St Lucia

We arrived early in the morning at St. Lucia. Our ship is enormous and truly filled the channel coming into the dockyard. Behind us were three other cruise line ships, Carnival, A German cruising vessel and Holland America’s Nordam.

Hubby and I went up for breakfast and a young woman came over to clear our table and I looked at her and I knew her! After talking to her for several minutes, we knew where we had met each other. Two years ago when we went through the Panama Canal, she was our waitress! She didn’t remember at first, but then I reminded her that I’d given her my birthday flowers because I could not take them with me. Then all of a sudden her face lit up with a smile and she remembered me! That made me feel wonderful!

Our tour of St. Lucia was scheduled to meet on the docks at 9:30 AM and we hustled down to meet up with the guide. We no sooner got to the docks but the skies opened up and rain came pouring down. Our feet got wet, but we did have our umbrellas so our clothes stayed dry.

Eventually we got on the bus and headed out to see St. Lucia. We drove along steep mountain roads with more hairpin turns than I had ever seen. It felt very much like a roller coaster, with great climbs up to the top of a ridge, and the quickly down the other side! While we were en-route to our first destination, The Pitons, I saw many amazing things.

Bananas were growing all over the island. In the video you will see blue bags hanging from the banana trees. These bags keep the insects off of the bananas. Besides bananas, the grow baby bananas, plantains, and bread fruit.

I saw more Mama Doggies with their babies, and I felt homesick for my four. I saw a Mama duck with her chicks, and cats and kittens. There were a lot of cows (eating beef only, as they import all their milk and dairy products from the USA or Great Britain.

We learned that there is about a 20 percent unemployment rate, but I have to say, many people were just sitting next to the side of the road. Children played, goats grazed and I found that the population seems to be divided into three categories, those that have money, those who work for their money and those that have nothing.

We finally got to Soufraire where we viewed the Piton Mountains that are well over 2300 feet. They really are something to see, so close to the ocean, to perfectly spherical cones.

We were on to Sulfur Springs National Park. There we walked down to visit the sulfur pools before the guide advised us that were actually standing inside a volcano. Of course it has not erupted since 1766, and as long as the volcano sends out this steam, they believe she will not erupt again anytime too soon.

We visited the Diamond Botanical Gardens and the flora and fauna were so breathtakingly beautiful. I hope you will enjoy seeing all the flowers in the video. Once I get home I will put together a better montage, but for now with limited Internet time, this is about all I can do.

People would come and take some of the rocks and the water before in 2004 it was declared a UNESCO site and it was closed and protected. Now you may only enter with a guide from their National Park System.
Lunch was provided and I had a delicious fish and salads as well as my first ever taste of bread fruit. It’s not my favorite thing in the word, but the guide said it is very healthy for you!

The ship left St. Lucia at 6 PM while we were on our way to dinner. I had scallops tonight and Hubby had Lamb. Not sure I have mentioned this or not, but our table mates are a wonderful couple from California and we just delight in meeting them each night for dinner.

Tomorrow we will spend the day in Barbados. I have not been there in many years and I really look forward to seeing it again.

Have a great day everyone!!!


If this is Wednesday this must be Antigua!

Dec 16 09 001

Sure enough we slid into Port at about 7:30 AM. I had awakened at 6 o’clock and had a chance to shower and dress before Hubby and I went for an early breakfast in the 24 hour a day Buffet.

We got down to the docks for our tour in a reasonable time and got a great bus driver, “Little Joe” and our guide, Christine. They gave us a wonderful glimpse of Antigua.

Dec 16 09 020

Christine explained all the history of the Island and told us about the day to day life her in Antigua. I’d always like Antigua as Hubby and I flew in here a few times, while he was working, spent the night and went out the next day. But today Christine helped me to really appreciate the island.

I saw many things, including the ship yard where the English repaired the ships back in the days of early settlement and, of course, battles with the French and Spanish.

We had a guide at the National Park here, who was as cute as can be.

