The Story of Shubi’s Illness

I have often written about what a miracle Shubi is, but I am not sure most of you realize that what I say is true, and not just me being a drama queen. While going through files on the computer, trying to decide what to keep and what to trash now that the laptop is fixed, I came across these letters written in November and December of 2003. They will show you clearly how sick she was, and how very close we came to losing her.
Shubi’s birthday is next week on December 1st. She will be 10 years old. Back then, no one believed she would see this day. So truly, she is a miracle.
The story opens November 19th 2003
Shubi is in the hospital. We brought her in yesterday as she seemed to be getting worse and worse. We just didn’t know what was going on with her. She couldn’t stand up without falling over, has terrible pain in her back and still wasn’t eating. If we brought her outside to do her wee-wee she would crawl in a counter clockwise circle. Over and Over and Over she would crawl like this until we picked her up and brought her back in.
The x-rays showed that her spine is full of degenerative arthritis and it is getting worse. The good news was that she has no ruptured discs in the spine. She also has an inner ear problem which is causing much of the lack of balance and the crawling in one direction.
The doctors are giving her steroids and muscle relaxants and an IV. I called my Vet in New Hampshire yesterday and we spoke with him last night. I felt better after talking with him and we will see him as soon as we get back to New Hampshire on Wednesday next week. He will call the Vet down here who is treating Shubi and get all the details on her case today.
We go in this morning to see the x-rays and bring some of her food. I am so eager to see her. I hardly slept last night without her next to me.
The inner ear problem had given her the appearance of having had a stroke. But he has ruled out a stroke. The last few days have just torn me up. I feel so useless and stupid.
Meanwhile, Fritz had two puppy boosters yesterday and weighed in at 37 pounds! He is growing by leaps and bounds.
We have spent our vacation mad money on the Veterinary!

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Shubi Worries *** Updated

I just brought Shubi home after her ultra sound and test. Seems she has a bit of Pancreatitis, as well as the infection. She is now on antibiotics again, and a drug that is a pancreatic enzyme. Was she happy to see me when I arrived! But I don’t think she was half as happy as I was to see her!!!
I’m hoping this will do the trick, but I worry so much because it seems all of these problems are a side effect of the chemo and it seems she has to deal with one thing after another.


I cannot seem to keep this little doggie on her feet. One day I think her tummy is doing better, the next she is right back to square one.
Shubi woke me up again in the night with her tummy problems. And again this morning, she was still sick. So, I brought some “samples” to the Vet and sure enough, she still has an infection. But more problematic, is that she is not digesting her food. In just over three weeks this little dog has lost just over a pound. That’s a lot when you only weigh like 21 pounds anyway, (she is now down to 20 pounds).
They’re ultra sounding her pancreas and stomach. She could be having an acute case of pancreatitis, or have a blockage of some sort, but whatever, her body is not digesting the food and we need to find out why not.
So I am waiting for the phone to ring. That’s the hardest time, isn’t it? The not knowing and the waiting for news time.

Shubi is Sick – Prayers Please Updated

***I took Shubi in and she has a GI infection. So she is on antibiotics, and a medication to ease her upset tummy. He gave her some IV fluids and so I hope she will start to feel better.
Her liver function tests show that she has real liver problems. This will require us to give her a medication to help digest her food and a special low fat diet. I guess it will be a little more challeging to take care of our little girl in her twilight years. But then, you all know, I would do anything to make her more comfortable and give her a good life.***

I’m taking Shubi to the Vet in a moment. She woke up feeling badly this morning, then began having shaking chills. Soon she threw up and “other things” and so I took her temp. It’s nearly 104. (F) I called the Vet and he wants to see her in 1/2 an hour. So off we go. I will update once I get back.

Shubi Update

It’s late morning, and the little bugger has perked up. I called the Vet and they said to give the antibiotics another day to work. Seems she is a little better now. So, I’ll keep her on the bland diet and the meds and see how it goes. Talk about being a nervous mother!


My little pumpkin isn’t much better this morning. Shubi got me up at 5:45 and was out with the tummy ache again. I’ve been so careful feeding her the Science Diet ID food and I cleaned all the dog water dishes with bleach. But still she isn’t well. So at 8:30 when the office opens I’m going to call the Vet. I’ll run her in and see what they have to say. Maybe a change of medication, or something would help.
June 1a 011.jpg

End of May and My Shubi

Okay. Now that May is ending, do you think we will start to see some warmth and sunshine? I was up really early this morning with Shubi. She had a little tummy ache. I had hoped that this would mean I would see a little glimpse of the sun, but no. It was cloudy, foggy, cold and wet. Now that pretty much sums up all of May, doesn’t it?
I had to go out and shop for the stuff I forgot last Saturday at the grocery store, as well as get Shubi’s medication from the Vet. I’m a little concerned about Shubi right now. She’s just not her usual self. I’m kind of hoping that with a different diet and the medication she will bounce back. I always get stressed when Shubi isn’t 100%. She is my special girl and I really worry.
This is a picture that was taken in Bavaria about 6 years ago. We’d gone over to visit our friends who own Shubi’s brother, Toni, and we went for this long walk through the Black Forest. Shubi right by my side. It’s hard to believe Shubi will be 10 in December. She is the most loving, loyal and sweet dog I have ever had.