in the end, they all did well, and came home none the worse for wear.


In the afternoon after their naps we had them outside playing and running around.

Oct 12 095

I somehow feel that in the last two days the pups have grown by leaps and bounds.

Oct 12 Fenway90

I can’t believe how quickly they have gone from totally helpless little creatures to full fledged growing puppies with TEETH!

Oct 12 Wally and Fenway89

Me with Wally on the left and Fenway on the right.

Here’s to the first 6 weeks!!!

First Day Out

What a day Sunday was. We decided to get the puppies outside for their first taste of fresh air, grass and blowing leaves! Oh what fun it was to watch them as they felt new and exciting things under their paws! They ran, they jumped, they rolled and they made all sorts of noises, some of happiness and some that said quite clearly, “What the heck is this?”

We brought them out alone at first, and Arnie, Greta, and Anneliese watched from the house. The two mother’s were quiet, but Arnie barked and barked and barked. This led to us opening the door and letting them all out, which is exactly what Arnie had in mind!

Since I took so many pictures, I put together a video montage of the pictures. I also took a short video and you can hear the puppies and watch them.


Monday we are taking them in for their first shots. I can hardly wait to show them off to the Vet, and I know they are looking forward to seeing them as well. I promise to take pictures of this event!

Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs

It was the last day our friends from Australia were with us. We began the morning with a full breakfast and coffee before packing up a lunch to send them off to the airport with. Still, as we played with the pups for the last time, it was sad knowing that we would not see them for a bit. I do wish Australia wasn’t so far away!

Oct 10 001

Me and Jill with four of the five pups.

Once they were off, I played a bit with the pups, in between loads of laundry.

Oct 10 003

Two of the pups are now 4 pounds. Curt and Calvin. Schnapps is weighing in just under four pounds, and Wally and Fenway are 3 1/4 pounds. They are adorable, all of them!

My own doggies continue to make me smile. I bought Fritz a new toy, which was stolen by Arnie.

Oct 10 008

Meanwhile, Anneliese is into her second week with her heat and enjoying the softness of the sofa and the doggy blanket. Oh yes, and the taste of a juicy bone!

Oct 10 010

The plan for the rest of the weekend is to finish up the laundry, and get my life organized for the week ahead. We have puppies going to the Vets for their first shots, Fritz going to the Vets for his booster shots, and a visit to the beauty shop for me for…ahem…obvious reasons!


Thursday saw us entertaining friends from Vermont and Maine. They came to enjoy a visit with our friends from Australia, Keith and Jill.

Oct 8 008

Jill, Maribeth, Alice, Joan and Keith

We all met years ago when I adopted Shubi. I knew nothing about dachshunds and I went online looking for information. I found a list for dachshund owners and in less than a year, 20 of us set out on our own list that we call the “Circle of Friends”. And so it goes,¬† we have been friends through thick and thin.

Oct 8 002

I made a turkey dinner with all the fixings for our noontime meal and we ate with glee and much laughter. It was a delicious meal!

Oct 8 003

Oct 8 011

Keith and Jill.

We took quite a few pictures and of course we enjoyed the puppies and our dogs. Here I am with Anneliese.

Oct 8 006

Here is Curt.


And Schnapps


And Wally.