Dec 16 09 046

I found it hard to believe she was 18! She knew her geography and the history of the area. She also know right where Eric Clapton’s home was and pointed this out!

The flowers at this stop were so beautiful. I used my macro lens to snap a few pictures, and then I noticed there was a little bug in one, sort of smiling at me! It was very cute.

Dec 16 09 007

At Nelsons Ship Yard, Hubby was busy taking pictures when a lizard slipped into his shoe!

Dec 16 09 064

It was a wee, little creature but we managed to get it out quickly with no damage done to the tiny beast!
At the Docks we got a tour of where masts were made for the British ships and at each stop we made along the way we also had little shopping sprees.

Dec 16 09 062

I ran into a little friend on the streets of Antigua. She was such a sweet little girl, obviously feeding puppies and my heart went into my throat.

Dec 16 09 032

I’d have scooped her up and brought her home with us, but I’m afraid that Hubby would then leave me!

I admit to getting into bartering and find it makes me feel pretty good.

Dec 16 09 074

Whatever will I do when I get home and have to actually pay the price marked on the price tag!

We also were shown where Eric Clapton lives when he is here. What a huge compound!

Dec 16 09 022

I went to tea time again this afternoon. Oh, it is so nice to sit sipping hot tea and getting to know your table mates. I enjoy that hour each day. It helps me unwind.

Tonight is Italian night on-board. I’ve seen a little of the menu and I am thinking that eggplant parmesan will be a good meal with a salad.

Dec 16 09 005

I will leave you tonight with another macro shot of Antigua’s flowers.


As all of you know, I find it difficult to sleep once I know that there is a plan at hand for a special event. Today’s event was and early tour of Tortola.

Dec 15 09 009

I woke just before 6 AM and went in and took a nice hot shower, then dressed for the day. Once that was done I went up to the 24 hour a day Buffet, and got Hubby and I coffee and orange juice and croissants. I managed to get back to my room without dropping or spilling anything. Yay for me!!!

Dec 15 09 065

After Hubby was dressed we had a more formal breakfast before headed off the ship for our tour of Tortola.

Our driver and tour guide, Thomas met us on the pier. Hubby got the best seat in the house as he rode in the front seat next to the driver.

We drove all over the island of Tortola, stopping in various places for pictures, drinks or rest rooms.

Dec 15 09 033

Tortola is a beautiful island. It appears to have been formed by volcanic action. In many places the roads go straight up and this requires low gears on the vehicles driving them or the many hairpin turns. Horn honking is a necessity here, as there are so many places where you cannot see going around corners and the drivers use their horns to warn people. Thomas told us that his last tour group told him he was the “horn” iest man around! A little play on words!

Dec 15 09 041

We were on the tour for three hours before returning to the ship. We had a nice lunch of lamb and mint jelly, with various vegetables! Oh yes and melon. I am eating melon at nearly every meal!

Dec 15 09 085

After lunch the skies began to spit on us so we got our umbrellas and then we out to walk. We went back into town and purchased a few items before returning to the ship.

I kind of needed the break, as my legs were starting to feel heavy. We arrived back at our cabin and I was able to call my sister and home and thankfully cool off.

Once again I can promise you all that cruising is the ultimate vacation! Relaxing and fun i=n every way!

St Thomas

We woke just as the ship was making its way into the harbor at St. Thomas. It was a bright clear day that promised a lot of hot temperatures. Room service showed up with our morning coffee and juice, and then we showered and dressed and went to breakfast.

Our meal was delightful. Hubby had a western omelet with a croissant, and I had scrambled eggs. We sat with a couple from Puerto Rico and another from Scotland and lastly a couple from Maryland. What fun.

In fact I’ve been having so much fun meeting people. Usually I am a tad shy, but on this cruise I have been enjoying meeting all sorts of new people.

As we set off to go to town we saw how well the ship is maintained. These painters were touching up areas that I thought looked just fine. Still they were getting a fresh coat of paint nonetheless.

