Tuesday was spent doing up the last bits of laundry, going through the fridge to toss out anything that won’t keep, or putting it in the freezer, if possible.

Hubby and I packed the last shirts, shorts and shoes into our bags and then piece by piece, we packed the car with our things.

The entire time the dogs were restless.  Especially Fritz and Greta, as they have been through this before and recognize all the signs that Mommy and Daddy are going away. Fritz paced back and forth. Greta grumbled, and she followed us around as well. Each time I sat down for a moment, it seemed Greta was in my lap.

Dinner was easy. Leftovers heated up in the microwave. Easy! The only thing I actually cooked were the wax beans and my first eggplant!

Sept. 9 001

Isn’t it beautiful?

Wake up is scheduled for 5:30 AM and departure is set for 6.