Dec 134 09 030

Hubby and I went into town.
Dec 134 09 023

We saw many interesting things for sale!

Dec 134 09 026

I actually found a linen shop with some pretty table clothes. I bought two for the family room. We were walking around and suddenly Hubby didn’t look to well, so I got a cab and we came back to the ship.

We had lunch up in the buffet area, and they had Flan for a dessert.

Dec 134 09 032

Oh boy, was that delicious! Then Hubby settled down to read while I went back out to the shops. I poked around and found a great table cloth for my kitchen table. But it was far too expensive! I mean, it was marked $200.00!!!! I said that I was sorry and started to leave, that’s when the bartering began. Before I was done I’d gotten her down to $35.00 and she included 4 Christmas place-mats. I felt really good about that!

As I walked back to the ship, I met a woman and her daughter. We chatted and then after an elevator ride to our respective floors, said good-bye.

I picked up some Post Cards while I was in town, so after I wrote them off I went to get them mailed at the front desk.

The lovely young woman who helped me was from Braunschweig, Germany! We talked about the dackels and her homeland and how much I love Germany. She then pronounced me her favorite passenger!

Tonight is our first formal night, I think I will wear my pant suit as I am not in the mood for a long dress. Hubby and I are hoping to catch the first stage show at 8:15 and then after get good nights sleep. After all, tomorrow we arrive in Tortola!

We dressed for dinner and then went to the Captains Champagne Welcome. I got right up there and helped fill the glasses!

Dec 14 09 002

Then we had a great dinner. We did eat a bit quickly so we could go to the theater show they had on-board. The title was “Do You Want To Dance”! I have to say, these people did a great job!

Dec 14 09 017

Dec 14 09 033

Then we came back to our cabin and look what I found waiting for me on our bed! A little puppy!

Dec 14 09 040

I miss our babies so much that after I got done nibbling his heart shaped chocolate nose, I picked him up and snuggled him. Then I felt bad to have eaten his nose so I gave him a blue one!

Dec 14 09 043

Good-night everyone!

Observations From The Exhausted!

We went out on Saturday night for some real Puerto Rican food. A friend had recommended Mofungo so we both ordered a variation of that. Mine was beef and Hubby’s was shrimp Mofungo.

Dec 12 09 019

Mofungo is basically mashed cooked Plantains with the beef or shrimp. It was delicious! We also had Flan, but with that we split one between us.

Dec 12 09 017

The area we are in is  quite close to the beach, but also a really happening tourist area. So, it is quite busy. This was good because we were able to go to Walgreens and buy what we needed for the cruise, and couldn’t take on-board the airplane due to most sun lotions coming in bottles or tubes over 3 ounces.  It was also great because of the restaurants in the area. We went to Angels, and it was wonderful!

We plan another early day on Sunday so we can go out to Arecibo and see the large antenna out there. That is why it is now 12:17 and finding me wide awake. I wish I slept better when things were happening the following day, but it seems I am cursed for all times with this time thing.

Oh yes, I might add that I think it should be a law that between the hours of midnight and say, 6 AM, no one in Puerto Rico should be allowed to beep their cars horn! Gotta say that there has been a lot of horn beeping and it is rather annoying.


Dec 13 09 007

Finally after three years of trying, Hubby and I were able to make the trip to Arecibo Observatory. There is the world’s largest radio antenna. I am telling you, this was the largest antenna I have ever seen. The types of radio waves they work with are the ones from outer space. We watched a film on the building of the antenna and all about the experiments that are conducted there. It was fascinating!

Dec 13 09 023

Dec 13 09 034

Then we were off to the ship. Hubby dropped me off with the luggage and then he returned the car to the rental agents and took a cab over and met me here. By the time he reached the ship, I had unpacked everything and gotten the room ready for the trip.

Hubby’s foot is sore and so he is resting it this afternoon, and our cabin steward is hoping to bring a basin so he can soak it.

Our Cabin Steward is named Ronie and he is from the Philippines. He is very nice and extremely helpful!

Tomorrow the ship docks in St. Thomas. If Hubby is still off his feet I will take a quick run downtown, or perhaps I will just go to the pool and sit by it and sun myself!

Just being back on the Caribbean Princess is a very nice thing. A little like coming home.

That’s Me…

The Obsessed

I slept about 4 hours last night. Why, you might ask? Well, for two reasons. The first was that I was feeling incredibly excited about our trip today, and could hardly wait for it to start. The second, is because I am time obsessed!

Yes, it’s true. I blame my father for this. It all started back when I was a little girl and Dad would wake us up for school, or church or an event. He always woke us early and God help us if we were late. My sister suffers from this same affliction, although I am not sure if her case is as severe as mine.

When Hubby was still flying, and I tagged along to see a new place, I never slept well. I worried I would over sleep, and keep him and his crew waiting! He needn’t have left a wake up call, because my internal clock would ring half and hour before he needed to get up. I would shower and dress and be ready before he even opened his eyes. I’m sure I was a real pest.

I don’t travel too much with him now that he is retired. We take a vacation once a year and even now, I can’t relax the night before our flight.

I awoke at 1:30 for a 3:30 get up. I tried to go back to sleep. I counted sheep, I thought about a gentle ocean lapping the shore (and ended up getting up to use the bathroom!) and I even rolled over on my tummy, which is usually magic.

But no! I was awake and there was no going back to sleep. I lay there thinking, while Hubby snored beside me. I almost felt like I was drifting off, but then, I grabbed my cell phone and checked the time.

I just knew I would somehow be late!

At 3 AM I got up and went into the bathroom expecting to have to do my hair. However, the nice thing about having wildly curly hair is that there are days when you wake up and it’s all good. Today was one of those days. I put on my make-up, and dressed quickly as our room was cool. I turned on the mini coffee maker and about that time an alarm went off and the phone announced our wake-up call.

I stood there sipping coffee and watching Hubby stumble around the room. We were dressed, finished packing our suitcases and then while I checked out of the motel, Hubby locked our coats and heavy clothes in our car. We hopped onto the airport shuttle and off we went.

I wasn’t late!


We are now here in Puerto Rico at our hotel. Exhaustion is setting in and I will probably collapse soon. But it sure does feel great to be in the warmth!

Dec 12 09 008

Airports and Hotels

We’re in Boston on Friday and fly out at 5:40 AM on Saturday! Please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well, that we make our flights and connections and that we get to San Juan in the early afternoon. We would like to get settled in our hotel.

Tonight we met Mandy and M for dinner. We had Mexican food and had a lot of fun talking and joking around.

Dec 11 09 004

Mandy and I escaped to the ladies room where I hoped to get a picture of us in better light. A really nice woman took this picture of us.

Dec 11 09 009

When I went to pick up my glasses they fell apart! Oh no! I have no replacements for them with me!! Lucky for me, the nice woman found the screw to hold the glasses together and all is well!

Jack and I modeled for this picture with his beer.

Dec 11 09 006

While Mandy and M posed for this one.

Dec 11 09 001

The evening ended quite early because We have to get up at 3:30 AM!


The Quality Inn. Then we would like to do a little touring around the island before having a nice dinner and then getting a good night sleep. On Sunday we would like to visit Arecibo Observatory to see their antenna. It is a large observatory and is maintained by Cornell University.

Later on Sunday, we will return our rental car and go to the ship and check in. We’ll visit our room and hopefully put things away. Then we will have a swim, get ready for dinner, before watching the ship depart at 11 PM from our deck. It’s a beautiful sight to watch the lights of Puerto Rico fade into the distance.

It’s not as important for us to get to bed early on Sunday because on Monday we will be in St Thomas, and we do not have any tours planned. We will sleep in, have breakfast when we wake and then walk around St Thomas after that. I am all for an easy first day!